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Payment options when shipping with Eurosender

At Eurosender, we aim to make shipping as easy and convenient as possible. Besides offering local, domestic, and global shipping services; we also make available to our customers several payments options and delivery methods.

What payment options does Eurosender offer for delivery services?

Once you confirm all the details of your collection and delivery, the last step in our order process is the online payment. To make it as convenient as possible, we offer several different payment options for the shipping service you wish to book:

Credit Card
We accept Credit Cards from various providers (Visa, MasterCard). Rest assured that every payment detail is completely safe and will not be handled nor disclosed to us, or to our courier partners.
If you are a PayPal member, you can log in with your username and password to continue the payment process. You will be redirected to PayPal, where you can complete your payment.
Bank Transfer
We accept bank transfers from all banks. After completing the payment, your order will be automatically processed.
Google Pay
If you prefer to pay for your order using Google Pay, you can select this option, and you will be redirected to their platform to complete your payment.
Apple Pay
We also accept payments made using Apple Pay. Please note that Apple Pay will only be available when accessing via Safari on IOS devices with touch/face ID.
Payment with credits
This payment option is available for all users who create an account on our platform. In the user’s profile, there is an option for topping up the account with the desired amount of money and paying for the orders with the available credit.

Is paying with User Credits safe? What is the advantage of using it to pay for my delivery?

When choosing to pay with user credits, you will benefit from a faster and more secure booking. You won’t need to enter the payment details each time when you book the service, and your order will be processed instantly. Moreover, any reimbursement of the costs of service will be made available in the user account and you will be able to use the credit for your next orders. Business account holders will also enjoy a discounted price for certain services paid with user credits (the option does not secure a discounted price for every type of shipping service).

Can I change the payment method that I selected initially for my delivery?

Yes. For every shipping order that is submitted but not paid, we send you an email with the status “Awaiting payment” or “Pending”, depending on the chosen payment method. If you wish to change the payment method, please click on the link in the email and you will be redirected to the page where you will be able to change your shipment’s payment method.

How does the payment through bank transfer work at Eurosender?

If you choose Bank transfer as a payment method, you will be provided with the bank details in the next step of the ordering process. You will also receive an email with the status Awaiting payment, containing the bank account details. After completing your payment, we will automatically be able to confirm that the money was received through the payment processor. We can now proceed with your delivery service as booked.

Will I receive a notification once I complete and pay for a delivery service?

Yes. If you have filled in the order form and finalized the payment process, you will receive an e-mail with the status Paid. This means that your order is received and will be later processed with a logistics service provider.

Can I pay the shipping service in my local currency?

You can select several currencies on our website. Please have in mind the following:
  • Paying by bank transfer: available in Euros;
  • User credits: available in Euros;
  • Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay and credit card: available on any of the seven available currencies on our website.

Can I pay cash on delivery when booking with Eurosender?

There is no option to pay with cash upon delivery at the moment with Eurosender. The payment methods available are: secure credit card payment, payment through PayPal system, payment through bank transfer, payment with Google Pay or Apple Pay, or payment through user credits. All our payment methods are secured by GeoTrust SSL certificates.

Can I pay for the service after the shipment was delivered?

No. The option to pay cash on delivery is not available. The service must be paid during the last step of the booking process on the website in order to confirm your collection and delivery.

I received an email with the status Awaiting payment. What does it mean?

Awaiting payment is a status given to the orders which are to be paid via bank transfer. The order will be processed, and the status changed into Paid only after the customer completes the payment and we receive the automatic confirmation from the payment processor. If the status of your order doesn’t change into Paid even though you already transferred the amount, please contact us as soon as possible.

What does the status Pending mean?

The Pending status is displayed whenever an order is to be paid with a credit card or through PayPal and the payment was not completed. The reasons may be, but they are not limited to: payment step not finalized, insufficient funds, cancelled authorization, payment declined by the processor or bank, etc. In this case, please check what might have been the reason and try again to finalize your payment by following the instructions on the email with Pending status.

What is the flexible booking add-on at Eurosender and why do I need it?

The flexible booking service gives you the option of changing for free any order details or to cancel the shipment service and receive a refund up until the time when the package will be collected. We will take into account the information available in the courier company’s tracking system to determine if your parcel was collected.
You will have the option to select and purchase the flexible booking service in the ordering process.

How can the receiver of the package pay for the delivery service?

In order for the receiver of the package to pay for the service, they need to be the ones placing the order. This is because the payment process is part of the order and only once the payment has been processed can the courier service be confirmed.

What happens with my shipping order if I didn’t finalise the payment?

If you filled in the order form but haven’t finalized the payment, your order will not be processed. You can decide to pay later but have in mind that the initially selected pick-up date might be postponed.