How it works

We’ve developed a complex algorithm which ensures that only the most reliable carriers and courier companies will perform the delivery service for you. The courier company is selected dynamically based on their previous performance and on price. We’ve created an infrastructure and developed tools that enable us to analyse past information and based on it choose the courier company which offers the best price to performance ratio.

We put our efforts into developing advanced technologies to ensure the access to the best courier services and lowest prices.

Using the search engine at the top of the page on, you can explore the transportation routes for packages and freight in Europe. It takes only 3 minutes.

  1. Declare whether you’re a private or business user. Enter the country of origin and the destination country.
  2. Insert the number of packages/suitcases or/and pallets that you want to ship.
  3. Click the button "Next step" and on the next page, choose the weight of your shipment. The final price will be automatically displayed. This price is calculated from the packages’ specifications and is always final, so no additional fees will be charged from this point on.
  4. If you don’t know if your shipment qualifies as a package, pallet or container, click on "Other" and tell us what you plan to ship. We’ll then pick the most appropriate option for you.

Filling in the form

Now you should enter the details of the package/pallet/container, choosing the maximum weight in kg and the exact dimensions (only in the case of pallets) and giving the pick-up and delivery addresses, with accurate postcodes. You will be required to enter the local telephone numbers, first of the person responsible at the pick-up address and second, of the person responsible at the address of delivery.
Note that the contracted courier service provider will only contact local numbers and will only call in emergencies. He is not required to call to notify when a pick-up or delivery will take place.
You should make sure a complete address has been given, including doorbell number, the right postal code or any other necessary information the courier will need to reach the property.

Insurance options

At Eurosender, all packages are automatically insured up to 200 EUR, but additional insurance of up to 1.000 and 2.000 EUR can and should be purchased to ensure your valuables are suitably protected.

Freight shipment can also be ensured for a value higher than 2.000 EUR. Our agents will advise accordingly on this and provide you with a price offer.

Payment method

Payments can be processed as credit card payment, through Visa or Mastercard, as payment through PayPal or as a bank transfer.

Depending on your payment method you’ll then be redirected to our payment page. All our sites are secured by GeoTrust SSL certificates.

When choosing to pay through bank transfer, it is mandatory to send the payment confirmation by email to so that your order can be processed. Failure to do so will lead to delays in the pick-up of your shipment.

All complete? Then click “CONTINUE”.

Review the order

Now you’ll have a chance to review the order. Make sure everything’s correct, double-check the addresses and postcodes.

If everything’s filled out and correct, then all that’s left is to “COMPLETE ORDER AND PAY”, after which point you’ll receive an Order received email of your order with the order details.

You will then be asked to give feedback on the booking process. We reward all feedback with a discount code with which you can receive lower offers for shipping your next package.

One day prior to the pick-up, you will receive a new email – Confirmation email - with the name of the logistics company delivering your package and the tracking information.


You can expect your package to be picked up sometime between 9:00 and 18:00 on the pick-up day. The courier company assigned to deliver your parcel will arrive at your doorstep to collect the parcel.

In some situations, it may happen that the courier arrives at the pick-up address even earlier or later than the pre-set time frame.

We understand that it could be important for you to receive a narrower time frame for the collection. In this case, we can give you the contact of the courier company and you can turn to them to agree on a specific time. However, we don’t guarantee this will be possible. If you can’t hand over the package yourself, then you can assign another person to hand over the parcel.

If no one is there to give the package, the courier will make a second collection attempt on the next working day. After 2 failed collections attempts, the order is considered cancelled. However, you don’t need to worry. If this happens, please get in touch with us and we will reschedule the pick-up. Note that in some countries, there is only one pick-up attempt.

The assigned courier service can pick-up and deliver from hotels, company addresses, flats, holiday homes, anywhere. It’s a door-to-door service too, but this means from the main door of the building. Please note that the courier might not ascend floors to pick-up or deliver a parcel.

Tracking the transit

Once the parcel’s handed over, you’ll be given a collection receipt and it will already be on its way to its destination. To follow its journey with the courier company, you can track the shipment with the tracking number that’s sent to you on the day of the pick-up and written on the collection receipt.

By using Eurosender’s booking confirmation code, you can also track the entire process on our website.

We are always at your disposal. So, if you notice any inaccurate information on the tracking system or delays in updates for more than 2 days, you will need to contact us.


The delivery is the last stage of the process. If the courier service provider tries to deliver the package but no one is present at the address to receive it, the package will be taken to a local depot and kept for 7 days, during which the customer is required to collect the package from the depot.

Note that the delivery dates are estimated. This means that due to different reasons, delivery times may vary.

We constantly monitor the transit of all shipments sent through us. However, we invite you to make use of the tracking tools that we provide with and check occasionally the progress of your shipment.