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Domestic and international postage services to the Philippines

With Eurosender, you can post letters and parcels to the Philippines from the convenience of your home or workplace. We work with a wide network of reliable courier services. Compare thousands of quotes instantly on our platform to find the most suitable postage rate to the Philippines. Use the tool below to book your shipment quickly and easily.

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Posting parcels and letters to the Philippines

Depending on the dimensions and urgency of your shipment, you can choose from different solutions for postage to the Philippines:
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Post to the Philippines from international locations

Book postage services to the Philippines with short delivery times from most worldwide locations. No matter the route distance or urgency of your shipment, you can always get the most cost-effective postage rates to the Philippines on our platform, calculated in an instant.


Postage services to the Philippines for small parcels

Compact packaging is a good way to save on costs when posting small packages to the Philippines. Use a padded envelope or cardboard box that is slightly larger than the contents. If necessary, add cushioning materials to hold the items inside the package in place during transport.

Measure the dimensions to get the most accurate postage rate to the Philippines and avoid potential issues or surcharges at a later stage.

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Options for large parcel postage to the Philippines

You can post large parcels to the Philippines using one of our package shipping solutions. The weight limit is 70 kg for the Regular Plus and Express services.

We also provide freight services for posting larger parcels of any shape or size to the Philippines. Depending on your particular needs and availability for your route, you can opt for pallet delivery, groupage transport or a dedicated Van Service. If you are unsure which option is best, you can always contact our experts via chat.

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Post and track your letter to the Philippines

At Eurosender, we offer express postage to the Philippines for registered letters and envelopes of up to 2 kg. The Document Service is ideal for sending urgent letters and paperwork because your documents will be delivered in 24-72h, without losing time with customs procedures. The delivery is always performed via airplane, so it is concluded in the shortest time possible.

Tracking is already included in the price when posting letters or envelopes to the Philippines, so you can always know where your document is. The tracking number will be sent to you by email, and you can use the tool below to discover its location.

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What is allowed when posting parcels to the Philippines?

There is a long list of items allowed when using a postage service to the Philippines, as long as you pack them appropriately. Here are a few examples of situations where you can post parcels to the Philippines:


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FAQ about posting letters and parcels internationally to the Philippines

What are the postage rates to the Philippines?
The type of item and the service will determine the rate:
For packages: The size of your shipment will affect the parcel postage rate to the Philippines. The price will be automatically calculated when you insert the weight and dimensions in our booking tool. Naturally, small parcels will cost less to post to the Philippines than large parcels so we recommend packing efficiently to keep the price lower.
For envelopes: You can access letter postage rates to the Philippines on our platform in just a few clicks. While you may find that the letter postage to the Philippines is higher than what your local post office offers, the reason is that our service includes online tracking and signed delivery. You will need to pay extra for these features if posting letters or documents to the Philippines using local postal services.
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Can I use a regular stamp for international postage to the Philippines?
Yes, you can use a regular stamp when using mailing or postage services to the Philippines. Bear in mind that the delivery time may take longer with this standard option. If you need an express or premium postage service to the Philippines for a time-sensitive letter, you will need a first-class stamp.
How many stamps do I need to post a letter to the Philippines?
If you are posting a letter to the Philippines using regular mailing services, the size of your envelope will determine the number of stamps. The postal worker should give you the required number of stamps anyway. However, if you choose our Document Service to post a letter to the Philippines, you will not need any stamps.
Do I have to pay customs when posting a package to the Philippines?
If you post parcels to the Philippines from another country within the same free trade agreement, you should not have to pay customs. However, if your shipment crosses international borders, it will be checked by customs and you will be contacted as required for payment. Every country has different regulations, so we advise you to check this further on governmental websites. You can find more information on our page about shipping customs.
Where do I get the right packaging materials for posting items to the Philippines?
You can get packaging materials for posting parcels and letters to the Philippines in most stationery or hardware stores. It is important to choose appropriate packaging materials for the items you are posting to the Philippines to ensure maximum protection during transport.