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How to pack and ship small items by courier

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Shipping small items internationally can often be an expensive hassle if you choose the wrong courier service for the job. Luckily, at Eurosender, we are experts in shipping packages of any size and have a network of couriers specialising in small parcel delivery services ready for the task. Use the tool below to get an immediate quote and ship your small items internationally right away.


Things to know before shipping small items by courier

When organising a small parcel delivery with Eurosender, these are some important things to consider to make sure you will have a successful delivery.

  • Pack your small items for shipping according to our recommendations for better protection.
  • Depending on the shipping service you choose, you may be required to print the shipping label yourself. This information is disclosed during the booking process and will be included in the confirmation email once your small parcel delivery is confirmed.
  • Make sure someone is present at the collection and delivery locations.


Courier services for small parcel delivery

Regardless of how often you ship and the urgency, Eurosender has a solution to ship small items and
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How to pack small items for shipping

Many customers wonder if they can ship small items in envelopes to save on the shipping costs. Even though some courier companies allow shipping small items in padded envelopes, this may be a costly decision for the customer because envelopes provide much less protection than cardboard boxes.

At Eurosender, we always recommend packing your small items for shipping in cardboard boxes to ensure they will arrive at the destination in perfect conditions. Follow these simple instructions to pack and ship small items correctly.

  • Choose a small cardboard box suitable for shipping small items.
  • Protect the item with several layers of bubble wrap, depending on its fragility.
  • Fill any voids with packing peanuts or additional cushioning to prevent movement during transport.
  • Tape the item to the inside of the box or padded mailing bag to prevent movement, if needed.
  • Label the parcel (if required), and seal with adhesive tape.
*Note: Please keep in mind that small items cannot be shipped through our Document Service, as this service is only suitable for paper documents.


The cheapest way of shipping small items with tracking

Safety is always a high priority at Eurosender – which is why we provide tracking for all courier services available through our platform, at no extra cost. When shipping with us, you will always have the peace of mind of knowing where your parcel is at every stage of the delivery. Use our booking engine to find the cheapest solution for shipping small items with tracking.

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Shipping small items and packages internationally

What is considered a small item? How do I know if I am shipping small items?
A small item or parcel is anything that can be safely packed in a package or padded envelope and shipped through the regular courier network for package delivery. Most courier companies accept parcels of up to 30 kg through their regular services. At Eurosender, this means that you should choose between Standard or Express Services for sending your small items abroad.
Can I ship small items in envelopes using the Document Service?
Our Document Service is exclusively dedicated to delivering paper items, such as documents or passports. If you need to send small items, regardless if you choose to pack them in a box or padded envelope, you should use the package shipping alternatives: Standard or Express Shipping.
Please bear in mind that all envelopes are scanned during the delivery. If you ship small items through our Document Service, this envelope will be treated as a package and go through regular customs procedures when crossing international borders.
How does tracking work for small parcel delivery services?
Every shipment booked with Eurosender has tracking included in the price. Once you have booked the small parcel delivery service, your package will be assigned a unique tracking number, which will be sent to you via email once your order is confirmed. You can then use this code to check the progress of your small parcel delivery at any stage after collection using our track and trace tool.
Is insurance included with small parcel delivery?
Yes, all our small parcel delivery services include basic insurance coverage at no extra cost. The coverage value will depend on the service selected and the item being shipped. During the booking process, you will also be able to purchase additional insurance coverage for extra protection when shipping small items internationally.
Why is it not recommended to pack small items in envelopes for shipping?
Sending small items in envelopes that are not intended for objects may result in loss or damage during transport, not only because document envelopes offer very little protection but also due to the fact that sorting machines intended for documents can bend or break the object. For better protection, we recommend packing your small items for shipping using a padded and secure envelope.
Can I ship small items internationally in bulk?
Yes, you can send small items abroad in bulk by packing them in boxes and stacking them on pallets for shipping. For instructions on how to prepare a pallet for shipping, please see our dedicated page.
If you would like to request a fulfilment service when shipping small items in bulk, contact our experts to discuss which options may be suitable for your shipment.

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