Immigrate to Armenia. Get ready for moving to Armenia

Moving to Armenia. Things you should know before you immigrate to Armenia

If you travel to any country, you will find an Armenian diaspora there. Indeed, the immigration of Armenians started in the early twentieth century because of the bloodthirsty policy of the Ottoman Empire. Thus, many Armenians moved to Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, and the USA. So… Is there any point to immigrate to Armenia then? Despite its unstable political situation and socio-economic issues, people are moving to Armenia from the USA, Germany, the United Kingdom, and other states for retirement purposes or simply for changing the place of living. If you are also planning a short-term trip or want to immigrate to Armenia, check this article for getting to know more about this country and choose the appropriate services for international removals to Armenia.

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Whether you are relocating from the USA to Armenia or moving from overseas, you definitely need to learn more about this country and prepare all the necessary documents which will grant your legal stay there. Most likely you are also encouraged to move your personal belongings to Armenia safely. For that reason, we have prepared a table with basic facts about this country and information about international removals to Armenia. It will help you to better understand the country’s culture and people’s mindset before moving to Armenia from the USA or any other country.

LocationArmenia is located in Western Asia, in the Caucasus region. The country borders on Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.
Capital cityYerevan
ClimateArmenia has a highland continental climate with warm dry summers and snowy cold winters.
CurrencyDram (AMD)
PopulationThere are 3 million people living in Armenia. It is safe to say that Armenia has a homogenous nation with small minority groups of Yazidis and Russians.
LanguageArmenian is the official language in the country, but many older people speak Russian as well.
TimezoneUTC +4
Surprising factThe size of the Armenian diaspora abroad 4 times exceeds the population of Armenia.

You already know a few basic facts about the expat life in Armenia that will help you to adapt to this country after the relocation. Also, find out a cheap and convenient way to move personal belongings to Armenia or send household appliances abroad with the services for international removals to Armenia. Contact our logistics experts and they will gladly assist you.

Living in Armenia

There are not very many reasons for moving to Armenia, but there are definitely more reasons for living in Armenia. Hospitable people, favourable climate, and affordable cost of living make it attractive for expats who are going to immigrate to Armenia. However, conflicts with neighbouring countries and weak opportunities for economic development make foreigners feel disappointed at the time. Let’s figure out both the pros and cons of living in Armenia to decide whether this country is worth immigrate to or not.


  • Hospitality. People in Armenia are very hospitable, and it is not just about being welcoming or friendly. When you come to Armenia even for the first time, you will feel like home because local people will treat you like a family member, they will help you, and even offer a glass of homemade wine to you.
  • Safety. Armenia is one of the safest countries in the world with extremely low crime rates.
  • Cultural heritage. Armenia is rich in historical sites which are scattered around the country, which is particularly attractive for tourists.


  • Lack of economic development. Unfortunately, Armenia is not proud of its economic situation because there are not so many opportunities for development there. Its economy is much weaker compared to the Turkish or Azerbaijani one.
  • Unstable political situation. Armenia is tangled in the conflicts with neighbouring countries (mostly Muslim countries) and has some domestic political issues as well.
  • Gender roles. Even though you notice that Armenian girls and women wear modern clothes and seem to be up-to-date, they stick to traditional values and gender roles. Armenian girls are still taught that they are supposed to take care of household chores, while men are responsible for the financial well-being of a family.

Cost of living in Armenia

Even though the average salary ranges between $300-400 in Armenia, it is more than enough for local people and expats owing to the affordable cost of living and low prices. Yerevan is the most popular hotspot among foreigners moving to Armenia, but they can still find many affordable accommodation options. Check a table below for the average prices associated with common monthly expenses people encounter while living in Armenia.

Apartment rental$200-400 (depending on the region and city)
Utility bills$70-100
A meal of the day$5
A cup of cappuccino$2


Visa regulations for Armenia

You can enter Armenia for a short-term or a long-term stay, but you need to apply for the corresponding type of visa first. Citizens of some countries do not require a visa for staying in the country for less than 180 days. If you are planning to immigrate to Armenia, you should definitely check the following types of visa and consult your local Armenian embassy or consulate for detailed information.

  • Tourist visa. It is intended for foreigners who are going to visit Armenia for tourist, business, or professional interest purposes.
  • Business visa. This type of visa is for those who are going to participate in commercial activities in Armenia or set up a business there.
  • Diplomatic visa is for the holders of diplomatic passports and those who have diplomatic status. It can be issued for single or multiple entries.

Healthcare in Armenia

Armenia had a very well-developed healthcare system during Soviet times, but the things seem to have changed. The quality of medical services in public hospitals is far beyond that expats are used to in their home countries. That is why it is highly recommended to use private healthcare centres in Yerevan for foreigners. Another problem of the Armenian healthcare system is that most healthcare programs for different patient categories are still not implemented or do not function properly. It is also common that all medical services are funded directly by the out-of-pocket payments. Therefore, expats and foreigners moving to Armenia are expected to pay in cash even when they need any consultation with a doctor.

School and education

Under the education law, all Armenian children are supposed to attend school between the ages of 7 and 15 obligatorily. While the quality of education services is pretty high, the system is too corrupted. Parents usually have a burden of unnecessary additional expenses for school needs, textbooks, and other essential materials that are supposed to be provided by the state.

After graduating from school, students decide to enrol in a university such as a Russian-Armenian University or State Economics University in Yerevan. As Armenia has agreements with international student organizations, there is plenty of opportunities for youth to travel to other countries for study, while Armenian universities accept international students.

The job market in Armenia

The economic situation in Armenia is not as attractive as in Germany or the USA, for instance, but expats are sometimes moving to Armenia for the employment reasons. There is an obvious question here – what are the most popular job positions immigrants can apply for in Armenia?

Recently, Armenia has switched to service sector development, so there are many opportunities in the IT industry for expats. Consider that the salaries in the IT sector are much higher than the average ones ($600-700) but still lower than those in other countries. Medical workers, hairdressers, and English teachers are also very welcome. In case you have corresponding skills in those fields, you can easily immigrate to Armenia, enjoy the hospitality of local people, and explore the cultural heritage.

Property information

You can find pretty many accommodation options in Armenia, particularly in Yerevan. The price for a 1-bedroom apartment may vary from $200 to $500, while a 3-bedroom apartment may cost between $400 and $800.

Driving in Armenia

Things to consider before driving in Armenia:

  • Stick to the speed limits: 60km/h in built-up areas and 110 km/h on highways.
  • Drive on the ride side of the road.
  • Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to sit in the front seat of the car.
  • Some roads can be in poor condition, so be extra careful when driving in Armenia.

Cost of moving to Armenia

Relocation to Armenia means that you take a serious step in your life as you change the place of residence and need to get accustomed to the new environment. Moreover, you have to think of a convenient way and the cost of moving house to Armenia. Those who are moving from overseas are probably interested in how much is shipping from the USA to Armenia or what is the cheapest way to move furniture to Armenia. Here comes Eurosender offering lower than the average moving costs to Armenia along with fast booking process on our easy-to-use online platform.

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