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Moving to Slovenia. Things to consider before you immigrate to Slovenia

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What to know when moving to Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the successors of former Yugoslavia, but unlike other countries in the region, it has the strongest economy among Slavic countries. People are moving to Slovenia from the USA and some European states to live and work there. Expats constitute about 15 % of the total population of the country, so you will also find it undoubtedly easy to immigrate to Slovenia. Eurosender prepares some basic facts and useful tips on moving house with international removals to Slovenia powered by Eurosender.
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Visa regulations for Slovenia

If you immigrate to Slovenia from a non-EU country, you need to apply for a certain visa, considering the purpose of your visit and stay in the country. As expats are usually interested in a long-term stay in the country, they chose one of the following visa types for moving to Slovenia:

  • Family reunification visa is for those whose relatives are Slovenian nationals. You will either need to provide a marriage certificate or any other documents that prove your family bonds.
  • A student visa is issued to those who have enrolled in training courses or a university program. If that visa type suits you, then you should provide a certificate of enrolment, certificate of scholarship, and travel health insurance.
  • Business visa. This type of visa is designed for people who travel to Slovenia for some commercial or economic activities.
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Property information in Slovenia

Buying a house or apartment is not a typical situation for expats who immigrate to Slovenia. Thus, foreigners prefer renting an apartment that is usually located not far from the place of work. As expats usually migrate to Ljubljana, the most significant part of the rental market is in this city. You can find an accommodation option that fits your budget. The average rental cost in Slovenia may vary between €350- €1500 depending on the region, the number of bedrooms, and furnishing.

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Cost of living in Slovenia

The cost of living in Slovenia is higher than in other Slavic countries but still lower than in Germany, Italy, France, and some other countries of the European Union. Those moving to Slovenia usually reside in Ljubljana because this city offers a vast range of opportunities for people with different qualifications.

Thus, the cost of living in Slovenia is usually associated with the cost of living in Ljubljana. As a rule, a significant part of the salary goes for the apartment rental, while less money is needed for nutrition, entertainment, clothes. In Ljubljana, the monthly cost of the utilities (water, electricity, gas and garbage collection) is usually €200.

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The job market in Slovenia

The leading industries in Slovenia job market are automotive production, electronics, and logistics. If you have corresponding skills in those fields, you can apply for jobs through specialised websites. Another way to immigrate to Slovenia for work is the intra-company transfers, which means that you will be sent to a Slovenian office of the international organisation you work for.

School and education in Slovenia

The Slovenian education system is similar to other countries in the EU. All school-age children should attend primary and lower secondary school obligatorily for 8 years. Afterwards, they decide whether to proceed with vocational training, technical courses, or general education programmes. Following secondary upper education, students either decide to start working or enrol in a university.

Private and international schools are also popular among expats who moved to Slovenia with children. There are three private international schools in Ljubljana: the British International School, the American QSI International School and France’s Ecole Francaise Ljubljana. They teach curricula from the countries of their origin, at the same time offering curricula taught within the global network of international schools.

Age: 3-6
Compulsory: No
Primary School
Age: 6-14
Compulsory: Yes
Secondary School
Age: 15-19
Compulsory: Yes
Age: 19-22
Compulsory: No

Healthcare in Slovenia

The Slovenian healthcare system provides high-quality medical and clinical services corresponding to the European standards to both nationals and legal residents. Before you immigrate to Slovenia, consult with your employer about the healthcare insurance policy because it can be partially reimbursed by the company. Those who are moving to Slovenia as freelancers or self-employed individuals also need to take care of the healthcare insurance obligatorily.
Even though standard healthcare insurance in Slovenia covers basic expenses, primary care, and some medicine, expats opt to choose an additional policy which may cost €25-€45 extra per month. In that case, full medical care can be obtained in both public and private healthcare institutions.

Driving in Slovenia: Should I get a Slovene driving licence?

Things to consider when you are driving in Slovenia:

  • Driving licences issued in EU counties are valid in Slovenia.
  • If you are moving to Slovenia from outside the EU, you need to obtain an international driver’s permit (IDP).
  • Do not go over speed limits: 50 km/h in cities and villages, 130 km/h on intercity roads and highways.
  • The maximum allowed amount of alcohol is 50 mg per 100 ml of blood.
  • You must obligatorily have a first-aid kit, spare bulbs, and the reflective warning triangle in your car at all times.
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What else to expect when living in Slovenia

  • Statistically, murder rates in Slovenia are the lowest in the EU. People often leave their cars unlocked when in the shops.
  • Slovenians enjoy a high quality of life and a high level of equality across the country.
  • It is a very ‘green’ country. Slovenia’s capital city, Ljubljana was the European Green Capital in 2016.
  • Slovenia is not for those who prefer hectic metropolis life as it is small and calm.


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Moving to Slovenia from the USA

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Moving to Slovenia from the UK

Do you plan to immigrate from the UK to Slovenia? Turn to Eurosender the best logistics solution when moving to Slovenia or any other country. Our logistics experts will help you with your order and offer you the best relocation solution.

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Even if relocation to Slovenia from Canada may seem a long and complicated journey, with Eurosender, it is easier than you think! Our logistics platform provides the most affordable services for international removals to Slovenia. Whether you are moving to Slovenia from Canada or any other country, Eurosender is your reliable logistics partner.

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