Moving to Thailand. How to Immigrate to Thailand

Moving to Thailand: Things you should know before you immigrate to Thailand

Whether you’re taking a job opportunity in Thailand or want to enjoy living in this tropical land, expats from are moving to Thailand from all over the world. Eurosender’s international removals to Thailand are trusted by thousands of people who want to save on the average costs of moving to Thailand, by providing a low-cost and reliable way to move furniture and other belongings. Our simple booking platform will give you an instant price, so you can start planning your relocation to Thailand with Eurosender.

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Things to know about living in Thailand

Thailand has long been a popular expat destination for people from all over the world. Being a perfect mix of modern hi-tech cities and ancient historical sites, Thailand has much to offer to its visitors. Once you decide to immigrate to Thailand, turn to Eurosender, and we will help you move house at the lowest cost. When relocating to Thailand from the USA or any other country, take a look at some of the basic facts you should know about living in Thailand as a foreigner.
Baht (฿) (THB)
69 million
Official language
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The cost of moving to Thailand| International removals to Thailand with Eurosender

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Visa regulations for Thailand

Citizens from more than 50 countries all over the world do not have to apply for a visa when they want to move to Thailand as a tourist. When your nationality is not included in this list of countries, you can apply for a visa at your local Thai embassy. A tourist visa usually allows you to stay for 60 days.

When you want to immigrate to Thailand or stay longer than 60 days, you need to apply for a so-called non-immigrant visa. There are many categories in this group, such as a business visa, education visa, retirement visa, and many others. If you plan to relocate to Thailand for work, you also need to obtain a work permit besides your visa. Extensions and renewals of your visa can be done in Thailand itself.

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Property information. Rentals in Thailand

If you want to find good accommodation in Thailand, it is best to find a reliable realtor who knows the area where you want to settle. As buying property for foreigners in Thailand can be very tricky, it is recommended to rent a place. The average cost to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Thailand is €400 per months, in Bangkok the price for the same apartment in the city centre will cost you about €600.

If you are moving to Thailand with your family, a three-bedroom apartment costs €800-12000 per month, depending on the city and location.

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The cost of living in Thailand

The cost of living in Thailand compared to the USA or countries in the European Union is extremely low. Of course, you spend more when staying in Bangkok or the most sought-after tourist areas, but when you stay off the beaten path a bit, you can live like a king on a shoestring budget. Many digital nomads residing in Thailand live of a budget of around €600 a month, which includes everything from food to accommodation and commuting. The many retirees living near the Thai beaches can live off the same budget but may spend up to €1.200 to live comfortably.

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The job market in Thailand

Before you can start working in Thailand, you need to obtain a signed job contract and Visa Type B that includes a work permit.

When you are looking for a job in Thailand, there are several sectors where you have a good chance of landing a job. Some of these sectors are finance and trade, IT and communications, engineering, and hospitality (for this, you may need some basic knowledge of the Thai language).

There are many job opportunities for foreigners in Thailand. So, prepare well in advance to make sure that you find the best option, and you have all the documents ready in time.

Education and schools in Thailand

Public education in Thailand is free. Before children start their school career, they can go to kindergarten for 2 years when they are aged 3-4. Completing upper secondary school prepares you for attending university. When you finish school after lower secondary school in Thailand, you can go on to study at vocational education facilities.
Many public schools lack funding and are often understaffed. Most expats living in Thailand with children choose international or private schools, which provide the quality required. Another thing that private schools offer is an education in English or other languages.

Age: 3 – 5
Compulsory: no
Elementary School
Age: 6 – 11
Compulsory: yes
Preparatory School
Age: 12-18
Compulsory: yes

Healthcare in Thailand

There is both public and private healthcare in Thailand. However, public healthcare doesn’t give you access to the best facilities, that is why most foreigners end up choosing for private healthcare. The best option is to get international insurance when relocating to Thailand to avoid problems. In most cases, you pay for your treatment and get reimbursed later on.
Facilities in private clinics are of top-notch quality and can be compared to the hospitals you visit at home. It is one of the two main reasons that Thailand has become a popular destination for medical tourism. The other benefit is the price, as the cost of medical treatment in Thailand is much lower than in countries as the USA or members of the EU.

Driving in Thailand. Should I get a driving licence for Thailand?

You can drive in Thailand with your domestic driving licence when you are staying for less than 6 months. When you are staying for a longer period, you will have to get an International Driving Permit (IDP), which doesn’t cost more than €20-25 and is available at your local driving authority.
Even though you don’t need any special document to start driving in Thailand, it is recommendable to prepare yourself for driving in Thailand as the Thai have a traffic situation that differs from many other countries.

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What else to expect when living in Thailand as a foreigner

  • Don’t be surprised when a restaurant offers different prices to locals than to tourists.
  • Buddhism is the most popular religion in Thailand, which has a significant influence on social life.
  • The Thai are amicable and welcoming. Speaking a few words of Thai will help you make even more new friends.
  • Expats living in Thailand confirm that the cheapest way to get around is by motorcycle taxi.
  • Taking off your shoes is mandatory when you visit someone’s home. But also, in many restaurants and schools, it is common to take off your footwear.
  • Always bring your toilet paper and the same goes for hand sanitiser, as these things are absent in most public restrooms.

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The most popular destinations from where people immigrate to Thailand

Moving to Thailand from the United Kingdom

There are multiple reasons that people are moving to Thailand from the UK, but the weather is probably the most common one. Compared to the United Kingdom, with its endless rain and grey clouds, the Kingdom of Thailand is the complete opposite. Tropical heat and the shining sun are the ingredients of everyday life in Thailand, while the best way to immigrate to Thailand is to turn to Eurosender.

Moving to Thailand from Canada

A steady stream of people is moving to Thailand from Canada yearly. Escaping the harsh winters and everlasting cold, relocation to Thailand means more than just good weather. Residing in the Land of Smiles may feel like living in a tropical paradise. So, what are you waiting for? You can begin to calculate your cost of moving house to Thailand on our easy to use booking channel.

Moving to Thailand from the USA

Moving to Thailand from the US has become increasingly popular over the years. Even though America has its own fair share of beaches, they are by far not as exotic as the ones in Thailand. Add to that the low cost of living in Thailand and the short distance between the two countries, and you understand why many Americans are moving to Thailand. With Eurosender’s solutions for international removals to Thailand, you get smooth relocation to the land of dreams.

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