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Moving services for last-minute removals

Find the best moving solution to organise a fast or last-minute house removal everywhere in Europe. Our booking engine instantly compares thousands of offers to find the best solution for your urgent removal or last-minute move. Check our guide on how to pack your items and move quickly.

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Why choose Eurosender fast moving services?

Tailored service for removals of any size

Real-time support from logistics experts

Transport insurance included in the price


How to book our express and last-minute removal services

Eurosender is the best ally to organise a last-minute move or fast removal. Follow these simple steps to book a last-minute door-to-door moving service and let us deal with all the transport details.

  1. Insert the pick-up and delivery locations for your last-minute removal;
  2. select the service and insert the shipment details;
  3. get your instant quote or ask for a personalised offer;
  4. prepare your items following our detailed packing guides;
  5. wait for the courier to collect your shipment.


Our international relocation and removal services

Find the best service for your fast or last-minute removal that fits your specific needs.
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Delivery times for a fast removal service with Eurosender

On our platform, you can find services for a last-minute removal to any domestic and international destination. Transport times vary depending on the service and route. Check our table for average delivery times and choose the right service for your express and last-minute move.

ServiceRouteDelivery timeAllowed weight
StandardDomestic1-3 business daysup to 30 kg per box
StandardWithin Europe2-5 business daysup to 30 kg per box
PriorityWithin Europe1-2 business daysup to 70 kg per box
ExpressWithin the EU24-48 hoursup to 70 kg per box
ExpressGlobal48-72 hoursup to 70 kg per box
Van DeliveryWithin Europe24-48 hoursmax of 1000 kg in total

Last-minute man and van services in Europe

Our Van Delivery service is the perfect option for a last-minute removal within Europe. An entire van will be fully dedicated to transporting your items, with no shared space or stops in the courier warehouses. This premium option is ideal for fast removal, with short delivery times and the possibility to arrange the pick-up in 2-3 hours in many locations.

The man and van service for a last-minute removal is available all over Europe. Book now!


Prepare your belongings for a fast and last-minute removal

Packing and protecting your personal belongings is crucial to avoid inconveniences, especially for fast removals. Courier companies and last-minute movers always suggest wrapping and protecting each item with bubble wrap or other packing material and use sturdy boxes.

Check the guides prepared by our experts to know how to pack different items for your last-minute removal.


Additional services for your international relocation

Every global relocation service requires different solutions. At Eurosender, we are proud to offer many logistics services for every shipping need. Check some of our additional services that you can book to have a better and personalised international relocation and removal service.


International relocation and removal services for businesses

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FAQ about last-minute removal services

What are the costs for a fast last-minute moving service?
The costs for a last-minute moving service depend on different factors, such as distance, dimensions and type of service. Last-minute moving services can be expensive, considering the urgency. At Eurosender, we compare thousands of options from many international last-minute movers to find the most affordable solution for your specific needs.
Check our relocation guides for more information about planning your move.
What is the best solution for a small last-minute move?
Our Priority Express Service is the most optimal solution for a last-minute removal without furniture or with a small quantity of items. Thanks to this service, you can send boxes up to 70 kg to over 220 countries and territories in 24/72 hours. Check our dedicated page for expert advice on how to plan your small load relocation.
Are all urgent removal services insured?
Every shipping and express removal service booked on our platform includes shipping insurance, the value of which depends on the items' value and the service. For better protection, you can purchase additional insurance while booking your last-minute removal service.
Can I book a fast removal service for the weekend?
Our fast removal services are usually performed on working days, following the couriers’ schedule. Nonetheless, it is possible to ask for the collection on weekends for certain services, such as the Van Delivery or Priority Express Service, and upon availability. Contact our logistics experts for more details about the weekend collection for your short-notice or last-minute move.
How far in advance should I book a removal company?
The general advice is to contact a removal company at least one week in advance to be able to choose the desired date for the pick-up. If you need to book an urgent moving service with same-day pick-up at the last minute, choose our Van Delivery service. Insert your details in our booking engine to get an instant quote and select the earliest pick-up date.
Where can I find boxes and packaging materials for a last-minute move?
To pack and protect your items for a last-minute relocation and removal, you can reuse boxes and packaging materials or use towels and similar packaging for internal protection. You can also buy all the required materials in hardware or DIY stores. Always make sure to use sturdy cardboard boxes as external packaging. Check our dedicated pages for more advice on where to find and how to choose boxes, pallets and other packaging materials.