Safe and reliable shipping of household appliances

Whether you are looking for a courier service to ship household goods to your customer or you are moving and need your white goods to be transported to another location, Eurosender is the right choice! With our help, you are only a few clicks away from shipping a washing machine, fridge or a freezer. Our team will take care of your white-goods shipment. We find the best possible transport solution at the lowest price, arrange and supervise the transport. If you want to save time and money, look no further!

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The advantages of shipping household appliances

  • Convenient and flexible – your free logistics department – depending on your wishes, we will find the right offer for you with the best price-performance ratio and handle everything around the shipment.
  • Quick and transparent – immediate offers, no hidden costs, no contract.
  • Always insured on the way – standard insurance included in the price and additional insurance options at convenient rates.
  • Simple and fast – arrange everything in a few steps and save time.
  • Fully tracked – tracking tools to monitor your shipment available.

How can you ship household appliances?

When it comes to transporting a refrigerator, freezer or a washing machine – both for businesses and for individuals – there are usually two shipping solutions available. If your goods need to be fixed on a Euro-pallet and are not higher than 1.70 m (together with the pallet), then pallet shipping is the perfect choice for you.

But if you ship bulky or very large items (higher than 1.70 m), our team will create an individual, tailor-made offer for you. Our experienced shipping specialists will find the perfect shipping solution for you in the shortest possible time for the type of goods you want to ship.

How to ship white goods on a pallet?

Choose the pick-up and delivery countries and the number of pallets.

You will be provided with the best available offer.

Fill in the form with your details and pay for the service.

Get informed on how to pack household items for shipping.

I need an individual offer. What do I need to do?

Click here, to get an individual offer. Fill out the form and describe your needs.

Our shipping experts will respond within minutes and send you the best possible offer by email.

If you accept the offer, pay for the service and discuss all shipping details with our experts. They will arrange a reliable transport on your behalf.

Prepare your goods for transport and wait at the chosen address for the pick-up.

Ask for individual offer!

Send smaller appliances? Standard Shipping!

Larger and heavier items like refrigerators, freezers, dryers, washing machines, dishwashers, and stoves normally exceed the standard shipment dimensions and therefore have to be shipped as freight. But there are also smaller appliances such as microwaves, which you can send in a package. If you want to ship a small household appliance, the standard shipping is available in addition to the pallet transport and the individual offers. To make sure your package is suitable for this service, enter its dimensions in our shipping calculator below.

Safe shipping of household appliances

Devices such as refrigerators, washing machines or ovens are of course expensive, so you should take no risk when shipping them. That is why the right insurance package is a must.

At Eurosender, in addition to standard insurance (up to a value of € 200), which is already included in the shipping price, we also provide you with additional insurance options. Together with our partner ERGO Group, we offer higher insurance worth 1000 € or 2000 € or even 5000 € at very reasonable prices.

Packing materials for shipping household appliances

If you need to send a fridge, freezer, oven or other home appliances by courier, it is very important that the goods are properly packed. You will not only avoid potential shipping problems, additional costs or even delays but also ensure that in the unlikely event of damage, nothing stands in the way of a successful reimbursement of costs. To ensure the safety of your white goods, you need the following materials:

  • Cardboard boxes, plastic bags – for smaller removable parts to be packed separately.
  • Cushioning materials – use polystyrene panels, bubble wrap, Styrofoam or corrugated board edge protectors etc. to protect your goods.
  • Pallet – new or used ones are acceptable, but each pallet must be large enough and in good condition.
  • Pallet belts – for fixing the goods on the pallet.
  • Cardboard, tape, scissors

How to prepare household appliances for shipping?

When you have the packaging materials ready, you are probably wondering how to prepare your refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, or tumble dryer for shipping. Our instructions for packaging household appliances will help you here.

Of course, shipping of white goods to customers differs somewhat from the shipping process of those who move or sell used equipment online. However, there are some steps that you should not do miss in any of the above cases.

  1. Prepare the device in advance. Disconnect the appliance from the power and water system. Tape the cable to the back of the device. Remove removable parts and pack them separately into smaller boxes or plastic bags. Label the contents of the bags or boxes. Clean your appliance and leave it to dry out. Protect the control panel of the appliance with bubble wrap. Secure the doors with tape.

  • If for example, you are shipping a freezer or refrigerator, defrost it first, remove the internal shelves, wrap them with bubble wrap and fix to the inside walls of the unit. Ship freezers and fridges in an upright position.
  • Pack the removable power cords in plastic bags or wrap in plastic wrap.
  • Remove the baking trays from the oven and send them either by standard shipping service or in a box attached to the pallet.
  • Make sure the dishwasher is empty.
  • Parts that you can not remove protect with bubble wrap so nothing rattles around during transport.
  1. Place the device on the pallet and make sure it is centred. The surface of the pallet can be covered with some corrugated cardboard before loading.
  2. Protect the device. If possible, use Styrofoam edge protectors to cover all edges of a machine. Then wrap these also in bubble wrap. Alternatively, you can also use cardboard or polystyrene. Then secure everything with enough tape.
  3. Fix the device and other boxes on the pallet. Use several pallet straps to fix the goods on the pallet. The straps must pass under the pallet and be pulled over the goods. If there is still room on the pallet, but you still want to ship the accessories, carefully stack the boxes on the pallet and secure them with ribbons as well.

If you are shipping a new or originally packed washing machine or a new fridge, you only need straps and a pallet. Put the device on it and fix it.

Do you still have questions about shipping white goods safely and cheaply? Do you doubt that sending household appliances by freight carrier can be easy, convenient and stress-free?

Then do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service agents and shipping specialists. The Eurosender team will explain all the details and guide you through every step of the booking and shipping process.

Relocations and Removals

Eurosender is the perfect choice for those who move to another city or abroad and need to transport more than one home appliance to another location. In this case, our removal service is an excellent alternative to traditional pallet shipping. The entire delivery van will be booked just for you, while an experienced courier will prepare your goods professionally and secure them for transport. If you have a lot to send, this option is also the cheapest.

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