How to Ship a Mattress Internationally | Sending a Bed Frame

How to ship a mattress or bed frame internationally

We take the hassle out of international mattress shipping by finding you the right bed courier service. Check the cost of shipping a mattress or bed in just a few clicks with our booking tool. Order the shipping service for your mattress or bed frame delivery in an instant and leave the rest to us.

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Sending a mattress or bed via courier service

Depending on the size and time-sensitivity of your international mattress shipment, Eurosender recommends:
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How to pack a mattress for shipping internationally

When it comes to international mattress shipping, the risk of damage is quite low. However, we recommend packing and protecting the mattress properly before shipping not only for hygienic reasons but also because the courier will not accept an unpacked mattress, unless the service booked is Van Delivery. Follow these simple steps to pack the mattress for shipping:

  1. If possible, roll up the mattress, place it inside a bag and vacuum pack it. Alternatively, you can wrap the mattress with cellophane.
  2. Place the packed and rolled up mattress together with the other parts of the bed in one or more boxes.
  3. Close and seal the box and, if using a pallet to ship the different parts of the bed disassembled, secure everything with straps and cellophane.
  4. If the shipment is too big to use a box, you can also opt for the Van Delivery Service.

How to pack a bed frame for shipping

Below are some recommendations for sending a bed frame by carrier:

  1. Disassemble the bed as much as possible (legs, slats), and wrap each part in bubble wrap or packaging materials. We recommend writing down where to position each piece for reassembly.
  2. Put the parts in a bag and attach to the bed base.
  3. Pack everything in a box. You can follow the same recommendations as for shipping a mattress.


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How to ship a bed frame or mattress when relocating

The best service for transporting a bed or mattress together with other furniture and personal items is the Van Delivery Service. With this bed courier service, a van and driver will be reserved for your load, meaning that orders from other customers will not be transported in the same van. The bed or mattress will be delivered to the destination, without stop-overs along the way.

Check the costs for shipping a mattress internationally

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FAQ on international mattress and bed transport by courier

How much does it cost to ship a mattress internationally?
The cost to ship a mattress by courier across country or internationally will vary depending on several factors: distance, weight, size and the selected transport service. To find out the cost for shipping your mattress or bed frame, enter the details in our booking tool at the top of the page. You will receive a free quote for international mattress transport and delivery in just a few clicks.
What is the cheapest way to ship a mattress or bed via courier service?
This will depend on the shipment size. If your rolled and boxed mattress or bed frame parts are within the shipping dimension limits for packages, our Standard Service will be the cheapest option for you in most cases. To get the cheapest cost for shipping a mattress or bed internationally, simply insert the route and shipment size in the tool below. If your shipment is larger than the limits allowed by the Standard Service, the next cheapest option will be automatically displayed.
How to compress a memory foam mattress to save on international shipping?
Most manufacturers compress memory foam mattresses and roll them up before packing and shipping them internationally to save some space. While this process is only possible with the help of a special compression machine, you can shrink your mattress to a certain degree at home using just a vacuum bag for mattresses and a vacuum cleaner. By compressing your mattress, there are higher chances its dimensions will be suitable for using the Standard Service.
  • Put the foam mattress or the topper in the bag;
  • Suck the air out of it with a vacuum cleaner;
  • Seal the bag well to prevent the air from leaking back in;
  • Roll the mattress and put it in another plastic bag;
  • Box it for shipping.
After unpacking it again, give it some time to completely recover, especially if you get a new one that has been compressed in the factory.
How do I ship a queen or king-size bed internationally?
There are several things to bear in mind before shipping queen or king-size beds via mail or courier:
  • Disassemble the bed. Pro tip: we suggest marking all the pieces so later it will be easier to reassemble it back even without the original instructions;
  • Put the smaller pieces in a Ziploc bag and attach it to any of the bigger pieces of the shipment;
  • Remove all detachable parts such as the mattress, the side rails, headboard and footboard;
  • Wrap all the pieces separately with bubble or foam wrap.
What is the best way to ship a mattress via courier?
To get started, measure your mattress to get the exact dimensions and weight. If you cannot measure your item itself, you can follow the general guide below:
  • Small, single bed: 11 kg
  • Twin bed: 27 kg
  • Double bed: 41 kg
  • Queen-sized bed: 48 kg
  • King-sized bed: 57 kg
Knowing the exact measurements will make it easier for you to book the right service for your shipment size. Next, head to our booking tool and insert the route and shipment details. Select a shipping service and a collection date. If you need further tips or advice on the best way to ship a mattress, don't hesitate to contact our logistics experts.
Can I ship a mattress internationally through FedEx, UPS, USPS or Hermes?
FedEx and UPS have relatively large dimension allowances compared to USPS and Hermes, meaning that FedEx and UPS are most likely better courier services to choose for shipping mattresses or sending bed frames internationally. The only downside is that you would have to go on each of their websites to find out the cost for shipping your mattress with them.
You can save time by getting a quote with Eurosender instead! Our booking tool instantly compares the rates of multiple courier services to get you the best shipping option every time, including UPS and TNT (a brand of FedEx).
Where can I find packaging materials for sending a bed via courier service?
When packing a single, double bed or a mattress to be sent by courier service, you can use bags, boxes and packaging that you find at home or buy new ones at DIY shops or other specialised stores. See our packaging materials page to find out where to find everything you need to prepare your mattress or bed for shipping.