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Depop is an online marketplace for selling and buying unique items, vintage & luxury fashion, sneakers, art, illustration, books, and records. Are you looking for a solution to expand your Depop sales internationally? Let Eurosender take over your logistics processes while you focus on growing your business.

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How to start selling and shipping on Depop

Whether you have decided to clear your wardrobe and sell the clothes you do not need or you want to sell books, arts, records, these are the steps to follow when opening a shop for selling on Depop:
  1. Download the app and sign up. You can sign up with your Facebook account or with a valid email.
  2. Carefully choose your username and profile photo. Choose a username that is easy to remember. Fill in the details of your profile and select a picture of yourself.
  3. List your items. Include good quality unique photos, a catchy title, description, price and chose Depop delivery options.
  4. You will need a PayPal account. In order to sell on Depop, you will need to set up PayPal account and connect it to Depop.

How to ship your Depop sales

How to choose the shipping method on Depop? Sellers are usually responsible for arranging the delivery and including the shipping rate in the final price. You can choose to offer international or domestic shipping and exclude certain characters. Since the exact shipping cost on Depop cannot be given until there is a sale, the actual profit can be much less than the seller estimated. Depop sellers in the US have the option to choose in-app shipping, but only within US territory. Sellers from the US or any other country in the world can join Eurosender and book flat-rate global shipping for all their Depop sales.

Depop return policy. How can you return items on Depop?

Since this is a marketplace platform, each Depop seller has its own return policy. We recommend carefully reading the Depop seller’s return and refund policy before making any purchase. You can return items purchased on Depop using tracked mail or via courier service through Eurosender. When shipping with us, your parcels will always get a unique tracking number so you can easily check its location at any time. Check the immediate cost to return items to the Depop seller using our booking tool.

Check more information about DEPOP returns on the FAQ


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Selling and shipping on Depop: FAQ

How much should you charge for shipping on Depop?
Sellers have to book and pay for the courier services for their Depop sales. The app provides a series of estimates as to how much shipping will cost. However, this estimate can be wrong and you may end up having a loss at the end of your sale. By using Eurosender platform you will get a reliable price estimate for your Depop shipping. Moreover, you can make sure you are offering the best international up-to-date rates to your buyers.
How to insure a shipment on Depop?
Adding insurance to your Depop returns or deliveries is always a good idea. If you ship your Depop sales with Eurosender you can add different insurance options during the booking process.
How long does Depop take to ship? How do I choose a faster shipping service on Depop?
Sellers are responsible to pack and ship their sales. You can offer express services on your shop to offer your buyers more Depop delivery options. Usually, express deliveries are more expensive, but they will help you build a stronger relationship with your clients. Eurosender offers express delivery to more than 220 countries.
When can the buyer request a return shipping on Depop?
There are only two claims that can start a Depop return dispute:
  • Item Not Received – The client bought something but didn’t receive it. The buyer should wait at least 3 days from the transaction date to give the seller enough time to ship the item.
  • Significantly Not as Described – The customer received an item that was significantly different from the seller’s original description.
The return shipping costs on Depop may be covered by the seller or by the buyer, depending on each return policy. In the US, if the item has arrived and it’s not as described, you can open a dispute with PayPal. If you win the dispute with PayPal, they will also cover the postage costs. Simply book a door-to-door delivery service with us, keep the receipt and PayPal will refund it totally or partially.
How does Depop shipping work from the UK?
After Brexit, many buyers and shop owners wonder how does Depop shipping work from the UK to the EU or the rest of the world. For shop owners, offering international courier services on their Depop is key to reaching a wider audience. You can still offer Depop deliveries to the EU after Brexit. However, every shipment between the EU and the UK is considered an export and can be subjected to VAT and other customs taxes and duties. You can read more about the effects of Brexit on e-commerce and get a clearer idea of how to offer Depop deliveries to the EU after Brexit.
How much does it cost to ship on Depop UK?
You can choose to ship within the platform or get an immediate offer with Eurosender to ship with a trusted courier. Brexit has affected deliveries between the UK and the EU, and there might be VAT or customs charges, as well as possible delays. Please check our page on customs and Brexit to get more info.
Do I have to pack my Depop sales for shipping?
Sellers are responsible for packing and preparing their sales before shipping from Depop. Take the packing material prices into account before establishing your Depop shipping prices. Check our pack and ship guides to get useful tips for packing almost anything. Also, packing your items with beautiful or unique packaging can be a selling strategy. Many sellers use recycled or handmade materials or stamp the packaging with their brand.


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