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Etsy has been a go-to online marketplace for people selling unique handmade products or vintage pieces. Are you looking for the best shipping solutions for your Etsy shop? Let us take over your logistics and start shipping globally your Etsy sales, while you focus on growing your business.

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Global shipping services for Etsy sellers

At Eurosender, we put all our logistics capabilities and negotiation power at the service of our e-commerce partners. Join over 40.000 businesses and start benefiting from our multiple services too.


How to sell and ship on Etsy within Europe and internationally

Open an Etsy account and list your items. You will have to list at least one item to open your shop. Then, you are officially an Etsy seller!

Choose the billing and payment options. You can accept PayPal payments, introduce your credit/debit card details or bank account to receive payments.

Add the price and the delivery costs. Eurosender offers you immediate shipping prices for all kinds of items, from clothes or furniture to vintage china.

Once you have made the sale prepare the item for shipping.

Why open an Etsy shop?

Local going global
Etsy offers independent creators and brand owners the possibility of presenting their products to a global marketplace.

Promote handmade traditional creations
Did you know that around 25% of Etsy shops are managed from rural areas? Etsy is an ideal platform for local artisans to share their traditional creations with more than 1,7 million of active buyers.

Save with low fees
Etsy fees for opening and maintaining a shop are lower than the ones from similar websites.

Etsy default shipping methods and alternatives

Etsy sellers are responsible for booking and paying for the delivery costs. As a shop owner, you will have to calculate the shipping cost for your Etsy products and add it to your items’ price.

How to ship internationally on Etsy? Default shipping methods on Etsy:

Etsy shipping label: Only available for shop owners in the UK, Australia and the US. Etsy sellers can create a shipping label through some established couriers. They will have to indicate a price based on the estimated weight and size of the packaged goods. However, the number of courier providers is limited, and the size and weight limitations may be very strict.


Shipping alternatives for Etsy sellers powered by Eurosender

Many Etsy sellers complain about high costs and lack of flexibility. Eurosender offers e-commerce users multiple delivery options to match any shipping requirements.

Standard shipping

Ship small packages internationally at very low rates with standard shipping
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Freight shipping

We offer the best solution for international freight shipping of bigger items
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Express shipping

Attend to your Etsy customers’ most urgent needs with our express service
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Individual offer

Trust your most demanding shipments to us and we will find the best solution
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Etsy selling and shipping FAQ

How to ship items sold on Etsy internationally?

When opening a shop, sellers should make sure to enable international shipping. Consider that Etsy international shipping rates are probably higher than domestic ones. With Eurosender, you will always get the best market rates for delivering your items globally to your customers.

How to calculate shipping costs on Etsy?

To calculate the shipping cost for products you are selling on Etsy, simply introduce the measurements of your package in our booking tool and you will obtain a final price based on its weight and the selected route.

By choosing Etsy shipping options, you will have to introduce the weight of the packed items on their shipping platform and provide the final price to your customers. When shipping globally you will have to consider that Etsy international shipping rates will probably be higher.

What do I need to safely pack Etsy merchandise?

In addition to booking the shipping services, sellers will need to pack Etsy merchandise to assure their safety during transport.

  • Use the right box. The carton should be sturdy and large enough to fit your items as well as extra padding materials.
  • Wrap your items in bubble wrap or put them in a bag. Use ample amounts of bubble wrap to secure every individual item.
  • Use packing materials to secure the items. The goal is to prevent the items from moving about the package.
  • Check and seal. Give the box a little shake to make sure nothing is moving inside.

Do you need more specific information? You can check our pack and ship guides.

How long does Etsy take to ship?

Sellers may take different times to process and ship an order, for example when handmade items have to be made or altered. If the seller has not established a processing time, it is rounded up to an average of 5 days. Domestic shipping takes 2 days on average and international shipping a maximum of 10. If you combine the two factors you will get an idea of when will the item arrive.

When will the item arrive? How long does Etsy take to deliver?

Depending on the shipping method the shipment can take between 2-3 days or up to 10 days for international shipping. You can book express shipping with Eurosender and offer deliveries within the EU in 24h and international deliveries in 48/72h.

As a seller, it is always a good idea to provide a tracking number to your customers. Shipments with Eurosender are faster and more reliable: all your domestic and international Etsy deliveries include tracking. Furthermore, you can use our estimated delivery time tool to calculate an approximate arrival date.

The information above is a result of online research and is subject to change at any moment. Eurosender will not be held responsible for any occurred casualties as a result of updated information on the official marketplace website. Nevertheless, we do our best to keep the presented information on our website as present as possible.