How to ship items sold on Etsy

Since 2005 Etsy has been a go-to online marketplace for people selling unique handmade products or vintage pieces from times long forgotten. Eurosender is proud to support their passion and creativity by offering them some of the most reliable, simple and, above all, affordable shipping solutions on the market. Utilizing our vast network of reliable shipping partners, we are already helping thousands of small businesses across Europe to bring their shipping costs down and thus gain an advantage over their competition even if they do not yet have the bargaining power in the logistics sector.

If you are part of the European Etsy crowd and on the lookout for cheap delivery options, stick around. What we have for you is our very own shipping guide for Etsy sellers with all the info you need to get your products to the customers safely and in time. Learn how to pack Etsy orders and book the delivery service that won’t break the bank.

Eurosender’s shipping services for Etsy sellers – how does it all work?

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One of the best things about Eurosender is that all these visits to your local post office or parcel shop are not needed anymore as all packages booked through us are delivered door-to-door. All you need to do besides packing your Etsy merchandise is to book the service on our page in just a few simple steps:

Choose the suitable service and fill in the form with your shipment details.

You will be provided with the best available offer.

Fill in the form with your details and pay for the service.

Get informed on how to pack Etsy orders for safe shipping.

Eurosender business account – for even faster booking, better prices and more

If you have registered as a business entity anywhere in Europe, the easiest way to organise and optimise your shipping processes is to create a free business account on our website. This way, you will get access to:

  • even better shipping rates – free of contract
  • a personalised dashboard offering an overview of all past and present orders, transactions etc.
  • easy access to a large number of instant shipping quotes
  • easy payment options such as payment with user credits, which allows you to top up the account with a desired amount of money and avoid the need for many transfers when booking the service – an even faster ordering process

You will be able to share the delivery information with all your colleagues and use one account to arrange all the shipments while you will not be limited by contracts and deals with logistics services providers or couriers.

Our advanced booking system will automatically choose the courier company with the best price-performance ratio for your desired route. No matter how often or where you want to ship your Etsy items, the parcels will always be in the safe hands of a renowned shipping service while you will make your customers happy with significantly lower shipping prices. Additionally, Eurosender takes over all the arrangements as well as the communication with the shipping services.

Extra tips on using shipping services for Etsy sellers:

  • If you want to send more than 6 packages at the same time and to the same address, an individual offer is a way to go if you want to reduce your shipping costs even more. Get in touch with our shipping experts and they will find the best as well as the most affordable delivery option for you.
  • Sending several packages at once but to different addresses? No problem. In such a case, you will need to place a different order for every new destination address.
  • In some cases (for example when shipping packages from Spain, Poland or Sweden) the customers have to print out the shipping label themselves. Whether or not this is also needed in your case depends on the chosen service and route, which is why it is always crucial to double-check who is responsible for taking care of the label in your case. If printing is your task, you will get an e-mail with the label that you will have to print out and attach to the shipment in a way that ensures its protection. Read more on this topic here.
  • Use the Estimated Delivery Time function in the booking system to let the customers know about the approximate time window of the delivery.
  • If you need to send more packages to the same address, make sure you choose the right number of these during the booking process.

Eurosender is all about being clever and flexible about shipping. For this reason, our experienced logistics specialists will be happy to advise customers with special wishes while our friendly customer support agents are there for anyone in need of additional information or help. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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How big and heavy is my shipment?

When selling and shipping larger items such as paintings or pieces of furniture, measure the dimensions of the package and use our Shipment Size Checker to find out which type of shipping service you need.

What do I need to safely pack Etsy merchandise?

We know how important it is that the products you have invested so much time and passion to reach your Etsy buyers safely and in time. However, to make this possible, we must work together. While we can take care of safe transport, you will need to pack Etsy merchandise in such a way that the items will be protected throughout the transport. To do this, you will need the following materials:

  • Sturdy cardboard boxes – we know that many sellers also stick to padded envelopes, but we personally recommend that you always use a strong carton as it will ensure the highest level of protection. Head to your local stationery or hardware store to buy new ones or look for some used boxes at the local supermarket. Just make sure they are in good condition.
  • Bubble wrap or packing paper – to protect the items, especially the more fragile ones.
  • Plastic or Ziploc bags – for packing smaller items or protecting the products from dirt.
  • Padding material – crucial as an additional layer of protection while also securing the items in the box. You can use polystyrene chips (packing peanuts), crumpled paper, styrofoam sheets, foam or more bubble wrap.
  • Adhesive tape and scissors – for sealing the package.

How to pack Etsy orders for shipping

Etsy shipping
Packing tips should be the central part of any shipping guide for Etsy sellers as the delivery quality is crucial for a high level of customer satisfaction. Although the exact answer to the question of how to package Etsy products naturally depends on the nature of the items you are selling, some general guidelines for using parcel shipping services do apply.

  1. Use the right box. The carton should be sturdy and large enough to fit your items as well as extra padding materials. If you are shipping something fragile or if you want your customers to receive an item in a specially designed packaging (for example for promotional purposes), you can use the double-box method. Put the item in a smaller box or your personal packaging of choice and then pack everything in a slightly bigger and already padded box.
  2. Wrap your items in bubble wrap or put them in a bag. Use ample amounts of bubble wrap to secure every individual item. This protection is also useful when sending specially designed packaging.
  3. Use packing materials to secure the items. Cover the bottom of the box with packing material, place the items or the packaging in it and surround these completely with more extra padding. The goal is to prevent the items from moving about the package.
  4. Check and seal. Give the box a little shake to make sure nothing is moving inside. Seal the package well – several layers of adhesive tape along the seams and flaps.

Further tips on how to pack Etsy parcels:

When shipping items of clothing or decorative pillows:

  • Fold the clothing items;
  • Put the clothes or pillows in a plastic bag or a larger padded envelope before placing them in a box;
  • Secure loose parts and buttons with bubble wrap;
  • For more info on the subject visit the page dedicated to shipping clothes.

When shipping jewelry and accessories:

  • Always wrap the items in bubble wrap first;
  • Use a larger and a smaller box.

When shipping various types of bags:

  • Use ample amounts of padding to prevent the bag from being squashed, using two boxes is also not a bad idea;
  • Put the bag in a plastic bag first to protect it from dirt;
  • Wrap some bubble wrap around the zipper sliders and straps and secure them in a way that will prevent them from rattling about.

When shipping books, planners, photography books etc.:

  • Wrap the books in packing paper or bubble wrap;
  • Pack hardcovers in a standing position (spine to spine with the fore edges facing the outer walls of the box) or stack them flat;
  • Softcovers should only be stacked vertically;
  • For more tips on packing and shipping books visit our dedicated page.

When shipping toys and games:

  • Always secure the lids on board game boxes with adhesive tape;
  • Vintage pieces and collectibles like dolls and action figures are best off when packed in their original boxes. Wrap these in bubble wrap and put them in another box;
  • Take bigger items apart if you can and wrap them separately or put them in several plastic boxes;
  • When shipping stuffed animals or cloth dolls, use thicker layers of padding to prevent damage if the recipient opens the packaging with a sharp knife;
  • Additional tips are available on a special page.

When shipping works of art, especially paintings:

  • Use the sturdiest boxes you can get in combination with all the protection you can get;
  • Sandwich the paintings between two Styrofoam sheets;
  • Wrap the paintings in glassine paper (acid-free);
  • Protect the corners with cardboard protectors;
  • Wrap the entire artwork in bubble wrap – be generous.

When shipping musical instruments:

  • Loosen the strings on stringed instruments;
  • Use an original case for your instrument together with a cardboard box to ensure maximum protection;
  • Check out our tips for shipping a guitar (also applicable for violins and other smaller instruments).

When shipping bulkier items of cargo such as furniture:

  • While smaller items can be sent in bigger cartons, larger ones need to be shipped as freight. To do this, you can request an individual offer or book a pallet delivery on our page. If not sure that the best possibility would be, contact our logistics specialists;
  • To get to know more about shipping pieces of furniture, you may want to also check our pages dedicated to shipping furniture, outdoor furniture or chairs.

Every shipment transported with our help is automatically insured (up to 200€) while this service is already included in the final delivery price. However, if your items are of more expensive nature, you might want to also opt for additional insurance packages (1000€ or 2000€). Your shipping rate will not increase significantly while your level of stress will certainly decrease quite a bit.

Eurosender – shipping for Etsy sellers as its best

Besides being dedicated to providing customers with the most reliable as well as the cheapest way to ship Etsy items to their buyers, Eurosender has other significant advantages to offer:

  • Immediate quotes. Why would anyone want to spend time comparing the offers of various courier companies? Visit our page, select the route and you will get the best possible offer immediately.
  • European-wide services. Our logistics partners cover almost every place in Europe so we can arrange deliveries to almost any address of your choice, no matter where your buyers live.
  • Full support. The assistance of experienced logistics professionals is only one call or e-mail away.
  • Flexibility. From parcels to cargo and everything in between – ask and we shall organise the delivery.

Is there anything about the services for Etsy shippers that we forgot to mention? Let us know via e-mail or telephone and we will be happy to provide further info. Happy shipping!

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Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping Etsy merchandise. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship any of the above items or anything else sold on Etsy, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.