How to sell Rakuten and organize the shipping

How do I ship goods on Rakuten?

In recent years Rakuten, which means “optimism” in Japanese, has become an important player on the online marketplaces. The company originates from Japan and have the biggest market share in their home country. However, in recent years Rakuten has started expanding and is now the number three online marketplace in the world, only after Amazon and eBay. Rakuten is available in 29 countries, a list that is still expanding so you might ask; what is the best way to sell on Rakuten?

Unfortunately, there is a requirement for opening a Rakuten account in a country. Let’s say that you want to sell your product in Japan and therefore you would like to open a Rakuten page for Japan. Then you are obliged to have a Japanese business entity and bank account. The same goes for any other country in which you want to open a Rakuten account, for example, France or Germany. To summarize, you can only sell goods in the country where the company is located or has a local branch. The local sites can only be used by local customers. (for example, a French citizen cannot buy goods on the Japanese Rakuten site.

Currently, France and Germany are the only countries in Europe where Rakuten is available.

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When you want to ship the goods, you have sold on Rakuten, the Eurosender platform is there to help. With our special system, we will get you the fastest, safest and cheapest option for the delivery of your goods. If you need any further tips for selling on Rakuten, feel free to contact our Customer Support team.

Are you not selling your goods with Rakuten? Check the following selling guides:

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The best way to sell on Rakuten

  1. To find the best way to sell on Rakuten, you first have to create a Rakuten account. Here you need to enter your email, password and other personal details such as address, telephone number and so on. When you have completed the registration, you can move on to the next step.
  2. Set up your payment methods. On Rakuten, one can pay and receive payments by PayPal and Credit card. On this page, you can find more details on payments.
  3. Wait for approval. This can take up anywhere between 3 and 10 business days.
  4. When your account has been approved you are ready to start selling your goods on Rakuten.
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Materials and other tips for selling on Rakuten.

One of the most common questions we get is: How do I ship goods on Rakuten? Well, you can use a range of different packaging materials for shipping your goods in Rakuten. The list below describes the most common used and some alternatives in case you don’t have access to them.

  1. Plastic bag(s), preferably a Ziplock bag. Place the product in the bag so that it won’t get damaged in case of leakage caused by other packages.
  2. Bubble wrap. After you put the product in the Ziplock bag, you can start wrapping it in bubble wrap. Make sure that you use plenty of it and that you don’t feel any sharp edges anymore.
  3. Cardboard box(es) The number depends on the kind of goods you want to ship. When you work with fragile items, it is best to use 3 boxes in consecutive sizes. You place the product in the smallest box and fill up the remaining space with cushioning material (described below). After that you place the first box in the second box and fill it up, you repeat this with the third box and don’t forget to seal each box individually. When working with non-fragile items, usually one box and enough bubble wrap will work.
  4. Cushioning material For example packaging peanuts or shredded paper. This is used to fill up the box(es) and protect the item inside.
  5. Adhesive tape After you fill the box with the cushioning material, you have to seal it with tape.
  6. Scissors or Stanley knife necessary for cutting purposes.
  7. When sending liquids, it is recommended to wrap them in a towel that is big enough to absorb all the liquid in case if damage.
5 Benefits of selling goods on Rakuten
  • No competition of the marketplace itself. Unlike for example Amazon, Rakuten doesn’t sell anything by itself. So, the only competition you have is from other competitors and not from the platform itself.
  • Different kind of customers. Research has shown that the customers who buy on Rakuten differ in behavior and buying patterns from customers from well-known sites such as Amazon or eBay. You will be able to find customers that would otherwise not know about your products.
  • Merchant support. When you open your account at Rakuten, you can get an account manager who can advise you on your sales strategy. But that is not all. Among the other services provided are mailing tools, sales reports and insights and so on.
  • Rapid payments. Rakuten pays the merchants once a week.
  • Personalized online store. Rakuten gives you the possibility to design your custom storefront. Besides that, it is possible to customize things as your URL or your product pages.

Benefits of shipping with Eurosender.

When you want to ship your products with Eurosender, we will be glad to offer you access to the most reliable and affordable courier services of the highest quality. Take a look at some of the benefits Eurosender has to offer.

  • Our friendly Customer Support team is ready to assist you in 15 languages.
  • We can provide you with proof of delivery if needed to assure the best way to sell on Rakuten.
  • Free returns to the shipper if it happens that the delivery was unsuccessful.
  • 24-hour service for national deliveries.
  • We choose the courier company with the best option for you. Among others, we work with companies as DPD, GLS, and DHL.
  • If needed, we can provide you with storage facilities. Contact our Customer Service for more details.
  • Basic insurance of EUR 200 and the possibility of extra insurance up to EUR 2.000

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