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How do I ship goods on Rakuten? Solutions for Rakuten sellers

Originated in Japan, Rakuten has been getting an increasing market share in Europe and is now the 3rd biggest online marketplace worldwide. At Eurosender, we help Rakuten sellers to save the time and effort needed to identify and compare the best shipping rates and the most reliable logistics providers. Get immediate access to the services offered by the most trusted logistics operators in the world and already negotiated quotes to ship items sold on Rakuten to your customers.

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How to sell and ship on Rakuten

  1. Choose your platform. While Rakuten Global works internationally, in Europe, French and German sellers can join the regional divisions.
  2. Register in the platform. You will have to comply with the seller’s conditions.
  3. List your items. Add photographs and descriptions.
  4. Find the right shipping service. Join Eurosender to find the cheapest way of shipping on Rakuten.


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What are the advantages of selling on Rakuten

Reach a buying-oriented public.

Compared to users that visit platforms such as Amazon or eBay, visitors of Rakuten are statistically more prompt to close the deal.

Get merchant support.

When you register on Rakuten, they offer an account manager who will advise you on your sales strategy. You can also get additional services such as mailing tools, sales reports and insights.

Fast payments.

Rakuten pays the merchants once a week.

Personalised online store.

Rakuten gives you the possibility to design your custom storefront, choose the URL and customize product pages.

Rakuten shipping methods

Rakuten Global
Sellers choose their own shipping method. Most stores ship with EMS, a Japanese shipping company.

Rakuten Germany
The platform offers certain options sellers must choose from.

Rakuten France
Sellers can book shipping on their own or choose Rakuten’s default method that can be quite expensive.

Rakuten return policy – How does Rakuten return works?

Each Rakuten reseller defines its own return policies. Every buyer is responsible for checking the seller’s return policy when purchasing an item and then following their instructions whenever a return is needed. In some cases, the Rakuten seller may offer free returns or they may determine a preferred courier company for the buyer to use. Alternatively, turn to Eurosender if you want to return your items in a safe and timely manner. Check the return shipping costs and return items to Rakuten without overpaying.

Check more information about Rakuten returns on the FAQ


International shipping solutions for Rakuten with Eurosender

Rakuten marketplace has severe selling and shipping restrictions. However, if you are selling on Rakuten France or Rakuten Global, booking the delivery of your sold items with us is your strategy to get a higher profit on your Rakuten shop. Sellers can choose their own logistics provider and be reimbursed by Rakuten based on La Post prices, for Rakuten France. Moreover, our portfolio of shipping services can meet any requirement your products may have:
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How to sell and ship on Rakuten FAQ

How does Rakuten work in Europe?
Rakuten marketplace Is currently available in Europe for sellers in Germany and France, as well as through their Global platform. In the UK, Rakuten operates like a coupon page.
Can I offer global delivery on Rakuten marketplace?
If you open a shop on Rakuten Global you can arrange your own Rakuten global delivery. Many stores opt to follow EMS shipping rules and prices, which are non-negotiable.
Can I ship everywhere if I am selling on Rakuten Germany?
From Rakuten Germany, packages can be delivered to Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.
How do I safely pack items sold on Rakuten for shipping?
One of the most common questions we get is: How do I safely ship goods on Rakuten? Well, you can use a range of different packaging materials for shipping your goods in Rakuten. Check our pack and ship guides for more information on how to pack your items sold on Rakuten.
How do I return something to a Rakuten seller?
To find out how the Rakuten return policy works for the specific seller you purchased from, you should read the conditions determined by them. After the item was already purchased, you can read the seller’s return policy in Rakuten by going to your orders on the website, finding the item you want to return and checking the seller’s page. There you will find all the details about how to return the products, who covers the return shipping costs to Rakuten and the delivery time-frame. For any additional help, contact the seller directly.


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