Lost and Found Shipping Services

Fast and reliable lost and found shipping services

Book Lost and Found delivery services with Eurosender and have your lost property or luggage returned from airports, hotels, train or bus stations, theatres, stadiums and more, fast and affordably. Save yourself the hassle and expense of replacing your lost item or retrieving it yourself and let us do it for you with our lost and found shipping services.

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Lost and found shipping: returning lost property from anywhere in the world

Whether you’ve lost it overseas or just in the next town over, follow these easy instructions to locate your lost item and have your lost property or left luggage returned to you safe and sound. Remember to follow these instructions before booking a lost luggage delivery service with Eurosender:

1. Find your lost items – contact the lost and found department of the airport, train station or hotel’s reception desk where you may have lost the item.

2. Verify that you are the owner and ask if they are willing to ship it – you may need to prove this with your ID or a detailed description, depending on the item.

3. Ask for the contact details of a person responsible for the courier to contact to arrange a time for collection.

4. Remember that your item also needs to be packed in order to be shipped. Always check that they are willing to pack the item according to our packing instructions.

5. Book the courier service with Eurosender and let us do the rest. Save on the cost to ship lost and found items from any destination.

6. Be home at the delivery location at the time of delivery and track the progress of your shipment on our tracking tool to have your lost property returned, safe and sound.


Lost luggage and property deliveries with Eurosender

Eurosender has helped many customers reunite with their lost goods by arranging low-cost lost and found deliveries from airports, hotels, theatres, train stations and many different public places all over the world. Discover the best way to have your lost property returned to you with a reliable lost luggage delivery service.
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Providing a correct address for successful lost and found delivery

When arranging lost and found shipping it is essential to provide a complete and correct address. Follow the example below to provide a correct pick-up address when returning your lost property by courier:

  1. Country
    Choose the country of pick-up/delivery
    Ex.: United Kingdom
  2. Name & Surname
    Add the name of the public place followed by the name of the consignee
    Ex.: Kings Cross Visitor Center, (lost property for) Sean Jones
  3. Address
    Fill out the street name in full and the number
    Ex.: Stable Street, 11
  4. Additional info – Optional
    Keep in mind that the courier does not always take this into consideration.
    You could choose to include a reference number or lost and found desk contact here.
  5. Zip code
    Add the zip code, please double check if it’s the right one.
    Ex.: N1C 4AB
  6. Town/city
    Add the full name of the town or city
    Ex.: London
  7. Phone number
    Add the phone number, change the area code if needed
    Ex.: +44(country code) 020 3479 1795

Things to consider when arranging delivery of a lost and found item

After verifying with the airport, hotel or station that they are willing to help and hand over your lost and found item for its delivery by courier, you should take into consideration the following:


Finding the item: Make sure your item is found and that the Lost and Found office workers are willing to prepare your items for collection.
Packing: When the courier comes to pick up your lost item, it should be packed according to our packing instructions for protection. Be sure to inform the contact person at the lost and found desk.
Tracking: When you book a courier service with Eurosender, you can easily track your shipment on our tracking tool, so you always know where your lost item is during transit.
Prohibited and restricted items: Always be 100% sure that your shipment doesn’t contain any prohibited and/or restricted items.


Returning lost property from airports, hotels and stations
with Eurosender

Most lost and found property is returned from train and bus stations and airports. Check out our dedicated pages on lost and found shipping from many destinations:

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FAQ about lost and found shipping services

Will hotels mail or ship lost items?
Some hotels can offer to ship left luggage from their hotel rooms; however, others may charge you for handling and shipping the package. Book your left luggage delivery from a hotel directly with Eurosender and get the solution with the best price-to-performance ratio.
How long do hotels keep lost and found items?
It depends on the hotel’s policy for lost and found items. Some hotels will contact guests when they have found lost property in their rooms. Generally, hotels and hostels will keep lost objects between 30 days and 6 months, up to 2 years if the owner is never found. We recommend you contact the hotel as soon as possible to ship left luggage from a hotel room.
Will hotels ship bulky lost items, and what is the best way to return them within Europe?
Most hotels can arrange a lost luggage delivery service, but in any case, you should always check with them first. If your lost property is rather bulky and you need it turned to you urgently, we recommend to book it through our van delivery service for direct transport within Europe, with no stop-overs.
You can get an instant price on our booking tool.
What is the best way to prepare a delivery of lost luggage for shipping?
When preparing left luggage to be delivered by courier, it is recommended to pack the suitcase inside a cardboard box, instead of shipping the suitcase alone. While it is still possible to ship a suitcase on its own, some couriers may refuse collection. Furthermore, insurance will not cover any damage to the suitcase itself, only its contents. For detailed packing instructions for lost luggage deliveries and excess baggage shipping, see our dedicated page.
How can I find out when my lost and found shipment has been collected and is on its way?
You can easily track the progress of your lost and found shipment on our tracking tool. Once you book the service, you will receive your tracking number by email, which will be active once your item is collected. If you are unsure about the progress of your shipment, or your tracking has stopped for whatever reason, contact our team directly on our 24/7 chat, who will assist you with your lost luggage delivery.
Can I book a lost and found delivery from a cinema theatre?
Yes, the only thing you need to get your lost and found property sent back to you from a cinema or venue is the lost and found office’s complete address and the name of a contact person. Theatres, cinema theatres, opera halls and concert venues usually keep lost and found items for a limited amount of time, so you have better changes of getting your lost property returned if you contact the venue as soon as possible.