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You came home from a recent trip and realized that you had forgotten a valuable item behind at the airport, hotel or train station. It could be a lost wallet at the airport. Or it could be your pair of prescription glasses, your smartphone or even your entire carry-on bag. Thankfully, your items have been found. However, you are unable to go and reclaim them yourself, since you have already traveled back home. Going back would cost a lot of time and money but, on the other hand, your lost and found item is quite valuable to just leave it behind. An answer to this dilemma is Eurosender’s lost and found shipping services.

How to recover lost objects from an airport, train station, hotel and more

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Steps to recover objects left overseas

You might have a lost item in an overseas airport (e.g. lost wallet at the airport, lost suitcase at the airport etc.) or in a hotel, a train station and any other public place. These are the steps to recover objects left overseas.

  1. Find your lost items. Contact the lost and found department of the airport or the other facility in which you lost your items. They will be able to verify whether your items are located there. Some airports offer this service online.
  2. Receive your items’ reference number. Once you track your items and when it is verified that you are their legal owner, you will receive a reference number which can be used to retrieve them.
  3. Verify that the service is possible. Although the lost and found departments of most airports, train stations etc. can hand out items to courier drivers, it is better to verify with them in advance. You will most likely need to send scan and send a copy of your passport to our courier provider. Also, the courier driver will not be able to receive items that are not packed.
  4. Book the lost and found shipping service. For receiving lost and found items by courier you will need to book the lost and found shipping service either by using our booking engine or by requesting an individual offer, as mentioned above. You will need to provide us with the correct collection and delivery addresses.
  5. Be at the delivery location on the specified delivery date to receive your items. We kindly request you to be at the delivery address on the day your items are expected to arrive at your door.

Please, keep in mind that all items should be protected in a cardboard box, along with some cushioning materials. If your lost item is a suitcase, it should be wrapped with a protective plastic film. Learn here how to protect each item. Also, pay attention when inserting the pick-up address. Train stations often have limited storage and, as a result, transfer some lost and found items to a different facility. At the same time, airports are huge. This is why you should provide us with the exact location (within the airport, train station or hotel) in which your items can be reclaimed. Otherwise, the courier driver might fail to pick-up the shipment. To avoid having your order canceled, please provide us with an exact address.

10 common lost and found items

Here are some common items that are found in airports, train stations, hotels and other places with a lot of traffic. The order is random.

  1. Laptops;
  2. Keys;
  3. Cell phones;
  4. Cameras;
  5. Wallets;
  6. Sunglasses;
  7. Shoes;
  8. Suitcases;
  9. Jackets;
  10. Scarves.

Book the service through Eurosender!

Eurosender is a platform for booking logistics services in Europe. Many of our customers use our engine to retrieve a lost and found item, such as a smartphone or a laptop, from a hotel, an airport or a train station. That is because they are aware that:

  • Our courier services are very affordable;
  • We collaborate with some of the most reputable logistics companies in Europe;
  • Our customer support team offers free guidance throughout the whole process.


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