Megabus Luggage Allowance 2024 and Logistics Alternatives

Megabus luggage policy | Door-to-door shipping alternatives

Megabus is an intercity coach company operating in the US, Canada, the UK, and it has lately been expanding its service into continental Europe. Check the details about Megabus baggage allowance and find the best alternative shipping solution for your overweight luggage. Ship any extra luggage worldwide with Eurosender and travel light on Megabus buses.

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Megabus luggage allowance: how much luggage can you take on Megabus?

When travelling with Megabus, it’s important to be familiar with their luggage rules to avoid expensive extra charges.

  • Passengers can take one piece of luggage (length + width + height should not exceed 62 inches/200 cm and should not weigh more than 50 pounds/20 kg) if they purchase general seating tickets or standard reserved seats. If you need to take a piece of extra luggage, you should purchase an additional ticket in advance.
  • Passengers who purchase a socially distanced seat can bring a second piece of luggage.
  • Megabus allows you to bring one piece of carry-on luggage, which must fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead storage compartment.


What is the bike policy on Megabus?

According to the Conditions of carriage of Megabus, standard adult bikes are not allowed on their busses because they exceed the maximum dimensions of Megabus luggage policy. If folding bikes and small children’s bikes meet the Megabus luggage allowance, they can be brought on the bus. According to the bike policy of Megabus, they must be securely stowed in a bag or box in the designated luggage area. Before boarding, we recommend you to contact Megabus and ask about the bike policy for the specific journey.

Alternatively, you can ship your bike with Eurosender and enjoy the ride with Megabus without carrying the bike or overweight luggage.


Door-to-door luggage delivery service

Do you want to take more suitcases with you than the Megabus luggage policy allows? No problem! Eurosender offers a wide variety of reliable and affordable door-to-door luggage delivery services which enable you to ship your suitcases or any other baggage worldwide instead of lugging them around.

By shipping luggage with Eurosender from your home to any desired destination (a hotel, a student dormitory, an island, etc…), you can enjoy travelling with Megabus without worrying that Megabus may refuse your luggage or charge you extra fees. We recommend you to book the pick-up of your luggage at least two days before your planned trip.

Important: While some courier companies accept suitcases for shipping, it is highly recommended to use cardboard boxes as the final packaging. Please bear in mind in certain countries, the courier company may refuse to take suitcases that are not properly packed in cardboard boxes. For specific information about your desired route, please contact our support team via chat.


Affordable and flexible alternatives to travel on Megabus with extra luggage

Whether you are travelling with a bike or a huge suitcase, Eurosender can save you the trouble of adhering to the Megabus
luggage policy. Discover the broad range of services and select the one that best suits your needs:
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Advantages of shipping extra luggage with Eurosender when travelling with Megabus

When you decide to ship your luggage, musical instruments, or sports equipment with Eurosender, you benefit from many advantages:

Instant prices in our booking tool

Fast delivery to any destination

Real-time assistance from logistics experts

Basic insurance included in the price


My luggage was lost on Megabus. What can I do?

You must report the loss of luggage immediately to a Company Official present at the time and also to the customer services team of Megabus. They will do their best to locate your lost luggage. Megabus maximum liability for any loss of property is £500 (approx. 680 USD) in the event of negligence on the part of Megabus. However, Megabus will not cover the loss of currency, cheques, passports, driving licenses, certificates, expensive electronic devices, jewellery, and similar valuable items that should always be carried on a person.

Finding someone’s lost luggage on Megabus: If you find lost luggage on a Megabus, you must hand it to the driver. The owner will have to prove that the item belongs to him in order to claim it back. If the lost property is not claimed within one month, Megabus becomes its owner and can dispose or sell it with the proceeds donated to charity.


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FAQ about Megabus luggage policy

How strict is Megabus with luggage?
Megabus luggage rules are relatively strict, but the amount of luggage you can take might also depend on the specific route. If the bus is full of passengers, the driver of the Megabus will probably refuse any overweight luggage. If the bus on your route is not very crowded, you may be allowed to take an additional duffle bag or suitcase without any problem.
Does Megabus weigh luggage?
The drivers do not weigh every bag individually. However, according to the Megabus luggage policy, you can carry one piece of luggage weighing up to 20 kg (50 pounds) plus one small piece of hand luggage per person. If your luggage is clearly too large or heavy, Megabus might refuse to accept the overweight luggage.
What to do if my suitcase exceeds the Megabus luggage allowance?
If your baggage exceeds the Megabus luggage allowance, the best solution is to ship it with Eurosender. Not only you will avoid the possible extra charges and the refusal of overweight luggage, but you will also spare yourself some muscle sore and frustration.
How to pack the luggage for the door-to-door delivery before travelling with Megabus?
In case your extra baggage exceeds the Megabus baggage allowance, and you want to ship it with our door-to-door delivery, it is important to pack it properly. Check out our detailed guides for packing and shipping several different items. Please be aware that couriers may refuse the collection of items that are insufficiently packaged. In such cases, the insurance also does not apply in case of loss or damage to the shipment.
Can I bring pets on Megabus?
According to the Megabus luggage rules, pets are not allowed on Megabus coaches apart from trained service animals for passengers with disabilities. They travel free of charge at any time.
What are the prohibited items according to Megabus luggage policy?
According to the Megabus luggage policy, some items cannot be carried under any circumstances for safety reasons. The list of prohibited items includes but is not limited to frozen food, fresh meat/poultry/fish, rechargeable batteries or accumulators, explosives, ammunition, weapons, and combustible or otherwise hazardous materials, including petrol.
The information above is the result of online research conducted in October 2021. For more information about Megabus luggage policy, we strongly recommend checking the bus company’s official website.