Megabus luggage policy and what you need to know.

What I need to know about the Megabus luggage policy

Megabus is a budget intercity coach operator in North America and the UK links over 90 locations and their modern coaches carry more than 5 million passengers a year. In 2016 Megabus Europe was acquired by Flixbus and through their combined European network, they can now offer more than 300,000 daily connections to over 2,000 destinations throughout Europe.

Even when traveling by bus, you cannot always take everything you want on board. It all depends on the bus luggage policy. Shipping your items instead of carrying them with you can be a better option. Think of items that weigh over 20kg or sports equipment like a bike, skis or a surfboard. Don’t bother yourself with the hassle of carrying these things around from the bus to the airport to the final destination. Book a courier with Eurosender to ship your luggage up front.

Megabus luggage allowance

What is Megabus luggage policy:

  • You can have a bag (or more bags), that does not weigh more than 20kg and the maximum size of a single bag (or all smaller bags together) does not exceed 200cm (width + height + depth).
  • Along with this, you can also take a piece of small hand luggage on board with you.

If you’re traveling between Glasgow and London, you may be charged £5 per piece for excess baggage. According to the bus luggage policy, the fee may vary depending on the route and time of travel.

According to the bus luggage policy, normal adult bicycles are unlikely to meet the luggage requirements and cannot be carried on Megabus’ coaches while folding or small children’s bicycles can. Of course, if they meet Megabus luggage requirements.

You may be able to bring your skis/snowboards provided they are in suitable protective packaging and meet the requirements of Megabus luggage policy.

Let us help you even more:

Make it easy on yourself and book a courier upfront

But what if the luggage you want to bring exceeds these dimensions or weight? The costs rise with every item that you want to take with you. The fees for extra-baggage, for oversized or overweight baggage, can add up quickly and turn a cheap trip into quite an expensive one, and we don’t even mention the sore muscles and frustration …

Eurosender provides an alternative by offering access to affordable shipping services. You will save the time by avoiding the hassle of carrying your luggage around and keep your travel costs low.

Choose the pick-up and delivery countries, the number of packages and their weight.

You will be provided with the best available offer.

Fill in the form with your details and pay for the service.

Get informed on how to pack your items for shipping

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By following these steps and filling out all information about the parcel or item you want to ship, Eurosender can find you the best courier for shipping your luggage ahead so you don’t have to occupy yourself with it. Fast and reliable! You can trust us since we’ve decided to work only with Europe’s biggest couriers like DHL, GLS, DPD, etc. Do you already have a particular question on shipping with Eurosender or questions in general? Please follow the following link and speak to one of our agents.

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Before you start shipping your luggage to your final destination, please check:

  • Avoid stress and ship at least two days in advance.
  • The dimensions of your parcel by using our dimension tool. We recommend you request an individual offer when your parcel is too big or when you are sending multiple?
  • The list with prohibited items to ship.

Check the dimensions of your parcel

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Why use Eurosender to ship luggage?

Eurosender provides:

  • The most reliable logistics companies, because we believe that “safety comes first”.
  • You with a tracking number for your shipment. In this way, you will know where it is located.
  • You with top-notch customer service for all your questions.
  • You with basic insurance (up to 200€) without extra charge. Extra insurance can be purchased at a very low price.
  • Door-to-door services, no need to leave the comfort of your own house.
  • The best prices for our customers.

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