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Reserve a van with a driver to move a couch across Europe in the shortest possible timeframe. Choose our sofa courier service and get preparation tips to help you before moving a sofa by van. Get a free instant quote in the booking tool above for reliable international couch moving companies.


Van Delivery – how to move or transport a sofa without hassle!

With our Van Courier Service, you can transport a couch quickly and safely to most European destinations. We have created a platform that compares rates offered by various sofa moving companies in an instant! You will get a dedicated van that will move your sofa and deliver it in 24-48h.
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How to pack a sofa or couch for moving by van

There are no restrictive packaging requirements when moving a sofa with our Van Delivery Service. To ensure maximum safety during your couch courier service, we do still recommend checking our packing tips below on how to move or transport a sofa by van:

  • Remove the cushions and coverings. Clean them by washing or vacuuming, then pack separately for transport.
  • Disassemble the sofa if possible. Check if the feet can be removed, as this may make it easier to move the couch through door frames.
  • Cover the sofa completely with a large dust sheet or plastic protective covering to prevent the upholstery from getting scratched or damaged.

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Booking a van to move a sofa

When booking a sofa courier service through Eurosender, you do not have to wait days for a quote. We provide instant price calculations from various sofa moving companies based on the size of your load and your desired route. Follow these steps to schedule your couch courier service:


Select the pick-up and delivery countries in our booking tool


Provide the pick-up and delivery address details


Choose a van type and any additional services you may need


Provide the details of your cargo, such as measurements and value


Select your preferred pick-up date and add contact information


Proceed to payment and prepare for pick-up!


Door-to-door couch courier service

You can select the addresses where you want your load to be collected and delivered. Your sofa will be moved by van directly from the pick-up to the delivery address. Let us know during the booking process if you need help from the couch moving company to load or unload the items.
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How to move a couch or sofa in internationally Europe

Book a van through our platform to move your couch in Europe, and let us take the weight off your shoulders. Our Van Delivery Service is the ideal solution for moving large or heavy sofas. Have your sofa and other items transported almost anywhere with our experienced and professional couch courier services.
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Sofa courier services for individuals and businesses

We serve both private and business needs through a vast network of reliable and affordable couch moving companies. Getting a quote is instant with our booking tool, but you can always contact us if you need a personalised sofa courier service.

Couch courier services for businesses

We have a team of dedicated logistics specialists who take care of the details of each van shipment. When you book a sofa courier service with us, we will handle all the communication with the carriers on your behalf, saving you time and effort.

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FAQ on how to move or transport a couch by van

Is it worth moving a couch using courier services or should I buy a new couch?
There are a couple of factors to consider when deciding whether or not to move a couch using courier services. A sofa is an important piece of furniture for day-to-day living, so if yours is particularly comfortable or if it is of sentimental value, you may want to consider moving it to your new home instead of parting with it. We offer safe and convenient sofa courier services that can transport almost any kind of couch, as long as it fits inside the vehicle.
Is it safe to move a sofa by myself?
It is not recommended to try to move a sofa on your own because you risk injuring yourself. You can ask a friend or neighbour to help you with lifting. If you manage to borrow or buy a furniture dolly, this will make moving a sofa much easier. If you are moving a couch to another location by van, an extra pair of hands would come in very handy for loading and unloading.
Are there different van sizes for moving or transporting a sofa?
We offer two types of vans for moving couches across Europe:
  • Box van: 465 x 165 x 180 cm or 13 cubic metres and 1000 kg capacity
  • Curtain-side van: 410 x 210 x 230 cm or 19 cubic metres and 1000 kg capacity (with tail-lift only 700 kg)
Longer couches can be placed diagonally to fit inside the vehicle. Measure the dimensions carefully so that we can arrange the right van and couch moving company for your requirements.
Do Eurosender sofa courier companies operate in all areas?
We work with a wide network of couch courier companies throughout Europe to make it easier and more affordable for you to move or transport a sofa. Collections can be organised within 2-3 hours in most European urban centres, with fast and direct delivery to the chosen destination.
How much does it cost to move a couch by van?
The cost for international couch moving services with our Van Delivery option starts at 0.48€/km. Insert your shipping details in our booking tool above to get an immediate quote for transporting or moving a couch. Charges for using ferries or toll-paying tunnels are not included in the platform quote.
What is the best way to move a couch in Europe?
If you are wondering how to move or transport a large couch in the best way, consider booking a dedicated van. With this service, you get an entire vehicle reserved for your load. This makes it the safest and most efficient sofa courier service. When moving a sofa to a different location by van, clean and remove any movable parts to prevent damage in transit.
What is the cheapest way to move a sofa in Europe?
Couches are heavy items that usually cannot be disassembled. Van Delivery is the ideal solution for moving or transporting a whole sofa internationally in Europe at a cheap rate. With Eurosender, you can rest assured that your request will always be matched with the most affordable couch courier service. Check the price for transporting or moving a couch in our booking tool.
Will the couch courier company provide packaging materials?
Currently, the sofa courier companies we work with do not provide any packaging materials. In any case, when you book Van Delivery to move or transport a couch internationally in Europe, you do not have to follow any particular packaging rules. You can use materials you find at home to protect your couch during transport, such as blankets or sheets.