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Move heavy items to your new home with a dedicated van service and let Eurosender take the hassle out of your relocation. Check our guide on how to transport heavy objects and follow the preparation tips recommended by our logistics experts. Book your heavy item moving service using the pricing tool above, and leave the rest to us!


Van Delivery – the best way to move heavy objects!

With Van Delivery, you get a dedicated and direct service that transports only your goods. Our platform instantly compares the rates of more than 3,500 heavy item movers so that you get the best rate. Use our express moving service for heavy items to relocate all your belongings anywhere in Europe in just 24-48h.
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How to move heavy items by van

Booking a heavy item moving service with Eurosender is so easy! Follow the steps below to place your order in less than 5 minutes:


Select the pick-up and delivery countries in our booking tool


Provide the pick-up and delivery address details


Choose a van type and any additional services you may need


Provide the details of your cargo, such as measurements and value


Select your preferred pick-up date and add contact information


Proceed to payment and prepare for pick-up!


How to prepare heavy objects for transport

There are no specific packing guidelines for our Van Service, meaning that you will have complete control over how your heavy items will be loaded and arranged in the moving van. If you are unsure what the best way would be to move your heavy objects, you can follow the general guidelines below to help you get the most out of your heavy item moving service:

  • Disassemble and remove detachable parts, cover in bubble wrap, and pack separately in cardboard boxes. Alternatively, wrap the detached parts in moving blankets.
  • You can label the separate parts to help with reassembly later.
  • Protect the heavy item by covering it with bubble wrap or moving blankets. Secure the wrapped bundle with ropes or straps.
  • Don’t try to lift or move heavy objects on your own. Get help from 2-4 people for the heavy lifting, depending on the size of the item.
  • Dollies or hand trucks can be very useful for moving heavy items to the van.

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How to transport heavy objects during a relocation

Whether relocating locally or internationally, trust Eurosender to find you the best movers for your heavy items and other objects you may wish to transport in the van.
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How to move heavy items as a business

We have a team of dedicated logistics specialists who arrange the details of every van shipment. When you book a heavy item moving service with us, we will handle all the communication with the carriers on your behalf, saving you time and effort.

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FAQ on how to move or transport heavy objects

Should I hire heavy item movers or move the items myself?
Deciding whether to hire heavy item movers or move the objects yourself largely depends on your budget and how far away the destination is. If you book your heavy item moving service with Eurosender, you can benefit from the lowest price for your needs thanks to our booking engine, which instantly compares thousands of heavy item mover rates to get you the best option and make your relocation as smooth as possible.
Check our relocation guides for more information about your move.
What is the best and easiest way to move heavy objects?
If you are wondering how to move or transport heavy objects in the best way, the answer is Van Delivery! You get an entire vehicle reserved for moving your heavy items, with direct transport from collection to delivery. This minimises the risk of loss or damage since your items do not stop at carrier warehouses for sorting or vehicle transfers. With Eurosender, moving heavy items to a different location by van is easy to book online through our logistics platform.
How much does it cost to move heavy items?
The cost of moving heavy items varies depending on the distance. When shipping large items through our platform, you can also purchase additional services, such as help with loading or unloading and a tail-lift. Contact us via chat if you need any assistance or advice on how to transport heavy objects in the best way.
What can I buy to move heavy items?
There are various pieces of moving equipment you could use, depending on the type of heavy item you are moving. Examples of some types of equipment used for moving heavy items include:
  • Sliders
  • Rollers
  • Moving straps
  • Moving blankets
  • Dolly or hand truck
You can also try borrowing this equipment from people you know who have relocated or who have access to them at work to save yourself some money!
How do I move heavy objects without a forklift?
Having a forklift can be very helpful for moving heavy items, but it is not essential. If you are wondering how to move heavy items at home without special equipment, you can place moving mats or strong cardboard sheets underneath the heavy object. This way, you will be able to push or slide the heavy objects without leaving any scratches on the floor.
For loading the item into the vehicle, the best alternative is to hire a van with a tail-lift, so you don't have to worry about the lifting part. Please let us know during the booking process if you will require a tail-lift so we can arrange it beforehand.
Is insurance included in the heavy item moving service?
Yes, when you book a van for moving heavy items, the price quoted online in our booking tool will already include basic coverage. Extended liability is also available; please send us a message via chat to discuss your insurance options or read more on our page about freight insurance. The heavy item movers we work with provide one of the safest modes of shipping as your load is transported straight to the delivery address.