Learn how to dispose of an old couch with courier services

A sofa is a very common and essential piece of furniture practically in every home and office. However, it sometimes happens that you need to move a sofa to another apartment or wonder how to dispose of an old couch. Regardless of the reason, you can take advantage of shipping services and send a couch via courier wherever needed. Eurosender is right here to offer the most affordable cost of moving a couch abroad and domestically. Moreover, we have prepared tips on how to dismantle a sofa accordingly and guidelines for wrapping a couch for moving. This article will help you to pack a sofa properly and book shipping services for safe transportation of your couch.

Check the cost of moving a couch abroad and domestically

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Shipping a couch with courier services is beneficial for you as it allows saving the most precious resource – time. Meanwhile, you will also get a chance to save money as Eurosender offers the most affordable and the most reliable way to ship a couch. You will be able to check the price instantly when booking shipping services on our platform. Just enter the shipment details to find out the cost of moving a couch abroad or domestically.

Once you decide to send a couch via courier, it is necessary to take care of a few essential things.

  1. Prepare a couch for transportation. The first and the most important thing you need to do is to prepare a couch for transportation. In most cases, you will have to dismantle a sofa and follow the guidelines for wrapping a couch for moving.
  2. Check the dimensions of your shipment. When your couch is properly packed, you will have to take measures and insert them in the Shipment Size Checker below. This online tool will define which type of shipping service would be appealing for you. As sofas and couches are usually bulky and heavy items, you will have to ask for an individual offer on our website by providing the exact shipment details.
  3. Check whether you need to print a shipping label. In rare cases, you will have to print and attach a shipping label by yourself. Anyway, you will be informed about this in the e-mail after your order is confirmed.
  4. Place an order in good time. If you want your shipment to be collected on a specific date, it is better to book shipping services in advance. This will help to avoid unnecessary delays and other issues associated with the pick-up and delivery processes.

Whether you want to know the cost of moving a couch abroad or simply want to ask about furniture removals, contact our friendly logistics experts for more information.

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Why you should send a couch via courier

Couches and other pieces of furniture are usually very heavy and bulky, so standard shipping services are not always suitable for such items. However, Eurosender offers a range of services to transport non-standard shipments and provides supplementary benefits.

  • Relocation and Removals. Whether you are moving a house or plan an office relocation soon, Eurosender is there to help you by providing services for international removals to any country. It is possible to ship multiple items at affordable prices, so this option is suitable even for those who are on a budget. As Eurosender cooperates with global logistics companies, you will be able to get a special offer. There is no need to compare prices of various removal services as our platform will choose the most affordable cost of moving a couch abroad or domestically.
  • Dedicated Van Delivery Service. Whether you are heading off for settling in a new house or business premises, or starting a new semester at a foreign university, and are looking for the fastest way to move your furniture and personal belongings, Eurosender offers a dedicated van delivery service. Your items will be picked up at one time and transported directly to the indicated address. This dedicated van delivery service is booked exactly for you, which means no space sharing with someone else’s belongings in the transit. Before transportation, the driver will make sure your items are properly placed and secured inside the dedicated van.
  • Your shipment is insured. When you book shipping services via Eurosender platform, you get basic insurance by default. You may opt for extra insurance package available at extremely low rates. Consider that insurance might not be applicable to vintage and antique furniture pieces as those are usually the items of high sentimental and monetary value.

Wrapping a couch for moving with packaging materials

A couch is usually an expensive item, so it is better to take all measures to ensure its safety during transportation. For that reason, you will need to take the following packaging materials and other supplementary items.

  • A pallet – it is needed for shipping large and heavy pieces of furniture such as a couch.
  • Cardboard scrap – the pieces of cardboard are needed to cover the pallet and protect the edges of a couch.
  • Shrink wrap – it helps to keep a sofa from dirt and moisture during transportation.
  • Plastic bags – they are necessary for storing smaller pieces and details.
  • Moving blankets – for covering a couch.
  • Bands – to secure the parts of the couch to prevent them from shifting around.
  • Bubble wrap and foam wrap – to cover fragile parts and items.
  • Adhesive tape – to secure packaging materials.
  • Straps – to secure a couch to the pallet.

Tips on how to dismantle a sofa

If you are unsure how to disassemble a couch before transportation, check the following tips on how to dismantle a sofa properly.

  1. Clean your couch. Take care of your couch before transportation: clean fabric with a rag and polish any wooden or metal parts.
  2. Take pillows away. If there are any pillows on a sofa, take them away and cover with shrink wrap.
  3. Disassemble a couch. Remove any detachable parts from your sofa. If there are any small screws and bolts, put them in a plastic bag and write a brief reminder for those who will reassemble a couch. It is necessary to specify which details correspond to the particular parts of the sofa.
  4. Protect a couch. Cover a couch with a shrink wrap and moving blankets. Secure them with adhesive tape if necessary.
  5. Prepare a pallet. In case you need a pallet, you can buy one in a stationary store or ask if there are any in a supermarket. In any case, you need to make sure that the pallet is sturdy enough. Put the pieces of cardboard on the bottom of the pallet before putting a couch on it.
  6. Place a couch on a pallet. Put a couch on a pallet and secure it with bands and straps safely. Make sure that a couch in immobile on a pallet.
The best couch removal services with Eurosender

A sofa is an integral part of the interior because it creates a cosy and comfortable atmosphere. When it happens that you need to move a couch to another place, you should better send a couch via courier. We have already helped hundreds of customers with sofa transportation. Here are the most typical reasons for moving a couch from one location to another.

  • Office relocation. Companies tend to grow and get bigger these days. Thus, it is not surprising that you need more space to work together with your team. Eurosender will offer the most affordable cost of moving a couch abroad or domestically.
  • Moving house. When you are moving a house or need to immigrate to another city, it is difficult to take all the personal belongings with you. International removals with Eurosender will help you with the relocation.
  • Shipping a couch from Voga. Thanks to its Scandinavian design and reasonable prices, Voga has become a well-known brand. Many people choose to buy couches and other furniture items in Voga, but they also have to take care of its transportation. Eurosender will help you to arrange the shipping services from Voga.
  • Shipping from IKEA. Eurosender will also help you to ship furniture items from IKEA.
  • Couch disposal. In case you need to know how to dispose of an old couch, it is possible to ship it via courier to a recycling centre or send it to a new owner.
  • Restoring a couch. If you need to renovate your couch upholstery, send it to a workshop with shipping services.

Do you consider that something is lacking on this page? Or do you want to know more about couch transportation? Contact our friendly support team agents and they will be glad to assist you.