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Organise the transportation of your car to Spain with the support of our logistics experts. Thanks to our network of international car hauliers, we offer personalised car shipping services to and from Spain connecting any destination in Europe. Send us the shipping requirements and your vehicle details to receive a custom quote for a car delivery service in Spain.
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Why choose our shipping services for car and vehicles to Spain

Personalised car transportation service
Door-to-door vehicle transportation
Reliable car hauliers in Spain and Europe

How to transport a car by road to and from Spain

Depending on your specific needs and on the number of vehicles you have to transport, you can choose between different car shipping services to Spain. Check the most common car transport services in Spain and find the best option for your needs.

What is the best car transport option to Spain?

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Enclosed car

Single car

Multiple car

Car carrier


The best car shipping services to Spain

With many years of experience in the logistics industry, we are proud to always find the best car transport solution to Spain to meet your company needs. Use your personal dashboard to check your orders and organise all your shipments.
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How to prepare your car before shipping to Spain

To organise safe transport of your car to or from Spain and avoid inconvenience or delays, make sure to follow our checklist.

Wash the car and remove all personal belongings

Condition check
Check the fuel and fluid levels and the conditions of the engine

Prepare all the documents required

Take photographs of the vehicle before the transport as proof

What you need to know when importing a car to Spain

When you organise a car transport service to import your vehicle to Spain, it is important to keep in mind that the shipper is responsible for taking care of all the importing documentation.

Check the laws and prepare the documents
Before importing your car to Spain, it is important to check the legislation and prepare all the documents required: certificate of conformity, the vehicle datasheet and proof of ownership.
Pay taxes and VAT
To import a car to Spain, you will need to pay customs duties and VAT, depending on the vehicle and the country of origin. You will also be required to pay registration and circulation taxes.
Register the vehicle
After you import the car to Spain, you will need to register the vehicle at the specific office, providing all the required documents and proof of taxes payment.


Additional shipping services

Depending on the reason why you book a transport service for your car or another vehicle to Spain, you may need other
shipping services to send other items or personal belongings. Thanks to our platform, you can instantly find the best solution for yourself.

How to book a car transport service in Spain

Shipping a car to and from Spain is easy thanks to Eurosender: our logistics experts will find the best service and car haulier in Spain for your specific needs. Send us all the following data using the button below, and you will receive a personalised quote via email in the shortest time possible.

  • Pick-up and delivery addresses
  • Make, model and year of the vehicle
  • Type of transport required
  • Other specific requirements or requests

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FAQs about car shipping services to and from Spain

How much does it cost to transport a car to Spain?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide a standard price for transporting a car to Spain because each delivery is fully tailored to the shipper's requirements. The car transport costs are specific to the type of car being transported, the total distance between pick-up and delivery, the type of transport being used (enclosed transport, container shipping, etc), and any other specific requirement. We are happy to provide fully tailored quotes and adapt the service to best serve your needs. Send us the transportation details and get your personalised quote.
Can I take my UK car to Spain?
Yes, you can ship your UK car and import the vehicle to Spain, even after Brexit. All you have to do is request a quote with us and our experts will take care of all the transportation details to take your UK car to Spain. Check our section about importing a car to Spain and the local legislation to prepare all the documents required to import your car from the UK to Spain.
Can I take my car when I move to Spain?
Yes, it is entirely possible to take your car when moving to Spain for work or study reasons. Make sure of preparing the car following our checklist above and book a door-to-door car shipping service to Spain to travel stress-free during your relocation. When relocating to Spain, we recommend booking a Van delivery service to move all your belongings to your new home at once. The Van Service is perfect for relocations because it is a direct and dedicated transport.
Is there a transport insurance when shipping vehicles to Spain?
Yes, when you organise a car shipping service to Spain with Eurosender, the transport is insured following your requirements. We recommend choosing the enclosed car shipping service, which is the optimal solution to avoid damages during the transport of your vehicle to Spain. Regardless of your requirements, our experts will find the best solution for safe car transport to Spain.
Can I send my car to Spain from other countries in Europe?
You can organise a car transport service to Spain from France, Germany, the UK or any other country in Europe. On our platform you can book vehicle transportation services in all European countries, Spain included. Our vast network of reliable car hauliers will collect your car from pick-up Country and transport the vehicle by road to Spain.
What type of vehicles can I transport to Spain?
Our logistics experts can organise the transportation of any kind of vehicle to and from Spain. Whether you are relocating and want to take your car with you or you are looking for the best solution to transport a campervan or a motorcycle to Spain for your holidays, ask our experts for a custom quote.