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Secure shipping with our enclosed vehicle transport solution

Transport your vehicle with peace of mind, knowing it is being handled by experts in the field. We work with a network of carefully selected enclosed vehicle transport companies, offering covered car hauling solutions in Europe, including local and international deliveries in the UK. Request a shipping quote using the button below, and we will prepare a fully customised shipping quote for your covered car transport service.
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Why choose our covered car hauling service

Service adapted for your requirements

Fully insured vehicle shipping service

Fast delivery with tracking included


Single-car enclosed transport

Minimise the risks of relocating your vehicle. With our enclosed auto transport service, your car will be transported in a dedicated van or truck. Since it will not share the space with other vehicles or cargo, this service grants higher protection during transit. The single-car enclosed transport service is strongly recommended for moving prestigious, exotic, and unique cars.

Attributes of the covered car transport service

See below the main characteristics of our enclosed auto transport service:

  • Direct transport service, without stop-overs
  • Short delivery time, on average between 24-48h within Europe
  • Fully covered transport vehicle for higher protection
  • Basic insurance included; additional coverage scalable to your needs
  • Collection during the week, or weekends upon agreement
  • Delivery possible even in remote locations
  • Fully door-to-door transport delivered directly to you


On-demand enclosed vehicle transport

All our enclosed car shipping quotes are prepared and calculated based on each order’s individual requirements. We are fully aware that special vehicles often require additional features such as ramps for low clearance cars, longer trucks to accommodate classic vehicles, and much more. After you send us the specific details and needs of your delivery, we will reach out to multiple transporters to find the solution that best matches your request.

Use the form below to send us all relevant information about your vehicle, and we will prepare your enclosed car shipping quote as quickly as possible.


How to prepare your vehicle for the enclosed auto transport

We recommend going through the following checklist when booking a covered car transport service:

  • Clearing: Remove all personal belongings from the vehicle
  • Condition check: Check the fuel and fluids levels and take notes of the overall performance
  • Documentation: Prepare all documents required, especially if it is a sale
  • Proof: Take photographs of your car before the transport to serve as evidence

Main differences between open vs enclosed auto transport

If you are in doubt when choosing between open vs enclosed auto transport, we have prepared a short summary with some of the key differences between each service.

FeatureEnclosed car transportOpen car shipping
SafetyHigher security and protectionNo protection against debris and bad weather conditions
Shipment sizeCan transport up to 3 vehicles per shipmentMay carry several vehicles at once
ExclusivityExclusive and direct shipping serviceIt may be arranged via groupage
CostHigher cost per shipmentMore affordable solution
Additional advantageSpecialist solutions available for luxury vehiclesHigher fuel efficiency for multiple vehicle transport

To summarise, enclosed vehicle transport is a premium solution recommended especially when shipping valuable vehicles such as luxury cars, classic vehicles, racing cars, prototypes, etc. If you are looking for higher protection, this service is the correct answer for you.


FAQ – Covered car transport service in Europe and the UK

How much does it cost to ship a car enclosed?
The price for booking a covered car hauling service will be calculated based on your specific requirements. Once you send your request, our specialists will calculate how much it costs to ship your car using the enclosed vehicle transport based on the model of the car, the pick-up and delivery locations, the urgency of the delivery, and any special requirements you may have.
Request your shipping quote, and we will contact you within a couple of hours to arrange your delivery.
Is enclosed vehicle transport worth the price?
For most cases, yes. The covered car transport service is mainly used for shipping valuable cars, for which case the cost of a potential repair due to damage during transit makes it worth paying for a premium transport solution.
If you are not sure what is the best shipping alternative for your vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact our logistics specialists. We will advise you on the right solution for your needs, whether that is an open or enclosed auto transport service.
Can I only book enclosed transport for single cars? What if I need to transport several vehicles?
In most cases, our customers have used the enclosed transport for moving single cars since it is the option that provides most safety. However, if you specifically need to transport two or three cars at once, we can still arrange an enclosed auto transport solution for you.
Since our covered car hauling services are always organised on-demand, we are able to tailor it to your needs, whatever that may be.
How does the shipping insurance work when booking an enclosed auto transport?
All our enclosed vehicle transport solutions include basic insurance coverage. However, its value will depend on each order and its specific requirements. Reach out to our experts to know all transport insurance options available for your delivery when requesting an enclosed car shipping quote.