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Payment options

How can the receiver of the package pay for the service?

In order for the receiver to pay for the service, he/she needs to be the one placing the order. This is because the payment process is part of the order and only once the payment has been processed can the courier service be confirmed.

Can I change the courier company in charge of the delivery?

Eurosender system automatically selects the courier company that offers the best price and highest quality of service for the selected route. If you wish to ship your items with a different courier company than the one assigned by our system, an extra charge will apply. To check the possibility of changing the courier company, send an email to help@eurosender.com and our customer support team will inform you about the possible scenarios.

Can I pay cash on delivery?

There is no option for cash upon delivery. The payment methods available are a secure credit card payment, payment through PayPal secure payment system or payment through bank transfer. All our payment methods are secured by GeoTrust SSL certificates and are explained in our payment section.