Marcela Neves

Hello! I'm Marcela from Recife, Brazil and I'm part of the Marketing team. Animals, travelling and radical sports are things that I'm completely in love with, besides working in Eurosender of course.

Erasmus Life in Germany with HousingAnywhere
Marcela Neves
5 months ago

Moving to Germany with HousingAnywhere and Eurosender Travelling broadens a person’s horizons. And that is precisely why discovering new cultures and new places is so vital for human beings. If you love to travel and want to do an Erasmus or start your professional life abroad, put Germany on your ”must go” list. The country …

Is Erasmus Worth It?
Marcela Neves
7 months ago

Is Erasmus worth it? Students always hear about the importance of Erasmus and the beautiful experience that it is, whether as a bachelor’s, master’s student, or even an intern. People are continually sharing experiences about their mobility period abroad in Erasmus, and you always wanted to be the next one to share this experience. So …

Explorando Flandes y Bruselas con Erasmus en Flandes
Marcela Neves
9 months ago

Explorando Flandes y Bruselas con Erasmus en Flandes ¿Alguna vez has pensado en viajar o hacer un Erasmus en una región de gran riqueza gastronómica, cultural y artística? ¡Ahora es más fácil que nunca! Conoce y enamórate de la región de Flandes y Bruselas, en Bélgica, a través de nuestros nuevos socios Erasmus en Flandes. …

Exploring Flanders Region with Erasmus en Flandes
Marcela Neves
9 months ago

Exploring Flanders and Brussels Region with Erasmus en Flandes Have you ever thought of travelling for Erasmus or your dream trip in a region that exudes in art, culture, culinary and even more? Now it has become easier to happen. Get to know and fall in love for the region of Flanders, in Belgium, through …

Are Clearance Agents in Foreign Trade Necessary?
Marcela Neves
4 months ago

Customs and Clearing Agents on foreign trade Indispensable to national security and fair trade, Customs is part of the very concept of the State. By allowing only the goods permitted by law to enter the Country, customs control guarantees sovereignty. Nonetheless, it is common to doubt what the Customs would be and who is part …

All You Need to Know About Shipping ADR Dangerous Goods
Marcela Neves
3 months ago

Is the carriage of hazardous goods allowed? And how? Lucky for you, yes. Thanks to the so-called ADR, the transport of dangerous goods by road is already permitted. But what exactly is ADR? The ADR (Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) is the European agreement that regulates the international movement of …

Autonomous Trucks and Transport Logistics
Marcela Neves
2 months ago

Are autonomous trucks the future of Logistics? The use of autonomous trucks in cargo transportation is inevitable and several companies in different countries have already adopted it. Although exhaustive tests are necessary for relation to safety and infrastructure, self-driving trucks in the market are already a reality. Therefore, it is worth thinking about how do …

Last Mile Delivery Challenges and How to Improve Them?
Marcela Neves
25 days ago

What does last mile in logistics mean? The last mile delivery in logistics is the final step of the transport. The logistical process of delivering a shipment is long and critical, from dispatch until the order reaches its destination. And the last mile refers exactly to the transport of goods that leave the distribution centre …

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