How High Can a Pallet be for Shipping?

How tall can a pallet be loaded for LTL shipping?

The maximum height and dimensions limit for shipping pallets depend on the region in which they are used. Therefore, you will need to understand the type of pallet you are using to know how high your pallet can be for shipping. Book your pallet delivery with us, and feel free to ask our experts if you need more information.

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What is the maximum height of a Euro pallet for shipping?

Standard Euro pallets have a height limit of 220 cm (87 in) when loaded. If you are shipping pallets to Europe, it is important to note the standard dimensions to avoid overloading or underloading your pallet. The most common pallet sizes in Europe include:
  • EUR 1: 80 cm x 120 cm (31.50 in x 47.24 in)
  • EUR 2: 100 cm x 120 cm (39.37 in x 47.24 in)
  • EUR 3: 100 cm x 120 cm (39.37 in x 47.24 in)
  • EUR 6: 60 cm x 80 cm (23.62 in x 31.50 in)
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Does loading height include the pallet?

Yes, once your freight is packaged and palletised, you will have to measure the height from the pallet base to the tallest part of your load.

How tall can a pallet be loaded for LTL shipping?

Generally, the maximum loading height when shipping pallets in the UK and Europe is 220 cm (87 in). However, you can choose from 6 standard sizes to get a more accurate price for shipping smaller volumes:
  • Full pallet: Up to 220 cm high and 1,200 kg
  • Light pallet: Up to 220 cm high and 750 kg
  • Euro half pallet: Up to 220 cm high and 500 kg
  • UK half pallet: Up to 110 cm high and 500 kg
  • Quarter pallet: Up to 80 cm high and 250 kg
  • Mini quarter pallet: Up to 60 cm high and 150 kg
Bear in mind that height measurements should be taken from the ground to the top of the cargo, as the maximum height includes the pallet base.
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What is considered an oversized pallet?

An oversized pallet is a loaded pallet that exceeds the standard weight or height limit. Logistics companies usually have a max height that must be adhered to, so you will need to check the requirements for your chosen service to know how high your pallet can be loaded for shipping.
When shipping with Eurosender, the pallet needs to be within the maximum height allowed for the service you choose, as listed below:
  • Box van: 180 cm
  • Curtain-side van: 230 cm
  • Groupage: 220 cm
  • FTL/LTL: 270 or 300 cm, depending on the type of truck used. Depending on the height of each individual pallet, this may be up to 3 stacked pallets
  • Custom offer: we can provide solutions for special shipments that exceed the maximum height limit of the shipping services mentioned above
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How high should pallets be stacked?

Generally speaking, you can safely stack 2-3 pallets to a height of up to 220 cm. Make sure to arrange the boxes in even columns and distribute the weight evenly across the pallet. Load heavier cargo at the bottom and lighter items on top.
If you need to ship a pallet higher than 220 cm, you will require a custom solution, as it will be considered a non-stackable pallet shipment.
However, not every shipment is stackable. For instance, if you are shipping oddly-shaped items, pallets that are 220 cm by themselves or oversized pallets, your shipment will be considered non-stackable.
At Eurosender, we offer solutions for shipping non-stackable pallets, but it is important that you communicate this to us beforehand so we can make the necessary arrangements when booking the service. If it is possible, always try to prioritise using stackable pallets as they are safer and cheaper.

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