How to Pack Odd Shaped Items – Packaging Materials and Guidelines

How to ship an oddly shaped item

Choosing the right package and the most appropriate shipping service for the items you need to send is vital to save on any shipment. Therefore, before shipping, you should have a clear understanding of the different types of boxes and other packaging materials. At Eurosender, we eased this process by providing this manual with packaging materials and guidelines, in addition to offering multiple types of services capable of fitting almost any kind of box, envelope or pallet.

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How to pack odd shaped items

Depending on the odd shaped item you are shipping, we recommend to use either a pallet or an appropriately sized, strong cardboard box as packaging.

Irregular shaped items

Pallets offer stability and easy maneuverability for transporting heavy items.

Place the item in the center of the pallet, making sure the item you wish to ship does not hang over any sides.

Secure the item to the pallet using strapping or stretch film, to ensure it cannot shift when transporting the pallet.

If possible, place a thin wooden platform on top of the item and also fasten it to the pallet with braces.

Unboxed items

For lightweight, oddly shaped items which may be missing their original box, a strong cardboard box can be a more cost-effective method of packaging. However, if you are unable to locate an appropriate box for transporting your irregular shaped item, you can also use a pallet.

If you choose to use a pallet, ensure your item does not exceed its dimensions. We strongly recommend to measure your item against the dimensions of the pallet.

Use cushioning pads to cover all the sharp edges of the item. Cover it with a wooden frame, multi-layered or corrugated cardboard or a flat wooden board.

If you decide to use a strong cardboard box, ensure you check the weight limit to avoid damage during transport. Thick corrugated cardboard boxes are also highly recommended for sharp or protruding items.

Sharp or protruding items

Oddly shaped items which have any sharp or spikey edges should be placed in a cardboard box first, before deciding to secure it to a pallet. This is important to avoid injury to any party during transport, as well as to avoid damage during its journey.

Cover the items’ sharp edges with protective material to avoid damage, then place items into the box

Cover the walls of the box with thin foam padding or wood to reinforce sides and prevent crushing

Fill any gaps with foam cushioning, packing peanuts or packing paper to stop the item from moving inside the box.

Protective materials for protecting irregular shaped objects

Packaging materials can be purchased from any hardware retailer, in store or online. You may also find some of these protective materials lying around at home. Reusing packaging materials is a great way to keep your cost of shipping oddly shaped items to a minimum.

Corrugated cardboard
Bubble wrap
Foam cushioning
Packing peanuts
Pallet strapping
Newspaper or paper

Labelling your odd-shaped shipment

Make sure you leave a flat surface where the label can be attached.

For greater visibility, you can write the delivery address on the package.


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Frequently asked questions

How do I measure an irregular shaped item?

  • Using a tape measure, first calculate the item’s girth, which is the distance around the thickest part of the object.
  • The formula for calculating the girth of a rectangular shaped item is (2 x Height) + (2 x Width).
  • If you have a more triangular shaped item, girth is equal to the sum of the three sides.
  • For cylinder shaped items such as rolls of fabric or wallpaper, carpets or sculptures, the girth is the circumference of the tube and is calculated by π (3.14) x diameter (the distance from one edge of the circular end of the tube to the opposite side).
  • Measure the item’s length, which will be the longest side of the odd shaped object.
  • Measure the width of the item, which will be the next longest side.
  • Measure the height of the item, when laying the object flat.
  • Remember to also weigh your item.

If you are still unsure how to measure your irregular item before booking your shipment, contact our logistics experts who will be happy to walk you through the process and then tailor an individual offer, based on your item’s measurements and destination.

What if I am unable to sufficiently package the irregular shipment?

Unfortunately, if your item is not correctly packaged for a standard freight shipment, the freight courier may refuse collection. Not only is it important to reduce the risk of damage, but an incorrectly packaged item can impose an increased risk of injury.

Instead, you can book a Van delivery within Europe, saving you the hassle of packaging an irregular shaped item for direct transport, with no stop-overs.

To book a van delivery service, or if you are still unsure how to how to pack an irregular item for shipping, contact our friendly team of experts who are always on hand to advise you for the specific item you wish to send.

Is insurance included for my oddly shaped shipment?

Most shipments have basic insurance included, and the amount coverage included depends on your chosen service. Additional insurance is also available to purchase at a reduced price – depending on the type of irregular item you wish to send. Ask our sales team which insurance is right for your oddly-shaped shipment.

While insurance is essential to cover you for any damage or loss during transport, it is essential to ensure your oddly shaped shipment is packaged and labeled correctly to minimise any risk.