Oversized Pallet Delivery – What Is It and How Does It Work?

What is an oversized pallet?

Oversized pallets are pallets that exceed the dimensions of a standard pallet, which may vary for each region. Before organising your shipment, you should check this information beforehand to know whether your pallets have oversized dimensions or are within limits. Remember to check the regulations applicable to all countries involved in the delivery: the country of origin and the destination.

In the UK, standard pallets have 1.2 m x 1.0 m, while in Europe, the standard size is 0.80 m x 1.20 m. Read more about the different pallet types.

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What size is considered an oversized pallet?

The definition of oversized pallet will vary depending on the logistics provider and which standards they use. If we are considering a single pallet shipped within Europe, anything larger than 0.8 m x 1.2 m is often considered a pallet with oversized dimensions. For shipments in the UK, pallets larger than 1.2 m x 1.0 m are considered oversized pallets by most couriers and carriers.
If you will be organising your pallet delivery with Eurosender, the maximum pallet size for the groupage service is 2.40 x 2.40 x 2.20 m. If you need to ship even larger loads, it will have to be done via the FTL or Van Service, for which we can tailor a quote based on your needs.
It is very important to measure the size of each pallet with precision before placing your order so that we can arrange the appropriate transport service for your load.
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How much can an oversized pallet weigh?

When booking the delivery of an oversized pallet, it still needs to be within the maximum weight allowed per service. See below the values corresponding to our pallet shipping options: Read also: Shipping heavy pallets

What happens if the courier discovers that my pallet is oversized after collection?

If the courier concludes that your pallet is oversized during or after collection, two scenarios may happen:
  • If the dimensions of the oversized pallet are still within the limit defined by the courier, it may be collected, but you will have to pay a surcharge.
  • If the oversized pallet's dimensions exceed the service's limit, it will be refused for collection. This case is especially important when booking the groupage service because the pallets are loaded in the truck using a side window, so the carrier cannot accept pallets above the dimensions limit.
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Can I ship oversized pallets by courier via Eurosender?

Yes, at Eurosender, you can ship pallets of many different sizes, not only those with standard sizes such as Euro pallets.
We do not impose a fixed standard size and weight for pallets. Instead, we organise each delivery service based on your specific requirements. Since we work with a vast network of logistics providers, we are able to accommodate special shipping requirements, such as the delivery of pallets with oversized dimensions.
If your pallet exceeds the standard dimensions, we will not charge you extra for the oversized pallet courier delivery, as long as you have provided this information while placing your order.

How to organise an oversized pallet collection or delivery?

Organising an oversized pallet delivery by courier is easy if you follow these steps:
  • Measure the dimensions and weight of your oversized pallet
  • Fill out the form to send us a request. Make sure you provide as many details as possible about your load
  • Our agents will get back to you shortly with a quote
  • Proceed with payment if you accept the quote or ask any other further questions if you still need assistance

Do you charge more for oversized pallet delivery?

Our shipping prices are always calculated based on the dimensions of your shipment, the distance and the shipping service selected. If you need an oversized pallet delivery service and make it clear during the order process the dimensions of your pallet, we will calculate the price accordingly and not charge you an additional fee for it.
It is important to note that there is one exception: non-stackable pallets may be subjected to an additional fee. A non-stackable pallet occupies not only the volume of your load but all the space above it since the carrier is not able to stack another pallet on top. The extra charge compensates the carrier for this lost space.

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