What Happens if I Miss My Pallet Delivery?

What does a missed or failed pallet delivery mean?

A missed or failed pallet delivery means that the delivery could not be performed successfully, which may happen for different reasons. Missed deliveries are quite rare for pallets. The carriers almost always contact the recipient before delivery on all the freight services we offer: groupage, FTL/LTL and Van Delivery.

Is it common to have missed pallet deliveries?

No, it is not common especially because pallet deliveries are costly and often organised by businesses that monitor them closely. Additionally, the driver or the logistics companies normally calls the sender and the recipient before collection and delivery so failed delivery attempts are kept to a minimum.

What happens in the rare case of a failed delivery attempt?

If the receiver refuses the delivery or it cannot be performed, you can contact the carrier to try to arrange a collection from the depot or, if the delivery is deemed impossible, the pallet will most likely be destroyed.

Will I need to pay a surcharge if I miss my pallet delivery?

If you miss the agreed pallet delivery date or time due to an error on your side, you will be asked to pay an additional charge for the wasted journey. If this happens, our team will contact you with instructions on how to process the payment.

Can I rearrange my pallet delivery?

Yes, if your pallet delivery failed for whatever reason or if you simply wish to reschedule your delivery, you can contact our customer support team, who will make the arrangements with the carrier on your behalf. Time-specific deliveries can also be organised on request.

How can I prevent missed pallet deliveries?

There are a few simple steps you can follow to prevent having a missed pallet delivery:
  • Double-check the details before confirming your order
  • Load your pallet correctly to avoid issues in transit
  • Make sure someone will be available to accept the pallet delivery
  • The driver usually calls the recipient in advance, so they should be able to answer
  • Inform everyone at the delivery address about the pallet delivery

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