What Access is Needed for Pallet Deliveries?

What access do pallet collection and delivery drivers require?

We provide pallet delivery services performed by trucks and vans. Most of the trucks used for deliveries are 7.5 tonnes and require a street at least 3 m wide to be able to comfortably enter. If you choose the van service, you have a bit more flexibility as the vehicles are smaller but you should still make sure there is enough space for loading/unloading and manoeuvring the vehicle.

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What are the requirements at the pallet delivery address?

As with all pallet deliveries, only a kerbside delivery is guaranteed. This means that the driver will deliver the pallet at the closest kerbside location that is safe and legal for them to do so.
Please note that pallets cannot be moved over loose or uneven ground such as gravel or grass. Drivers are not able to carry pallets up steep inclines or anywhere beyond the ground floor front entrance. Access to the chosen pallet collection and delivery addresses must be on solid surfaces such as concrete that are safe for vehicles to pass through.

How do I know if there is enough space to access the pallet delivery address?

The official requirement is that the street needs to be at least 3 m wide for the truck to be able to enter and manoeuvre when performing the delivery. One easy way of estimating this is by evaluating if the rubbish collection service is able to enter your street comfortably. Most addresses are accessible by rubbish collection lorries, so a typical pallet delivery vehicle will be able to access your address one way or another.
If you are unsure whether your pallet delivery address meets the requirements, let us know about this when requesting your quote and we will advise.

What is the smallest size vehicle available?

Eurosender offers two sizes of vans that can perform pallet deliveries to addresses with limited access.
  • Box van: 465 x 165 x 180 cm or 13 cubic metres and 1000 kg capacity
  • Curtain-side van: 410 x 210 x 230 cm or 19 cubic metres and 1000 kg capacity (with tail-lift only 700 kg)
Please bear in mind that with the Van Service, the shipper is responsible for loading and unloading the goods unless you have purchased this as an additional service. Deliveries are always performed on the ground floor.

What happens if the driver cannot access the pallet delivery address?

We will check the address you provide, and if we notice that it is not suitable, you will be asked to provide an alternative delivery address; otherwise, we will not be able to perform the service.

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