How to Label a Pallet for Shipping

Why is pallet labelling important in freight shipping?

Labelling a pallet correctly for shipping is an important step in the preparation process. Even if the pallet is packed and loaded optimally, any issues with the pallet labelling can lead to delivery delays or other serious consequences. Learn the importance of labels when organising transport services and find out how to label your pallet for shipping.

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What should be on a pallet shipping label?

If the transport service you have chosen requires a pallet shipping label, the following information should be included:
  • Full name and address of both the sender and the recipient
  • Type of shipping service chosen
  • Content description
  • Tracking number
  • Barcode, which will ensure the correct handling by the transport company
Details and formats of the label itself may vary depending on the carrier, as they all follow their own processes, however these labels are always designed to optimise the delivery process. Before collection, make sure that all of the pallet labelling information is clearly legible.

How do I label a pallet for shipping?

Follow these simple steps to label your pallet properly for shipping:
  1. Remove old labels first.
  2. Place labels on the front and back of the load but not on top, as pallets may be stacked on top of each other.
  3. Make sure the labels are not hidden by tape or other packaging.
  4. Place the labels in a vertical position on a flat surface, taking care not to crease them.
  5. Ideally, have the labels approximately 30 cm from the ground.
Note: Not all pallet services require that the customer labels the shipment themselves.

Why is it important to stick the correct label on the correct pallet?

The pallet label will contain all the information about your shipment: the name of the recipient, and where it should be delivered. It is very important to stick the correct label on the correct pallet so that your load can be transported to the intended destination. If your pallet is misrouted because the wrong label is attached, you risk incurring significant delay, expense and inconvenience.

How do I label a pallet for shipping to Amazon?

You will need to follow these specific labelling requirements for Amazon to accept your goods at their fulfilment centres:
  • To: (fulfilment centre address)
  • From: (vendor address)
  • Purchase order
  • Number of boxes
  • Number of units
  • Number of pallets
The vendor needs to print the labels on a minimum paper size of A4 and ensure the details above are displayed correctly.

Do I need a shipping label for all pallet services with Eurosender?

No, not all our pallet services require that you label the shipment yourself. For example, when it comes to groupage transport, carriers usually label the goods at the sorting depot after collection.
If you choose our Van Delivery or FTL Services, you will not need to follow any specific labelling requirements to send palletised freight. These are transport solutions that are reserved just for your load, making them the safest way to ship cargo throughout Europe.

How to know if I need to print and attach a label to my pallet?

When booking a pallet delivery service with Eurosender, we will let you know during the booking process whether you are required to print and attach the label to the pallet yourself, or if the courier will bring the label upon collection.

If the courier will be responsible for bringing the pallet label, should I still add anything to the pallet?

If the pallet label will be attached by the courier, then you do not have to worry about providing any additional information. However, as an extra safety step, many shippers prefer to still add a paper with the delivery address and contact information in case there is any issue with the delivery (which is very rare). If you choose to do so, we recommend using an A4-sized paper.
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