If, due to the spread of COVID-19, you are facing delays in the delivery of your goods from Amazon FBA in Europe, we, at Eurosender can arrange the shipping from Amazon fulfilment centers to any destination. We have an extensive network of logistics providers who maintain their operation and can perform the shipping without significant delays. Contact us for more information.

Amazon fulfilment centers in Europe

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What can you send to fulfilment centers?


Parcel delivery through our Standard Shipping Service. Send parcels to any Amazon location in Europe in just a few clicks


Immediate prices for shipping pallets. No wait time for shipping & deliveries for a wide range of goods

Dedicated Van Service

One or more vans exclusively assigned for carrying your load. A more secure & faster option. Collections can be organized every day

Less than Truckload

Optimize the shipping costs for smaller loads or quantities of freight through our LTL options. Book your pick-up anytime.

How does Amazon fulfilment centre (FBA) work?

Amazon fulfilment centres or FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) are large warehouses which are used to send and hold inventory for resellers and manufacturers. When customers purchase your products, Amazon picks, packs, and dispatches goods from their fulfilment centres directly to your customers.

  1. You need to sign up for an Amazon Seller Account and create a Shipping Plan.
  2. When listing products that you want to sell, select the ‘Fulfilment by Amazon’ option,
  3. Ship your products to the right Amazon Fulfilment Centre in Europe.
  4. After Amazon receives your inventory, you can monitor it through their tracking system.
  5. Amazon then picks, prepares and delivers your products directly to your customers.

Why should your company use the Amazon fulfilment centres in Europe?

Amazon gives sellers the opportunity to store their products in the network of Amazon Fulfilment Centre locations in Europe and use their primary benefits:

Storage and management of large inventories and easier business expansion in other areas – Resellers and manufacturers that want to sell directly can plan strategically their distribution to other geographical areas.
Picking, packing and dispatching the products, done by Amazon – By enacting your fulfilment services through Amazon FBA centres, the entire process of sorting, selecting, consolidating packages and delivering to your customers will be carried out by Amazon.
Reach wider audiences – you will be able to enlarge your base of prospective customers.
Free up your time and add speed to your business operations.

Do you have more questions about Amazon FBA storing and shipping? Check the list of frequently asked questions and answers about Amazon fulfilment centres in Europe.

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