Shipping to Amazon Fulfilment Centres in Europe

Amazon FBA: warehouses and fulfilment centres in Europe

Eurosender makes it easier for Amazon resellers and distributors to ship their products to Amazon FBA warehouses located in Europe. Find out how Amazon FBA Logistics works and get tips on how to send parcels or pallets directly to any Amazon fulfilment centre in Europe.
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How to send your inventory to Amazon FBA in Europe with Eurosender?


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Shipping services to Amazon fulfilment centres in Europe

Eurosender offers several solutions for shipping to Amazon warehouses and fulfilment centres in Europe:

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Addresses of Amazon warehouse and fulfilment centres located in Europe

Check Amazon warehouse and fulfilment addresses in Europe.

Do you have more questions about Amazon FBA storing and shipping?

Check the list of frequently asked questions and answers about Amazon fulfilment centres.
FAQ on Amazon FBA


How do Amazon’s FBA Logistics warehouses work in Europe?

Amazon fulfilment centres in Europe allow companies to manage their logistics by handling inventory storage and distribution. Using Amazon FBA logistics in Europe is simple; check below how their process works:

  1. Register as a Seller on Amazon and create your shipping plan.
  2. Manage your inventory and select the products you want to ship.
  3. Arrange shipping to different Amazon FBA warehouses in Europe.
  4. For bulky or heavy shipments, book a loading ramp at the destination warehouse via Carrier Central at least 24 hours before the scheduled delivery.
  5. If your inventory consists of several parcels or small packages, you will not need to book a loading ramp. However, bear in mind that the vehicle may wait in the queue during peak periods for loading and unloading.
  6. Once the products have been delivered to the chosen Amazon fulfilment centre, you can use Amazon Logistics tracking.
  7. Amazon will pick, pack, and ship products from the Amazon FBA Logistics warehouse to your customers.

How to prepare items for shipping to Amazon FBA warehouses in Europe

Follow Amazon’s logistics requirements when shipping your inventory to Amazon warehouses and fulfilment centres in Europe, it is important to follow Amazon’s logistics requirements. The main packaging rules and instructions for Amazon FBA are as follows:

  • Each product must have a unique SKU identification code.
  • Each unit (parcel or pallet) must have an easily identifiable barcode or scannable label.
  • Items containing small, removable parts must be packed in the same packaging.
  • For several items sold together as one set, mark the package as a set and label the items accordingly.
  • Ship goods on 4-way access wooden pallets conforming to EPAL, CHEP, UIC 435-2 or EN13698-1 standards with a maximum height of 1.8 metres.

More detailed information about Amazon’s packaging requirements can be found on their official website. Find out more about how to pack a pallet for shipping.

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Ship to Amazon warehouses and fulfilment centres in Europe


Why should your company use Amazon fulfilment centres in Europe?

Amazon allows sellers to store products in the numerous Amazon warehouses and fulfilment centres located in Europe. Using Amazon Logistics in Europe offers several advantages to manufacturers and retailers.

  • Storage and management of large inventories
    Possibility to expand the market in different areas and regions. Retailers and manufacturers can plan their distribution in different regions.
  • Picking, packing and dispatching the products, done by Amazon
    Relying on Amazon FBA Logistics in Europe ensures that the entire process of sorting, parcel consolidation and delivery to customers will be handled by Amazon.
  • Reach wider audiences
    Amazon FBA Logistics in Europe allows you to expand your sales to new markets and potential customers nationally and internationally.