Amazon Fulfilment Centres in Europe

How to ship inventory to an Amazon FBA in Europe?

Eurosender makes it easier for Amazon resellers and distributors to ship their products to an Amazon FBA in Europe. Send packages or pallets directly to the Amazon fulfilment centre of your preference and save costs on every shipment. Check even more shipping options, available on our platform, and get immediate quotes in just a few clicks. Increase your efficiency when shipping products to Amazon FBA and trust your logistics requirements to professionals.


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How to send your inventory to
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How can you ship products to Amazon FBA in Europe?

Eurosender offers multiple shipping options to send items to Amazon FBAs in Europe or abroad:
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How does Amazon fulfilment centre (FBA) work?

Amazon fulfilment centres or FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) are large warehouses which are used to send and store inventory for resellers and manufacturers. When customers purchase your products, Amazon picks, packs, and dispatches goods from their fulfilment centres directly to your customers.

  • You need to sign up for an Amazon Seller Account and create a Shipping Plan.
  • When listing products that you want to sell, select the ‘Fulfilment by Amazon’ option.
  • Ship your products to the right Amazon Fulfilment Centre in Europe.
  • After Amazon receives your inventory, you can monitor it through their tracking system.
  • Amazon then picks, prepares and delivers your products directly to your customers.

How to prepare the products for shipping to Amazon FBA in Europe?

Before sending your inventory to Amazon FBA, you need to follow Amazon preparation requirements. Here are some of the Amazon packing instructions you need to follow before shipping to an Amazon fulfilment centre:

  • Every unique item must have its own product identifier (FNSKU).
  • Each unit must have a scannable barcode or label. easy to read and access.
  • If your product has loose parts, pack them in the same package and seal it properly.
  • When sending sets of goods, mark the package as a set and label accordingly.
  • For more details, please check Amazon’s official website.

How to package products for sending to Amazon FBA on a pallet?

When shipping pallets to Amazon fulfilment centre, follow these instructions to ensure your load will arrive safely to the destination:

  • Pack your items in boxes and label them according to Amazon requirements.
  • Place your boxes or loads on a sturdy enough pallet. Locate heavier items at the bottom of the pallet.
  • Place paper liners under the load and between boxes.
  • Use straps, stretch-wrapping, bubble-wrap and foil to secure your load.
  • Use edge boards and a dust cover sheet for extra protection and attach labels.


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Why should your company use the
Amazon fulfilment centres in Europe?

Storage and management of large inventories
Resellers and manufacturers that want to sell directly can increase their efficiency by using Amazon’s customer service and product shipments.

Picking, packing and dispatching the products, done by Amazon
By enacting your fulfilment services through Amazon FBA centres, the entire process of sorting, selecting, consolidating packages and delivering to your customers will be carried out by Amazon.

Reach wider audiences
You will be able to enlarge your base of prospective customers and expand your distribution to other geographical areas.

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