DB Schenker vs Gebrüder Weiss - Services Comparison

DB Schenker vs Gebrüder Weiss – Differences in logistics services

Compare the different shipping prices and delivery times offered by DB Schenker and Gebrüder Weiss while you choose the best option for your business. Read our guide to see the characteristics and differences between the transport and logistics services from DB Schenker and Gebrüder Weiss. Use our calculator below to check how much it would cost to ship with Eurosender instead and have your order fulfilled by DB Schenker or another leading courier company from our network.

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DB Schenker vs Gebrüder Weiss – International shipping services

DB Schenker and Gebrüder Weiss are logistics providers specialising in local and international freight transportation, even though they also offer options for smaller parcel deliveries. Two of the most popular solutions available are the DB Schenker and Gebrüder Weiss road & air freight services, which can also be combined via inter- and multimodal shipping solutions.

In the table below, we have gathered the most important characteristics of rail, sea, air, and road freight services offered by DB Schenker and Gebrüder Weiss for comparison purposes.

Types of international shipping offered by DB Schenker and Gebrüder Weiss
DB SchenkerGebrüder Weiss
Road freightParcel, LTL, and FTL shipping for palletised or non-palletised cargo in Europe.LTL, PTL and FTL transport via their service GW pro.line, covering all Europe with established time-frames.
Air freightWide variety of air freight shipping services, including environmental options with carbon offsetting and charter services.Executed through their branch GW Air & Sea, air freight services are available via fully tailored solutions.
Sea freightLCL and FCL transport options with full tracking and status update via their sensor technology called Smartbox.LCL transport via their product GW consolution, available on global routes with full logistics support of warehousing, customs brokerage, and more.
Rail freightMultiple rail freight transport options, including single wagons and wagon groups for importing and exporting goods.Rail transport services in Europe via their subsidiary GW Rail Cargo, but also globally, including the silk road connecting Europe with China.
Note: DB Schenker and Gebrüder Weiss domestic and international shipping services presented above may not be available for all locations.


Delivery times when shipping with DB Schenker and Gebrüder Weiss

The delivery times depend a lot on the type of shipping method being used, the time needed for customs brokerage procedures for international routes and multiple other factors. The following information is applicable to parcel delivery services only.

DB Schenker’s general delivery time for parcels is between Monday and Friday, from 12 to 9 p.m., although deliveries outside of regular working hours can be arranged for an extra fee. Domestic deliveries are conducted in 24-48h depending on the route, and DB Schenker international shipping services within Europe can take anywhere from 3 to 10 working days.

Gebrüder Weiss offers last-mile logistics services, delivering parcels of up to 30kg in Europe. Gebrüder Weiss’ delivery time for home delivery service in Austria is between 2-3 working days (express option is also available). Parcels can also be delivered outside of Austria through their collaboration with DPD. Gebrüder Weiss delivery time estimation for parcel shipping in Europe is between 24-72h.


DB Schenker vs Gebrüder Weiss – Tracking solutions

Both logistics companies, DB Schenker and Gebrüder Weiss, offer tracking with most of their shipping services. However, the solutions may vary depending on the mode of transport since tracking systems for trucks work differently than for trains, vessels, and so on. However, it is worth pointing out that DB Schenker is innovating a lot in this field, providing highly technological solutions through their Smartbox service. The Smartbox is capable of not only locating your load but also transmitting specific information such as humidity, temperature, and other status conditions.

When booking any road freight service with either company, your parcel or cargo will be assigned a unique DB Schenker or Gebrüder Weiss tracking number that can be used directly in their platform to locate your shipment.

If you booked your delivery with us and the assigned courier is DB Schenker, you can alternatively use our digital tracking tool and locate your cargo in only a couple of clicks. All you have to do is insert the DB Schenker tracking number provided via e-mail.

Gebrüder Weiss vs DB Schenker – Collection points

DB Schenker offers various collection points around Europe where shippers can pick up or drop off their parcels. DB Schenker collection points are usually kiosks, convenience stores, barbershops, or other businesses that register with the company to operate as a local certified drop off point. If you already have the shipping label, you can bring your parcel to a DB Schenker collection point or choose to have it delivered there. DB Schenker collection points are popular between customers that cannot be home waiting for the courier and prefer the freedom to pick up the parcel from the shop at their own time.

For the moment, the courier Gebrüder Weiss does not offer collection points, but they perform home deliveries directly to business or private addresses to provide higher convenience for customers. Gebrüder Weiss Home Delivery service is more than a simple parcel drop-off; it can also include the assembly of equipment and handling assistance.

Quotes & prices with DB Schenker and Gebrüder Weiss

Unfortunately, comparing the shipping price between DB Schenker and Gebrüder Weiss is challenging because most of their freight services can only be booked via a customised offer since they are fully tailored to each shipper’s requirements.

For informational purposes, we have gathered below some of DB Schenker’s prices for shipping different types of items internationally within Europe. To book any of these services, you can get a shipping quote at DB Schenker’s official website or head to our booking tool to check our rates, automatically comparing the prices offered by DB Schenker too. If you would like to get a similar quote from Gebrüder Weiss, you would need to contact the company directly since they do not provide an instant price calculator on their page.

To save you time and effort, you can simply get a quote on our platform that offers various options of spot pricing for booking pallet delivery services, truck or van transport.

Price for shipping between Germany – Slovenia with DB Schenker
Carton box – 20kg58 – 88 €
Europallet – 120kg97 – 127 €
Crate – 200kg97 – 127 €
Bundles – 400kg150 – 184 €
Note: The prices presented above result from online research conducted in June 2021 and may vary depending on the weight and dimensions of the items.


DB Schenker vs Gebrüder Weiss – Which one to choose?

Here is a quick comparison between Gebrüder Weiss and DB Schenker to help you determine which courier is the best fit for your business.

FeatureGebrüder WeissDB SchenkerEurosender
Express solutions
Tracking tool
Instant road freight quotesX
Door-to-door deliveryFor some services
Dedicated shipping dashboard
Warehousing services
Document Shipping ServiceXX


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DB Schenker vs Gebrüder Weiss – Comparison summary

On one side, we have the Austrian courier company Gebrüder Weiss offering industry-specialised freight transport solutions in Europe and globally. On the other side, the German freight forwarder DB Schenker, with the largest road freight network in Europe and 149 years of experience in the logistics industry.

To determine which courier company, Gebrüder Weiss or DB Schenker, is better for your business, it is important to evaluate their performance on the service your core business primarily relies on. Many businesses that require a combination of freight and parcel delivery choose to collaborate with DB Schenker to benefit from their vast selection of international shipping services. However, companies that rely a lot on rail and ocean freight may prefer to partner with Gebrüder Weiss to take advantage of their transport expertise in this field.

But why choose one single logistics company if you have the option of using multiple providers based on the price/quality they offer for each route? At Eurosender, we work with numerous logistics providers and freight forwarders, including DB Schenker, to match you with the best fit for each shipping request. Get a quote online or sign up for additional discounts and benefits.

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Disclaimer: The information is the result of online research conducted in June 2021. For more information about DB Schenker and Gebrüder Weiss international freight shipping services, we strongly recommend checking the official websites of the logistics companies.