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Difference between UPS and DHL delivery services

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DHL vs UPS shipping cost comparison. Is DHL cheaper than UPS?

To thoroughly compare the shipping rates offered by DHL and UPS, we have gathered information about their domestic and international delivery services in the UK. To determine whether DHL is cheaper than UPS or the other way around, we need to analyse the same route & parcel size, and also the additional features included in their services.

When arranging domestic and international shipping services with DHL or UPS, it is often possible to determine a specific time-frame for delivery, schedule collection in a parcel shop instead of the door-to-door service, and other features. However, take into consideration that the DHL and UPS shipping prices may vary based on the surcharges applied for personalising your shipment.

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UPS vs DHL domestic shipping in the UK

Check the prices for shipping a 10 kg parcel domestically with DHL or UPS:

Shipping serviceCostDelivery
DHLitNow£32.461 working day
DHL by phone£41.601 working day
UPS Express Plus£52.432 working days by 9:00
UPS Express£17.993 working days by 10:30
UPS Express Saver£11.993 working days by 12:00
UPS Standard£9.593 working days

UPS vs DHL international shipping from the UK to Germany

Check the prices for shipping a 2 kg parcel internationally with DHL or UPS:

Shipping serviceCostDelivery
DHL Service Point Drop Off£36.951 working day
DHLitNow£42.751 working day
DHL by phone£57.281 working day
UPS Express Plus£53.872 working days by 9:00
UPS Express£23.872 working days by 10:30
UPS Express Saver£16.372 working days
UPS Standard£11.994 working days

UPS vs DHL international shipping from the UK to the USA

Check the prices for shipping a 2 kg parcel internationally with DHL or UPS:

Shipping serviceCostDelivery
DHL Service Point Drop Off£40.951 working day
DHLitNow£46.051 working day
DHL by phone£60.991 working day
UPS Express Plus£53.652 working days by 8:00
UPS Express£36.653 working days by 10:30
UPS Express Saver£30.653 working days
UPS Expedited£25.656 working days
Note: The UPS and DHL international shipping services presented above may not be available for all locations. The prices above are the results of online research conducted in August 2023.

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Are UPS and DHL the same company?

Due to years of collaboration between those two companies in the US, many customers are still confused about whether DHL and UPS are the same or not. During their partnership, that started in 2008 with a 10-year time frame, UPS was responsible for delivering DHL packages in certain conditions in the USA. However, nowadays, DHL and UPS operate separately through a wide range of domestic and international shipping services.


DHL vs UPS: which one is faster?

The fastest shipping service offered by DHL is the Express, available both locally and internationally with delivery times of up to 3 working days.

UPS Ground service takes 4-7 working days for international deliveries. For urgent or time-sensitive shipments, they also offer expedited solutions at an additional cost.

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DHL vs UPS: which one to choose for international shipping?

When it comes to international reach, both DHL and UPS are proud to announce their operations in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. However, on a global scale, DHL may have an edge on UPS for having the strongest international logistics network, offering deliveries even to sanctioned nations such as North Korea.

DHL vs UPS: which one to choose for domestic shipping in the US?

UPS has a stronger presence in the United States, with a vast fleet of vehicles to perform both road and air deliveries. UPS Ground service is more widely used due to its availability and shipping price. When comparing domestic shipping services in the US, DHL falls behind for not being based in the US, which means they are not allowed to make domestic flights between US airports. To overcome this, they outsource this service to third-party carriers.


DHL and UPS – Which one is better? Compare DHL and UPS

To help you decide if DHL or UPS is better for your business shipping needs, we compared the advantages of both courier companies:

Door-to-door delivery
Priority Express service
Solutions for online shops
Free address changesXX
Instant online quotes Depends on the routeDepends on the route
Warehousing for businesses and individualsXX
Real-time tracking
Delivery to sanctioned countries X

DHL vs UPS for e-commerce: which is better for your business?

Both DHL and UPS provide logistics services for eCommerce. Depending on which platform your online store is based or the features you would like to integrate to your system, you can decide whether DHL or UPS is better for your business needs.

  • DHL offers specialised eCommerce solutions in many countries, including Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, UK, USA and Vietnam. DHL eCommerce shipping solutions include an API for integration to your online shop or marketplace store.
  • UPS also offers complete eCommerce shipping solutions with the possibility of API integration or installation of plug-ins to streamline deliveries and tracking information. There are several solutions available, which can also be used in marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, etc.


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DHL vs UPS Comparison Summary – which one
is better after all?

On one side, we have the US-based courier company UPS with a consolidated presence in American soil and the great benefit of having time-definite deliveries. On the other side, the German-based courier company DHL, which has operations worldwide and a vast selection of services serving everything from envelopes to freight.

To determine whether DHL or UPS is better for your business, you should consider what type of deliveries you mostly use and which company has better performance on your main operational area. Businesses based in the USA may opt for UPS due to strong brand recognition and wide availability of parcel shops in that territory for better convenience of their customers. However, DHL is often preferred by businesses based on the UK or with operations worldwide, who benefit from their global reach.

But why choose one single courier company if you have the option of using multiple providers based on the price/quality they offer for each route? At Eurosender, we work with numerous couriers, including both DHL and UPS, to make sure we are able to match you with the best fit for each shipping request. Get a quote online or sign up for additional discounts and benefits.

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Disclaimer: The information is the result of online research conducted in August 2023. For more information about DHL and UPS domestic and international shipping services or updated data for DHL and UPS shipping prices, we strongly recommend checking the official websites of the logistics companies.