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Comparing UPS and TNT: which one is better?

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Discover the shipping price for your delivery and decide whether UPS or TNT would be faster, cheaper, and better for your needs. Check our guide on the differences between UPS and TNT international shipping services. Before deciding which courier company to use, get a quote for your shipment with Eurosender and have your shipment delivered by either TNT, UPS or any of our trusted partners.

UPS vs TNT shipping rate comparison: which one is cheaper?

In order to thoroughly compare the shipping rates offered by UPS and TNT, we have gathered information about their domestic services in the Netherlands as well as international services. It is important to note that the final price depends on the size and weight of your package, the shipping distance, as well as additional insurance or other features you select at the booking stage.

Find out which option is cheaper, UPS or TNT, by having a look at the cost estimates for their domestic and international shipping services in the tables below.

To make sure you compare not only UPS and TNT but also other courier options, get a quote on our platform.


UPS vs TNT domestic shipping rates in the Netherlands

Compare the UPS and TNT shipping rates for sending a 10 kg parcel within the Netherlands:

Shipping serviceCostDelivery
UPS Express Saver€26.741 working day
UPS Standard€17.671-2 working days
TNT Express€66.871 working day
Eurosender Standard Service€10.891-2 working days

UPS vs TNT international shipping rates from the Netherlands to the UK

Compare the UPS and TNT international shipping rates for sending a 10 kg parcel:

Shipping serviceCostDelivery
UPS Express Plus€108.801 working day by 9:00
UPS Express€78.801 working day by 12:00
UPS Express Saver€63.301 working day
UPS Standard€42.002 working days
TNT 09:00 Express€395.871 working day by 9:00
TNT 10:00 Express€370.171 working day by 10:00
TNT 12:00 Express€338.051 working day by 12:00
TNT Express€331.621 working day
TNT Economy Express 12:00€179.873 working days by 12:00
TNT Economy Express€173.443 working days

UPS vs TNT international shipping rates from the Netherlands to the USA

Compare the UPS and TNT international shipping rates for sending a 10 kg parcel:

Shipping serviceCostDelivery
UPS Express Plus€220.802 working days by 8:00
UPS Express€190.802 working days by 10:30
UPS Express Saver€174.302 working days
UPS Expedited€159.304 working days
TNT 12:00 Express€638.502 working days by 12:00
TNT Express€632.082 working days
Note: The UPS and TNT international shipping services presented above may not be available for all locations. The prices above are the results of online research conducted in August 2023.

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Are TNT and UPS the same company?

Although many people think that TNT and UPS are the same company, the reality is that they are two completely separate logistics providers, each with its own logistics network. TNT Express is, in fact, a subsidiary of FedEx, with its headquarters in the Netherlands. When deciding whether TNT or UPS would be better for your needs, you would have to get quotes from each platform and compare the features they offer.

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UPS vs TNT: which is faster?

For domestic shipping within the Netherlands, both TNT Express and UPS offer express shipping solutions with the possibility of same-day collection and next-day delivery. However, TNT may have the edge over UPS for domestic shipping because they offer guaranteed delivery times as well, including next-morning deliveries.

For international shipping, both UPS and TNT offer a range of next-day services with deliveries within a specific timeframe. On average, UPS offers lower prices than TNT for express international shipping.

Both couriers offer standard shipping solutions with lower prices but longer delivery times.

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TNT vs UPS: which one is cheaper for next-day deliveries

Next-day delivery is where TNT and UPS excel compared to other logistics companies. The prices may depend on the route, but, on average, UPS next-day delivery solutions are cheaper than the ones offered by TNT. Both services are performed by air, and the shipper can opt for delivery timeframes such as 8:30, 10:00, 12:00 or the end of the day.


Differences between UPS and TNT: Which one is better?

Both companies have their advantages, so before deciding which courier is better, let’s compare TNT and UPS main features:

Free door-to-door deliveryXFor some services
Free address changesXX
Same-day pick-up
Discounts for registered usersX
Instant online quotes Depends on the routeDepends on the route
Free signature upon deliveryFor some servicesFor some services
Freight solutions for individuals
Real-time tracking
Delivery to sanctioned countries XX

UPS vs TNT e-commerce solutions

When comparing UPS and TNT services for e-commerce, you need to consider your specific shipping needs, volume and route. Here are some of the solutions both couriers offer:

  • UPS offers useful services that allow businesses to optimise their logistics, such as parcel collection and drop-off at local UPS Access Points, return solutions, as well as API integration. UPS also provides a digital managing tool called UPS Marketplace. These tools allow e-commerce and business owners to automatise their ordering, labelling and tracking processes.
  • TNT offers a management & fulfilment platform, which can be integrated into most online stores. They also provide a variety of expedited delivery solutions that are a benefit for businesses shipping perishable and time-sensitive goods. As well as this, personalised and discounted rates are available for frequent users.


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TNT vs UPS comparison summary

To determine whether TNT or UPS is better for your business, you should consider what type of deliveries you mostly use and which company has better performance in your main operational area.

TNT may be more popular for domestic shipping in the Netherlands due to its time-specific delivery services. They also offer personalised shipping discounts for regular shippers.

On the other hand, UPS may be more advantageous for international shipping due to their global reach, which allows them to offer comparatively low prices and fast transit times.

But why choose one single courier company if you have the option of using multiple providers based on the price/quality they offer for each route? At Eurosender, we work with numerous couriers, including TNT and UPS, to match you with the best fit for each shipping request. Get a quote online or sign up for additional discounts and benefits.

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Disclaimer: The information is the result of online research conducted in August 2023. For more information about TNT and UPS types of domestic and international shipping services or updated data for comparing UPS and TNT shipping rates, we strongly recommend checking the official websites of the logistics companies.