UPS vs USPS: Shipping Rates and Differences 2024

What are the differences between UPS and USPS shipping services?

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Compare UPS and USPS shipping rates and advantages before you choose which one is better for your shipping needs. With our comprehensive guide, you will be able to analyse the differences between UPS and USPS shipping services based on speed, cost, customer satisfaction and solutions for businesses. Alternatively, check the price of booking the shipping with Eurosender if you want to compare the quotes of even more couriers.

Which is cheaper: UPS or USPS? Compare the shipping rates

To determine which one is cheaper, UPS or USPS, we need to compare their shipping rates for similar services. Therefore, we have put together a comparison between the shipping costs offered by UPS and USPS for different domestic and international services.

USPS offers flat-rate shipping services for shipping in small, medium or large boxes provided by them. These rates are usually the cheapest ones, especially considering that packaging is already included. On the other hand, UPS is renowned around the world for their overnight shipping of urgent shipments, which means that each one may be better for different types of services.

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USPS vs UPS for domestic shipping in the USA

Compare UPS and USPS shipping rates for sending a 10 kg (22 lb) package from NY to LA:

Shipping servicePriceDelivery
UPS Next Day Air EarlyUS $337.791 working day by 8:00
UPS Next Day AirUS $302.321 working day by 10:30
UPS Next Day Air SaverUS $294.551 working day
UPS 2nd Day Air A.M.US $233.272 working days
UPS 2nd Day AirUS $203.932 working days
UPS 3 Day SelectUS $140.923 working days
UPS GroundUS $66.875 working days
USPS Priority Mail Express 1-DayUS $184.951 working day
USPS Priority MailUS $91.902 working days
USPS Priority Mail Flat RateUS $22.802 working days
USPS Ground AdvantageUS $74.655 working days

USPS vs UPS international envelope shipping from the USA to the UK

Check if USPS or UPS is cheaper for shipping documents internationally:

Shipping servicePriceDelivery
UPS Express PlusUS $100.301 working day by 9:00
UPS ExpressUS $78.801 working day by 12:00
UPS Express SaverUS $63.301 working day
UPS StandardUS $42.002 working days
USPS Priority Mail Express InternationalUS $71.603-5 working days
USPS Priority Mail InternationalUS $42.756-10 working days
Eurosender Express DocumentUS $69.581-2 working days

USPS vs UPS international package shipping from the USA to the UK

Check if USPS or UPS is cheaper for shipping a 10 kg (22 lb) package internationally:

Shipping servicePriceDelivery
UPS Worldwide Express PlusUS $223.792 working days by 9:00
UPS Worldwide ExpressUS $194.942 working days by 12:00
UPS Worldwide SaverUS $176.112 working days
UPS Worldwide ExpeditedUS $157.303 working days
USPS Global Express GuaranteedUS $261.851-3 working days
USPS Priority Mail Express InternationalUS $174.953-5 working days
USPS Priority Mail InternationalUS $160.106-10 working days
Eurosender Express PackageUS $108.481-2 working days
Note: The UPS and USPS international shipping services presented above may not be available for all locations. The prices above are the results of online research conducted in September 2023.

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Can you drop off a USPS package at a UPS store?

On previous years, clients could drop off their USPS packages at UPS stores because USPS drivers regularly made collections from these locations. However, this was treated as a “courtesy” service as the UPS store usually didn’t get paid for it. From the beginning of 2020, this service was officially suspended by USPS. From now on, USPS packages cannot be dropped off at UPS stores or the other way around.


UPS vs USPS: which one is faster?

For overnight domestic deliveries, UPS is faster than USPS, offering deliveries by 8:00 the next day. The quickest transport service offered by USPS is Priority Mail Express 1-Day, with next-day delivery. When comparing UPS and USPS Ground Services, their shipping speed is close, but UPS still makes it on average one day faster.

For international deliveries, UPS offers much faster shipping solutions with deliveries in up to 3 working days, while USPS economy services have a delivery time of 6–10 working days. UPS extensive international network enables faster shipping solutions for routes outside the USA.

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UPS vs USPS: which is cheaper for overnight shipments?

USPS is cheaper than UPS for overnight shipments if you do not need it to be delivered by the morning. If you require your parcel to be delivered at the beginning of the next day, UPS may be a bit more expensive, but it pays off since they offer guaranteed delivery within that timeframe. Therefore, when choosing which one is better for overnight shipping, UPS or USPS, you need to compare not only the shipping rates but also the delivery times.

UPS vs USPS: which is cheaper for international shipping?

For smaller packages, USPS offer cheaper solutions for international shipping than UPS, but delivery times are considerably longer. If urgency is not an issue, then USPS may be a better option for you.

On the other hand, UPS is usually cheaper than USPS for shipping large packages internationally. Thus, we advise you to get the quote from both couriers and other logistics providers before you decide which one is better for your needs. If you want to see how much it would cost to book your shipping service with Eurosender, simply select the origin and destination countries on our booking tool.


Advantages of UPS and USPS. Which courier is better?

Both companies have their advantages and disadvantages, so when it comes to deciding which courier is better, let’s compare some of UPS and USPS main features:

Express solutions
Real-time tracking
Free door-to-door deliveryFor some services
Service dedicated to envelopesX
Discounts for registered usersXX
Free address changeXX
Instant online quotesDepends on the routeDepends on the route
Freight solutions for individualsX

UPS vs USPS – Which is better for small businesses?

To determine which courier is better for your small business, UPS or USPS, you should also evaluate their customer satisfaction ratings and solutions for online stores.

  • In 2020, UPS had the highest score in consumer satisfaction among all US-based logistics companies, according to ACSI. In addition to this, they also offer complete support and integration for online businesses to streamline the ordering, labelling, and tracking processes.
  • USPS scored 72 points on consumer satisfaction, being the lowest-rated among the main American shipping companies. To attract small and online businesses, USPS offers low rates for shipping small and light packages along with the enormous availability of shops across the USA for increased convenience.


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UPS vs USPS reliability. Which one is safer?

Comparing UPS and USPS in terms of reliability is not an easy task since they are two of the main carriers in the United States. UPS is one of the pioneers in real-time tracking, offering highly predictable shipping services with 97% rate of on-time deliveries. USPS also provides tracking for every package shipped, but it is a less reliable system since they have different rules for scanning the parcels. Many times, the parcel is not scanned by the driver who performs the collection, only when it arrives at the depots, which can lead to confusion.


UPS vs USPS Comparison Summary: which one is better after all?

Comparing UPS and USPS to decide which one is better for your business may be time-consuming. Still, it is worthy as the companies you choose to collaborate with have a direct effect on your reputation as a business. When analysing the differences between UPS and USPS shipping services, make sure to check which one is cheaper, faster, and has better overall performance on your main operation area.

UPS is usually the preferred option for urgent shipments, same-day collections, and transporting large packages. Their global reach is appealing to shippers who regularly have the need of sending goods overseas and for small businesses who plan to take their operations to a worldwide level. On the other hand, USPS is the most used courier for domestic transport, especially when sending envelopes or small packages. Their Flat-Rate deals are usually the cheapest option amongst all American logistics providers, which is one of the biggest reasons for their popularity amongst small and online businesses.

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Disclaimer: The information is the result of online research conducted in September 2023. For more information about UPS and USPS domestic and international shipping services or updated data for UPS and USPS shipping prices, we strongly recommend checking the official websites of the logistics companies.