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Our logistics solution – your competitive advantage
We provide our industry-specific logistics solutions and expertise for you to keep the production line and materials moving. International shipping, mass distribution, urgent parts deliveries, freight forwarding and more services adjusted to your needs from a single source. Empower your supply chain with customised transport and warehousing solutions to be on the top of the market.


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Our logistics platform provides industry-specific solutions for a wide range of sectors, among them are:

Aviation and AOG
From aircraft engines transport to aircraft spare parts delivery, available 24/7

Auto parts shipping and distribution, personalised vehicle transportation solutions

Raw materials and finished products transportation available on a global level

Electronics shipping along all the supply chain: from production to final delivery

Event & Tradeshow
Freight shipping and urgent deliveries for a flawless event organisation

Express marine parts shipping to warehouses, ports or any other location

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Why choose our industry-specific logistics solutions?

When looking for a logistics partner, you expect to get nothing less than top-quality transport, warehousing and distribution solutions for your industry. Quick response, flexibility, automatised solutions, reliable transporters, and expert assistance at any time are some of the factors we offer to help you progress in a fast-paced market. At Eurosender, we are aware of your challenges and have the tools to help your business grow.

We have helped more than 60,000 companies from different industries to optimise their logistics processes!
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Supply chain freight transport solutions

We cover a diverse range of industries providing freight transport solutions along your supply chain in Europe and on a global level. The transportation of your finished goods, parts or raw materials can be realised by road, air, sea or rail. Thanks to our collaboration with an extensive network of freight forwarders, we can effectively carry out your freight shipping needs, no matter the cargo size and weight. Urgent freight transportation is also available.

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Industry-specific warehousing solutions

Warehousing in the facilities next to your company location can help saving costs and time usually spent on transportation. Our industry-specific logistics solutions include warehousing in the facilities of one of our vetted courier partners. We offer long- and short-term warehousing solutions according to your needs. Store raw materials or finished goods and optimise your production flow!
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Distribution solutions for your industry

Along with warehousing solutions, we can organise the distribution of spare parts or finished goods around the globe. The products will be picked up and shipped from the storage facility or your business location to the end customer address. Let us take care of the movement of your products and keep your customers satisfied with urgent shipping services designed specifically for your industry!