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We know how complex is the process of organising an event. Our platform helps to reduce your efforts and save time by providing efficient event and exhibition logistics solutions. Get access to a wide range of courier services for transporting goods to events, concerts, and trade fairs securely and on time. We partner with reliable transporters to satisfy your specific needs and deliver products to trade shows and events worldwide. When organising any event, benefit from our logistics services to send urgent packages, move stages and store inventory.

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Advantages of our event and trade fair logistics solutions

At Eurosender, we understand the challenges of planning and organising events. That is why we provide tailor-made exhibition and event logistics solutions to suit your schedule and budget. We arrange all the transportation details for you! Get the most from our courier services specifically created for concerts and other events:

Fast global transportation

Reliable freight forwarders

Experienced support team

Insurance options available


Who can benefit from our event courier services?

Every client has specific needs, so you do. At Eurosender, we have a wide range of international logistics services for creating a perfect trade show, exhibition or concert of any size. Here are clients we have helped already:

  • Exhibitors
  • Trade associations
  • Organisers
  • Stage builders


Event, exhibition and trade-fair logistics solutions for your needs

Transportation solutions to consider depending on the size and time-sensitivity of your shipment:
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International logistics services for all types of events

Over the years, we have partnered with global transport companies to provide international logistics solutions for trade shows and not only. Any size, any destination – we are here to help you deliver the products for your event. When using our transportation solutions to arrange your event’s logistics, you can be sure all your products will arrive safely at the destination.

We offer logistics solutions for different events, including concerts, trade fairs, sporting events, tours, exhibitions, festivals, conferences, etc. Check some of our specialised guides:


Freight transport and storage solutions for the event logistics

Standard shipping is not enough for most trade shows. To send all the products and materials needed for your event, we offer freight transport solutions. Greater speed and abnormal sizing are not problems for our logistics partners. When you need to move a stage to the concert destination or transport any other products, we will find the vehicle of the right type and size. Our event and exhibition logistics solutions include all the modes of freight transportation via shared or dedicated solutions. Besides freight transport solutions for events, you can easily organise warehousing through our platform, be it long- or short-term. Get in contact with our experts to get a free quote.

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FAQs about the event and trade-fair logistics solutions

Does Eurosender offer same-day courier services for concerts and other events?
Yes, we have a wide range of courier services for events, including urgent shipping. Whenever you need a same-day courier, choose our Van Delivery and organise the pick-up as soon as possible. The transit times are the shortest with this service and vary from 24 to 72 hours.
For smaller products, we also can arrange same-day courier services and deliver packages to the event. Check out our options for same-day delivery or get in touch with our specialists via chat.
How much does it cost to use our event and exhibition logistics services?
The cost of transporting items will depend on the chosen service, route and size of the shipment. The prices for almost all the courier and freight transport services for events are available online, and you can simulate them by using our booking tool. The costs for warehousing will be calculated by our logistics experts and will be sent to you upon request without any obligation.
When using our logistics solutions for events, concerts and exhibitions, you will pay only for transportation and warehousing (if you decide to use this service). It means that the logistics department you will have is free and you do not have to pay for using it.
What types of freight transport solutions for events can I book?
All types of freight transport, including air, sea, road and rail freight. The most frequent mode of transportation used in event logistics is road freight due to its short transit times and flexibility. We offer LTL, FTL and Van delivery services to cover all the needs you may have. If you are looking for event international logistics services, the combination of various modes is also possible.
Should I prepare any customs documents when using event logistics services for shipping to another country?
When booking our logistics services for shipping to an international event, you may need to prepare customs documents depending on the destination. All the shipments will require correspondent documentation, so make sure you prepare everything beforehand for the delivery to go smoothly. Inform yourself about the shipping documents needed for international transportation.
Can I send tickets through Eurosender?
Yes, you can! Our event logistics services are not only about freight. You can ease your planning and send the tickets for an event to your guests through our Document Service. Use envelopes as packaging and send your invitations internationally – delivered worldwide in 24-72h!
Is it possible to organise art shipping to the exhibition with Eurosender’s delivery services?
Yes, absolutely! Our exhibition delivery services can be used for shipping all types of goods, including artwork. We highly recommend reading our advice about shipping paintings and sculptures safely before booking the service. Take into account that each country and courier have their own regulations about shipping artworks, and make sure you read them thoroughly before deciding to ship this type of article.
How do I organise shipping for a multi-destination music tour through Eurosender?
The concert logistics transport can be booked for a needed day. For a multi-destination music tour, book our courier services in advance when planning your concert. You will need to place separate orders for each destination in your tour specifying the collection date in each place. If you need any help with arranging transportation for a multi-destination tour, get in contact with our logistics experts.
Note: If you need to arrange pick-up/ delivery at multiple locations without making stops for concerts, you don’t need to book different services.
Will the driver help with loading and unloading the van?
The driver will only load and unload your goods if you chose this option during the order process. Specify if you need any tools or additional assistance for loading and unloading the van when booking courier services for the concert or event.
Does insurance apply when using event logistics services?
Eurosender covers all the shipments with basic insurance, whose value depends on the type of goods transported and the selected service. For better protection, you can choose one of our additional insurance options.
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