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International shipping of prefab and modular homes

Get safe and cost-effective transportation of your modular home or office building from the off-site factory to the on-site construction area. Choose Eurosender as your reliable shipping platform and save on the costs to move a new or used modular home. We cooperate with the most experienced moving companies to make sure your modular home will be delivered safely and on time. Explore this guide and check the lowest cost to move a modular home on the market. Our logistics experts will assist you during the whole process of booking the transport to move a modular home or any other prefab building.

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How to move a modular home or prefab house?

Organise the delivery of a modular home easily with Eurosender. Get the immediate shipping cost
to move a modular or prefabricated home internationally:

Full truck (FTL)

The best moving services to transport a modular house
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Shared truck (LTL)

Ideal for delivery of large or bulky goods
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Van delivery

Book a van to move your loads across Europe
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How to prepare a used modular home or building for transport?

When relocating your used modular home to a new location, make sure it is ready to be moved upon collection. Here are some general instructions on how to prepare a used modular home for sale and move to another site.

  1. Remove all heavy items and furniture.
  2. Make sure that all utilities are turned off.
  3. Remove all exterior attachments such as window flowers, awnings, etc.
  4. Lock up and bolt the doors and windows before moving.
  5. Make sure the new site has a proper foundation and utilities are prepared.

How to prepare modular homes elements for delivery?

To ensure the elements of a modular home will be delivered safely check the basic recommendations:

  1. Cover the modules with a weatherproof coating to protect them from rain, wind and sun.
  2. Fix the coating with tape or straps.
  3. Place the modular home elements on the pallet or crate, if needed.
  4. Organise cranes or forklifts to load modules into the truck.


How much does it cost to move a modular home or prefab house?

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FAQs on international shipping of prefab homes and modular houses

Can I move a modular home again once it’s been installed on-site?
Modular homes are designed and constructed to be permanent, and once installed on-site and connected to services, it will be challenging to transport them again. However, modular homes can be uninstalled and deconstructed to the original modules and relocated again by truck.
Can you move a prefab house with furniture in it?
When transporting a prefab home, it is essential to remove all breakable and valuables from the interior, including furniture, appliances, etc. Moving companies will refuse to transport your prefabricated home unless it is completely empty.
How much does it cost to move a modular home within Europe?
The price of moving a modular home depends on the route and type of service you choose. You can check the immediate cost to move a modular home with our booking tool. Otherwise, request an individual offer and our agents will prepare a tailored offer for your needs.
How do I choose a moving company to transport my modular home?
We cooperate with the best logistics companies to provide international shipping services for prefab homes and modular buildings. Our agents will select the best logistics provider according to your requirements. After that, we will contact you via email, detailing which freight company will carry out your shipment and the price.
What are the insurance options when shipping a prefab home internationally?
During the transportation of modular homes and building as freight, your loads are covered with the CMR convention. Eurosender also provides additional insurance options with higher coverage at low rates.