How to move a vintage jukebox safely?

Are you wondering how to move your vintage jukebox to a chosen location in a safe manner and at a low price? Eurosender is here to help you! Our transport services are among the ones having the best quality/price ratios on the market. Using our online tool below you will find the best and the cheapest way to ship a jukebox abroad or domestically. If necessary, we will create for you a personalised offer, customising in such a way all the transport services that you would require. All you will need to do to arrange the shipment of a jukebox is to book the relevant transport services on our website (using the booking tool here below) and to prepare the jukebox for transportation (see the packing tips below). As for the rest, Eurosender will take care of it! Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us – we will be happy to assist you!

Arrange the shipment of a jukebox to the desired destination

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Booking a service to transport a jukebox domestically or internationally

Given the fact that a jukebox is quite a large and heavy item to transport, we advise you to opt for a “Non-standard” service in the booking tool. If not, you can directly book an individual offer by clicking on the button below:

Request an individual offer

  • Choose the pick-up and delivery countries, the number of items to be transported, their dimensions and
  • After you fill in the form with all the necessary information, you can pay for the service.

You will be offered the cheapest way to ship a jukebox to a chosen destination with one of the most reliable logistics companies.

If you have specific questions and want to receive more details on how to best move your vintage jukebox using transport services, do not hesitate to contact our specialists!

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Some points to consider before you arrange the shipment of a jukebox

  • Transport insurance. Eurosender offers you free insurance coverage up to 200 EUR for each item you transport with us. But as your jukebox is probably of greater value, we recommend you to purchase additional insurance at a very reasonable price. If you need advice on this matter, you can discuss it with our logistics specialists before you decide whether to buy the additional insurance or not.
  • In most countries, the delivery company will print and stick the label on your shipment. Sometimes you have to do it yourself, but do not worry, we’ll let you know if you need to.
  • If necessary, you can check what time will the delivery of your parcel take. For this, you can use our estimated delivery time tool.
  • Place your order at least two business days before the date when you would like a transport service to pick up your parcel.


If you move and need to transport other items such as furniture, for example, we suggest you use our freight or moving service. Please contact our logistics specialists for further information. Remember that sending multiple items together is cheaper, especially if you send them via Eurosender.

Packaging materials needed to transport your jukebox internationally or domestically

When planning to transport your jukebox to a chosen destination by courier, please prepare all the necessary materials to protect your parcel to the maximum. You will need the following:

  • You would need to select a pallet that fits well your jukebox in terms of its dimensions.
  • To attach the jukebox to the pallet.
  • Thick polystyrene sheets – to protect your jukebox during transit.
  • Stretch wrap – to be wrapped all around the jukebox to fix the polystyrene sheets.
  • Cushioning materials (if needed) – you can take moving blankets, bubble wrap or corrugated cardboard to provide additional protection.
  • Adhesive tape – to fix packing materials.

How to pack a jukebox before moving it?

  1. Prepare the jukebox. If your jukebox contains some records like vinyl discs, for example, you should take them out. If you would like to vinyl records along with the jukebox, please prepare and pack them according to dedicated instructions given on this page.
  2. Protect the jukebox by covering each side of it with thick polystyrene sheets. Make sure that each part of the jukebox is protected with a polystyrene sheet.
  3. Stretch wrap the jukebox entirely in several layers, fixing in such way the polystyrene sheets in their places.
  4. Prepare the pallet. Cover the pallet with corrugated cardboard (or similar material) before placing a polystyrene-protected and stretch-wrapped jukebox on it.
  5. Place the jukebox on the pallet and attach it well to the pallet with special straps.
  6. Verify once again if the jukebox is properly wrapped and is firmly fixed to the pallet with straps.

Why can Eurosender offer you the cheapest way to ship a jukebox abroad or domestically?
  • An innovative online platform allowing you to quickly place an order on our site and see immediately the cost of shipping services.
  • Automatic selection of the courier company with the best quality/price ratio. This is perfect for you if you are searching for how to move your vintage jukebox at a low price.
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Tracking number to track your package online.
  • We cooperate with many of the most reliable international transport companies such as DHL, DPD, GLS, Post Luxembourg, as well as with many reliable local delivery companies.

This way, arranging the shipment of a jukebox via Eurosender is quite easy. If you are in doubt or if you have any specific questions on how to move a vintage jukebox domestically or abroad in the best possible way, just contact our experts. We are always ready to help you!

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