How to Ship a Jukebox Abroad? Transport Solutions

The best way to move a jukebox safely

Eurosender provides multiple shipping options to transport a jukebox safely across Europe or overseas. Whether you are a business owner or an individual, looking for the best way to move a jukebox, we got a solution. Trust our expertise and book the right service for shipping a jukebox internationally in just a few clicks. Get experts tips about how to prepare a vintage jukebox for transport and find answers to the most frequently asked questions on moving a jukebox.

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Jukebox transport services for sores and repair shops

Are you a reseller or a repair shop owner looking for the most efficient way to transport jukeboxes? With Eurosender, you get a wide range of shipping solutions which help you save on shipping costs but don’t compromise on safety. Join our platform and manage all your orders and invoices from your own free personalised dashboard. Get access to special prices and personalised assistance from experts in the field.


How to move a jukebox internationally? Explore our shipping options

Eurosender provides various solutions for shipping jukeboxes and its spare parts within Europe and abroad. Book the right
service and organise a jukebox delivery in just a few clicks:

Express package

The fastest way to send small items internationally
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Pallet delivery

The best option for shipping heavy and bulky loads
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Van Delivery

A dedicated van for shipping across Europe
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How to pack a jukebox before moving it on a pallet?

  1. Remove all of the CD records and vinyl discs from the jukebox. Pack them according to our instructions on this page.
  2. Cover each side of the jukebox with thick polystyrene sheets.
  3. Wrap the jukebox with several layers of stretch foil, fixing in such way the polystyrene sheets in their places.
  4. Put some cardboard on the pallet surface and place the jukebox on the pallet.
  5. Fix the jukebox to the pallet with straps and further wrap them with stretch foil.


Book the Van service and transport a jukebox directly to the destination!

Are you still looking for the best way to move a jukebox across Europe? Look no further, as we provide relocation services for companies and individuals at the best price. Transport a jukebox together with other belonging directly to the destination in a van reserved only for you. It is the most convenient way to move a jukebox and other belongings across a country or within Europe. Your load will go directly from one address to the other with no stops or sharing space with other shippers.


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FAQs on how to transport a jukebox internationally

Can you transport a jukebox on its back?
Yes, you can transport a jukebox on its back safely but make sure you packed it properly. First of all, make sure you remove all records. Then, hand-tighten the carriage bolts to secure the mechanism carriage in place. Now it should be safe to lay your machine on its back for shipping.
Is it possible to move a jukebox alone?
It depends on the dimensions and weight of a jukebox you are going to ship. Still, to make sure you will move the jukebox undamaged, it is recommended to ask a friend or neighbour for help. You can use forklifts for loading the jukebox into a truck or a van for transport. Make sure to request this service in advance when booking the service.
How much does it cost to move a vintage jukebox overseas?
The cost of shipping a jukebox depends on the route and type of service you choose. With the help of our booking tool, you can easily check the prices for a jukebox delivery with different services. Also, you can request an individual offer and our agents will find the best solution for you.
Is there any insurance for shipping a jukebox by courier?
Depending on the shipping service and the type of goods being transported, insurance may be included in the price of the service. For extra protection, we also offer additional insurance options with higher coverage at very low rates.
When shipping jukeboxes as freight, the shipments are automatically insured according to the CMR convention.
What service should I choose when moving house to another city in Europe and want to transport my jukebox?
The best way to move a jukebox and your other belongings when relocating is by booking the van delivery service. It is the most risk-free method to transport a jukebox across Europe. Also, it allows you to avoid the packaging process that can be overwhelming and time-consuming sometimes. All your goods will be picked up and delivered directly to the destination point without stops.
Can Eurosender help me to load the jukebox into the van?
As a rule, it is the shipper’s responsibility to prepare the shipment for collection on the ground floor if possible. You can inform us in advance if you need extra assistance during collection. Our agents will help you organise forklifts, tail-lifts etc., which are available by request but may incur an additional fee.