International Shipping for IKEA Furniture

How to ship IKEA furniture | International delivery by courier

Find out the best way to pack and ship IKEA furniture abroad by courier. Join Eurosender and benefit from our reliable logistics network and extensive experience in transporting furniture. Simply book your shipping service with us, and we will arrange all the details for your IKEA furniture delivery.

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International IKEA deliveries for resellers or businesses

We offer delivery services and specialised features for businesses. Save on logistics efforts and take advantage of our pre-negotiated shipping rates and data-driven deliveries. Set up your own logistics department in our platform and optimise your logistics operations.


How to ship furniture from IKEA internationally?

Our shipping services can be used when selling used IKEA furniture online, returning it to an IKEA store or when relocating. These are the available delivery methods to transport items from IKEA:

Standard shipping

Ideal for shipping small IKEA items or products that can be disassembled
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Pallet delivery

Best transportation alternative to ship multiple or bulkier items and furniture pieces
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Individual offer

The best option for businesses with special needs or requirements in their shippings
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Van delivery

Have an entire van/truck dedicated solely to you. Short transit times within Europe
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What to know when shipping furniture from IKEA?

  • Measure your item in its final packaging and use our Size Checker tool to determine the service that best fits your needs.
  • Check the transactional emails to confirm whether you will need to print the shipping label yourself.
  • Estimate the time of delivery with our online tool and make sure someone is present at the collection and delivery addresses.
Ship your IKEA furniture with insurance

At Eurosender, we offer several different insurance options at low rates. Base insurance is already applied in the final price, but you can always purchase additional coverage for extra protection of your furniture.

We always recommend our customers to keep the original invoice of the shipped items to serve as proof of value. It is also a good idea to photograph your furniture and packaging before shipping.

How to pack IKEA furniture for shipping or moving?


Follow these instructions for shipping smaller IKEA items through the standard delivery service.

  • Disassemble the piece of furniture as much as possible.
  • Protect items individually with bubble wrap, making sure to cushion sharp edges.
  • Flat-pack the items in the box already padded with cushioning material. Fill all the empty spaces with enough cushioning material to keep them still.
  • Put screws or any other small items in a plastic bag and tape them to the part they belong to.
  • Seal your package with several layers of adhesive tape on all sides of the package.


Take the following steps to securely prepare your IKEA furniture for pallet delivery.

  • Remove any moving parts, wrap them in a bubble wrap, place them in a cardboard box and fill the box with enough cushioning material. This box will be strapped to the pallet individually in the end.
  • Pad the surface of the pallet with cardboard and carefully place the item on the pallet.
  • Wrap the furniture with moving blankets, foam wrap and/or corrugated cardboard and affix them with stretch foil and tape. Alternatively, you can use wooden boards or plywood sheets to build a crate around the item.
  • Use bands to strap all the items and boxes to the pallet by wrapping it with several layers in different directions. You can also wrap the whole cargo in stretch foil for further protection.


How much does it cost to ship IKEA furniture internationally?

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Moving IKEA furniture when relocating

Within Europe
When organizing an international move within the EU, you can choose to send your items with our Dedicated Van Delivery service. Get the entire inner space of the van or truck reserved to you and the delivery will be made directly to the receiver’s address, without stops.

This is not only the cheapest but also the most convenient solution for moving IKEA furniture along with your other belongings. An experienced courier driver will help you load your items into the truck and make sure they are safe for transport. All you need to do is protect your items with moving blankets and/or cushioning materials before his arrival.

International relocations outside Europe
Intercontinental relocations are more delicate because they also involve customs procedures. If you want to ship your IKEA furniture when moving from the USA, Canada or any other country, please request an individual offer so that one of our agents can prepare an offer personalised to your needs. Alternatively, you can opt for the express delivery if you are in a rush.

Why use a courier service for shipping furniture from IKEA?

  • Selling or buying used IKEA furniture. Don’t worry about the trouble of delivering the item to the buyer. Simply ship your IKEA items cross country or overseas with us.
  • Buying IKEA furniture from another country. Book the shipment of your recently-bought IKEA furniture with us and have it delivered in no time.
  • Moving to a new home. We offer a quick, reliable and cheap furniture delivery service for individuals relocating.


FAQ – Shipping furniture from IKEA internationally

How long does IKEA take to deliver?

When organizing your furniture shipping directly with IKEA, the delivery might take up to 5 working days, depending on your location. When shipping your IKEA furniture with Eurosender, you can always check our estimated delivery tool to calculate the transit time and use our tracking system to follow your parcel online.

How much are the shipping costs from IKEA?

The shipping costs of large furniture items from IKEA start at 49€. However, the price may vary depending on the country and the location of your address. However, when shipping with Eurosender, you can get immediate quotes for sending your IKEA furniture by courier.

Does IKEA ship internationally?

IKEA does not offer international shipping. When you buy your IKEA furniture, you have the option to have it delivered to your address as long as it is located in the same country as the store you made the purchase.

Can you order IKEA furniture from another country?

Even though IKEA does not offer delivery if you make an order from a store in another country, you can have it delivered to you by courier. When confirming the purchase with IKEA, you need to select the option of picking up the item in the store and inform that someone will collect the parcel on your behalf. After this, simply organize the shipment with us and don’t forget to give the order number or confirmation to the courier company so they can pick up the item.