How to ship IKEA furniture

Thanks to the IKEA products, you can accessorize or furnish your home at affordable prices. However, sometimes it happens that one buys online a nice piece of furniture to only realize later that it doesn’t fit in our apartment. Ikea’s customer friendly return policy allows you to return the items in 356 days after the purchase. It could also happen that one has some pieces of used IKEA furniture at home and would like to sell it. All you’ll have to think about is how to ship furniture from IKEA? Do not worry, our logistics specialists have gathered useful tips about packing and shipping furniture from IKEA.

How to place an order for shipping IKEA furniture?

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How to ship furniture from IKEA

At Eurosender, we can organize the delivery of IKEA furniture for our customers when they are selling used IKEA furniture or returning it to IKEA store and looking for alternative delivery.

As we only work with the most reputable logistics companies to perform the service, we are able to accommodate the shipping of different pieces of furniture, regardless of their size, weight, and shape, therefore you can rest assured that your IKEA furniture will reach the destination safely, anywhere in Europe.

There are certain things to consider when shipping items from IKEA:

  • Get accurate details about the final dimensions and the weight of your parcel to select the best service for you. You can use our Shipment Size Checker to determine which shipping service to choose.
  • If you have shipments that weigh over 40 kg or are too large to fit into a standard cardboard box, we can create a tailored offer for you. Submit the request for an individual offer and our experts will contact you right away.

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  • When using standard services and providing an address in Poland, Sweden or Spain as your pick-up location, you will need to print the shipping label yourself. You will receive it via e-mail.
  • If you cannot be present at the pick-up address or if you plan to leave the delivery location shortly before pick-up, make sure you place the order at least 2 days before your departure to avoid any complications.

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If you are still unsure about how to place an order for shipping services, contact us and our logistics experts will call you and explain you everything you need to know about the delivery of your IKEA furniture.

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When shipping valuable items like furniture, consider buying additional insurance to better protect your shipment. Depending on the type of shipment, you can purchase extra insurance of up to 5000€. The insurance applies in case of damages or lost items. Discuss the options with one of our logistics specialists.

We also advise you to check the integrity of the parcel upon delivery. If you notice signs of damages, it is important to file a report with the courier driver and send us an email with a few photos that will prove the damage. We will start a claim procedure on your behalf with the courier service provider. For this reason, it is also a good idea to photograph your furniture before shipping. And we also recommend you to keep the original invoice for the items you are going to ship. It can serve you as a proof of their value and is therefore required by courier companies if you start a claim procedure.

Packaging materials for shipping IKEA furniture

If your IKEA furniture is still unpacked, you do not have a problem with packing. If not, you will want to make sure to properly protect it. So, choosing the most suitable packaging materials is the step you do not want to miss. Use the following list as the starting point:

  1. A cardboard box – only sturdy and strong boxes should be used to withstand the weight of the items. You can use a new box, which u can buy at a hardware or stationery store or get a used one at a supermarket. It is acceptable to use an older box if you first make sure that it is in good shape, which is to say it has no holes, tears or dents.
  2. Cushioning materials – for internal cushioning and protection and for holding the items in place. You can use bubble wrap, polystyrene chips, Styrofoam sheets, crumpled paper, foam, cardboard protectors etc. – For shipping furniture on a pallet, you can also use moving blankets.
  3. Plastic bags – for storing smaller parts. Ziploc bags can be very handy too.
  4. Stretch foil and adhesive tape – to secure items and protective materials.
  5. A pallet – for shipping larger and bulkier pieces of furniture. It can be a new or even a used one but make sure that has a large enough surface to accommodate all items and that it is strong enough to take their weight.
  6. Bands – for strapping the cargo to the pallet.

How to pack items from IKEA for standard shipping?

Whether you are reselling or returning items to IKEA, proper packaging is crucial for successful delivery. Not even the most reliable shipping service will be able to guarantee safe delivery of an improperly packed and poorly protected shipment. Closely follow our simple packing techniques and you will not have to worry.

  1. Disassemble furniture. Try to disassemble everything you can and take special care of moving parts.
  2. Protect everything. After you have disassembled your furniture, cover sharp edges with bubble wrap, foam or cardboard protectors.
  3. Flat-pack the items in the box. Use the cushioning material of your choice to cover the bottom of the box. Then wrap every individual part in bubble wrap and stack the items flat in the package. Fill all the empty spaces with enough cushioning material to prevent the parts from moving around. Add some extra material if needed.
  4. Tape screws to the items they belong to. Put screws or any other small items in a plastic bag or wrap them in bubble wrap. Then tape them to the furniture parts they belong to so that you do not lose them and can reassemble the individual pieces without searching for the right parts.
  5. Seal your package. Be generous and apply several layers of adhesive tape on all sides of the package. You can even use stretch foil and wrap the box completely.

How to pack IKEA furniture for transport on a pallet?

Take the following steps to securely prepare your IKEA furniture for pallet delivery.

  • Place the item on the pallet. Pad the surface of the pallet with some cardboard and carefully place the item on the pallet. If it is too heavy and you cannot do it alone, ask a friend or neighbor to help you.
  • Remove any moving parts. First, wrap them in a bubble wrap, place them in a cardboard box and fill the box with enough cushioning material. Strap the box to the pallet individually.
  • Use several layers of protection or simply build a crate around the item. Once you have safely loaded your IKEA furniture on the pallet, wrap it with foam wrap, moving blankets and some corrugated cardboard. Use several layers of different protective material and affix them with stretch foil and adhesive tape. Make sure that the items are completely covered. An even safer option is to use some wood boards or plywood sheets to build a crate around the furniture. If you do not know how to build a crate, ask a friend for help or contact our logistics specialists to gather some first-hand tips.
  • Strap well. Use bands to strap all the items and boxes to the pallet. Wrap these around the cargo in all possible directions as well as in several layers to make sure they are safely loaded. If there are several boxes of furniture stacked on a pallet, further strengthen the construction with stretch foil.

Why using courier service for shipping furniture from IKEA?

We at Eurosender are very proud to help our customers with shipping their furniture. We strongly believe that everyone should be able to ship their items in an easy and affordable way. These are the reasons for ordering IKEA furniture delivery services online using our user-friendly platform:

  • Selling used IKEA furniture. When you decide to sell items from IKEA, using our platform can be the best solution to cheaply and safely send furniture to your buyers.
  • Buying used IKEA items. You found someone who is selling the IKEA items you need, but you do not know how to get them to your address? Eurosender can give you a hand!
  • Returning items from IKEA. Have you bought items from IKEA that do not fit your home? Return them back with Eurosender.
  • Moving to a new home. Many of our customers found us when looking for the best last-minute solution for shipping furniture to their new home. Eurosender provides access to quick, reliable and cheap furniture delivery service.

If we did not answer all your questions, do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team. They will give you the best possible advice on how to ship furniture from IKEA. Call our logistics specialists or send an e-mail, you will get all the answers you are looking for in a blink of an eye.

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