Shipping IKEA Furniture | International Deliveries

Courier solutions for shipping IKEA furniture internationally

Find the best solution for shipping furniture and other purchases from IKEA to your home or abroad by courier. Whether it is for a relocation or a return, our IKEA furniture international delivery services are both convenient and affordable. Book your IKEA furniture transport with us in just a few clicks and follow our expert packing guidelines to prepare small and large IKEA items for safe shipping.

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Shipping a small piece of furniture from IKEA

Depending on the size and time-sensitivity of your international IKEA furniture shipment, Eurosender recommends:
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How to pack IKEA furniture in a box for shipping

Follow the guidelines below for packing smaller IKEA items in a box, which can be shipped through the Standard or Priority Express Services:

  1. Disassemble the piece of IKEA furniture and wrap the parts individually in bubble wrap.
  2. Put screws or any other small items in a plastic bag and tape them to the IKEA furniture part where they belong.
  3. Flat-pack the items in a cardboard box already padded with cushioning materials and fill empty spaces with extra padding.
  4. Close and seal the package with several layers of adhesive tape on all sides.


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Shipping a larger load of IKEA furniture by courier

If you are shipping large and heavy IKEA furniture across country or internationally, Eurosender recommends:
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How to pack IKEA furniture for shipping internationally on a pallet

Follow the guidelines below to protect IKEA furniture during pallet transport:

  1. Disassemble the piece of IKEA furniture as much as possible and follow the instuctions above for packing the parts in a box.
  2. Cushion the surface of the pallet with cardboard sheets and carefully place the boxes on the pallet.
  3. Once loaded onto the pallet, wrap everything with foam sheeting, moving blankets and some corrugated cardboard. An even safer option is to build a crate of chipboard or plywood sheets around the items.
  4. Secure the items and boxes to the pallets using ropes or straps. Make sure the load is completely covered with no parts sticking out. Wrap everything with more cling film for maximum protection.

Van delivery service for moving with IKEA furniture

Relocations within Europe

When organising an international move within the EU, you can choose to transport your IKEA furniture with our dedicated Van Delivery Service. You will have the whole van reserved for your load and the delivery will be made directly to the receiver’s address, without any stops.

This is not only the cheapest but also the most convenient solution for moving IKEA furniture along with your other personal items. An experienced courier driver will help you load everything into the van and make sure they are safe for transport. For this service, there are no packing restrictions. However, we recommend that you still protect your IKEA furniture with moving blankets or other cushioning materials to prevent damage during transport.

International relocations outside Europe

If you urgently need to relocate and ship IKEA furniture abroad, Eurosender offers an Priority Express Service. You can ship IKEA items in packages of up to 70kg with this service. Alternatively, we can organise an international relocation service personalised to your needs. Take into consideration that intercontinental relocations can be more complicated as they also involve customs clearance. If you want to ship your IKEA furniture when moving from the USA, Canada or any other country, please request an individual offer so that one of our agents can prepare a customised offer for you.

Check the costs for shipping IKEA furniture internationally

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FAQ on shipping IKEA furniture internationally by courier

How much are the IKEA shipping costs?
The IKEA furniture shipping costs start at €49. However, the price may vary depending on the country and the location of your address. Bear in mind that the IKEA delivery cost is not included in the product price displayed on their website. However, when shipping with Eurosender, you can get immediate quotes for transporting furniture and other items from IKEA.
Can I order IKEA furniture home delivery from another country?
No, IKEA offers home delivery only if the address is located in the same country as the store. Our international shipping services can be used when selling used IKEA furniture online, returning it to an IKEA store or when relocating. If you need to have IKEA furniture shipped internationally, you can check for a cheaper alternative with Eurosender. Simply insert the details of your IKEA furniture shipment in our booking tool to get instant quotes from a wide range of courier services. Select the store pick-up option when completing your online IKEA order. Make sure to include the IKEA order reference in your Eurosender booking details so that the courier will be able to pick up your shipment at the store.
Should I dismantle IKEA furniture for international deliveries?
We recommend that you dismantle your IKEA furniture whenever possible for shipping or transporting across the country or internationally. Furniture is made up of many small and delicate parts that can easily get damaged. Furthermore, by disassembling your item, the final package will be smaller in volume and you may be able to arrange for the delivery of your IKEA furniture via our Standard Service, which is the cheapest solution.
What is the fastest option for transporting IKEA furniture?
The fastest services for sending IKEA furniture by courier, for example if you are returning items to IKEA, are the Express or Van Delivery services. Express is best recommended for international deliveries as your IKEA furniture will be transported by air and delivered in the shortest possible time. You can use the Priority Express Service to ship boxes weighing up to 70kg. Van Delivery is an ideal transport solution for returning IKEA items across country in Europe, with express delivery times and no stopovers.
What type of box should I use for shipping IKEA furniture internationally?
Furniture is usually heavy and bulky, so we recommend using sturdy, rigid cardboard boxes to pack your IKEA furniture for shipping or moving overseas. If possible, you should use the original packaging, as this includes protection tailor-made for your item. If you no longer have the original packaging, you can use any cardboard box, new or second-hand, as long as it is in good condition. We also recommend sealing the corners and folds of the box with tape before shipping your IKEA furniture.
How long does IKEA furniture shipping take?
If you are organising furniture shipping directly with IKEA, the delivery might take up to 5 working days, depending on your location. When sending your IKEA furniture by courier with Eurosender, the estimated delivery time will be calculated during the order booking process. Once your order is in transit, you can use our shipment tracking system to monitor its progress and plan for delivery.
Can I ship multiple pieces of IKEA furniture on a pallet?
Yes. Freight shipments are very useful when shipping IKEA furniture, not only because they can withstand heavier loads, but because you can arrange the pallet to fit multiple items. If the IKEA furniture is properly packed, you can ship multiple items at once using a pallet. If you are transporting multiple pieces of IKEA furniture, we highly recommend booking a Van Delivery service across Europe, which also means that you do not have restrictive packing requirements.
Is my IKEA furniture insured if I ship it domestically or internationally?
Yes, every shipment with Eurosender is covered by insurance, the value of which depends on the chosen service. You can purchase additional insurance at low rates during the ordering process to get extra protection for your IKEA furniture during transport. We recommend you keep the invoice of the IKEA items you are shipping to serve as a proof of value.