How to ship outdoor furniture

At Eurosender, we have already helped many people who wanted to ship a garden bench, a garden table, outdoor chairs or even plants to several destinations in Europe. To make sure that you will also be able to join our satisfied shippers, we have prepared a handy guide that will teach you how to pack and move outdoor furniture using courier services.

How to place an order for shipping chairs internationally or domestically?

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If you ship outdoor furniture through Eurosender, you will be able to relax completely as our specialists take over all the hard work while you can enjoy all the benefits of a door-to-door delivery at reduced prices. We will arrange the cheapest and the most reliable transport of your shipment, keep in touch with the couriers and be your point of contact for when you need advice or guidance.

Whether you are not sure how to pack and ship a garden bench or you want to get some more tips for shipping outdoor furniture internationally and domestically, help is always only one phone call or one e-mail away.

While the basic insurance is included in the price of every shipment, we always strongly recommend that you also opt for one of our extra insurance packages when shipping more expensive garden items. Additional insurance of up to 1000€ or 2000€ can be added at a very low price, and there is also a possibility of even higher coverage. You can discuss all these options with one of our logistics experts.

We also recommend that you always keep the original invoice for the items you are going to ship.
This document serves as a proof of their value and is therefore required by the courier companies if you start a claim procedure. It is also a good idea to make a few pictures before sending a piece of outdoor furniture away and thus make sure that you can support your claim in the unlikely event of a shipment being damaged upon delivery.

Do you want to know even more? No problem! Our team of dedicated and friendly customer support specialists is also ready to tackle all further questions that you might have and provide you with even more first-hand information on shipping garden furniture.

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How to ship outdoor or garden furniture

If you want to make sure that the transport of your outdoor sofa, patio umbrella or picnic table is as safe and reliable as it can be, knowing how to properly protect the items you want to ship and choose the best possible service is essential. To achieve this goal, you need to start with several crucial steps that make for a smooth transport.

  • Outdoor furniture can be shipped in numerous ways. When shipping smaller and lightweight items such as foldable chairs or outdoor umbrellas a cardboard box might do the job, but for bulkier pieces such as patio sets, a pallet or a removal service is the only way to go. Whenever you are not completely sure which service to choose, always get in touch with our shipping experts first – describe the nature of your shipment and they will recommend the best option. You can also request an individual offer on our webpage and they will get back to you with the solution.
  • If you decide for the package delivery, always measure the size of your box and use the Calculator below to see which type of service of suitable for your package.
  • Never forget to check whether the shipping label must be printed by you or the courier services provider. If, for example, you want to ship a package from Poland, Spain or Sweden, printing and attaching the labels to boxes is usually the task of the shipper. These rules, however, change, if one sends cargo.
  • When planning to leave the pick-up address very soon, we recommend that you place an order at least 2 days before your scheduled departure date. This way, you will make sure your shipment will be picked up before you leave. Alternatively, you can also appoint another person to hand over the package for you.
  • Eurosender might be able to arrange transport of plants and similar items in some cases. However, before booking our services for such shipments, always get in touch with our logistics experts first.

Check the dimensions of your outdoor furniture

Relocations and removals – the best service for moving without a care in the world

When you want to ship a larger number of garden items or even move a whole garden, the most suitable logistics solution in our repertoire is the relocation service offered in cooperation with our trusted partners. A delivery van will be booked only for you, so you will have the space you need to pack and transport all of your outdoor furniture at once. Moreover, a professional removals specialist will help you load and protect your items in a way that will ensure completely safe delivery.
If, for example, you need to ship an outdoor sofa or a similarly large and bulky item, transporting it without any additional cargo will ensure the highest level of safety.

Packaging for moving outdoor furniture

Whenever you want to properly pack and ship outdoor chairs, patio parasol, picnic sets, a garden bench or a big outdoor table, the process always starts with choosing the right packaging materials. Naturally, you do not need every item on the list as you should only choose the ones that you need based on the type of shipping service you have booked.

  1. A sturdy cardboard box. Buy cardboard boxes at hardware or stationery stores near you or head to your local supermarket to get a used one. When choosing this option, make sure it is in good shape first, i.e. it has no holes, tears or dents etc.
  2. Cushioning/protective materials – you need these for internal cushioning if you decide to send your items in a package. Packing materials will protect your shipment and hold your items in place. You can use bubble wrap, polystyrene chips, Styrofoam sheets, crumpled paper, packing peanuts etc.
  3. Stretch foil and adhesive tape – to secure the protective materials.
  4. A pallet – if you need to ship larger and bulky pieces of furniture such as outdoor dining sets, potting benches, picnic sets or pool furniture, you will need to use a pallet. It can be a new or even a used one but make sure that has a large enough surface to accommodate all items and that it is strong enough to take their weight.
  5. Bands – if opting for a pallet transport, use them for strapping the cargo to the pallet.
  6. Foam wrap, moving blankets plywood sheets and/or corrugated cardboard – use these materials to protect the items on the pallet, of course in combination with stretch foil.

How to pack outdoor furniture for shipping

Naturally, the choice of the right packaging method depends on your preferred shipping solution, i.e. transporting items in boxes, on a pallet or with a help of a removal service. We will walk you through the proper packing techniques for each of the above options so you will know exactly how to move outdoor furniture in every situation.

For relocations and removals:

If you order the removal van/truck, you are in luck as the task of protecting the cargo will be taken over by the logistics company. An experienced courier driver will take charge of the loading process and use specialized tools and protection equipment to secure all your items. However, you should make yourself available for some extra help when loading the furniture and provide some basic protection like moving blankets.

For package shipments:

  1. Disassemble everything you can. If you can take the items apart, always do it. Focus also on removing all the moving parts and make sure they are packed in a way that prevents them from moving around.
  2. Clean before packing. Being exposed to the elements, outdoor furniture can get dirty pretty quickly. Take the time to give your patio set as least some essential TLC before packing. Also, it is important to check for possible surprises in the form of bugs and other smaller animals. You do not want to ship them along with your picnic sets and garden benches. The items also have to be dry when you proceed with packing, especially any umbrellas and parasols.
  3. Protect everything and flat-pack the items. When you have everything disassembled, wrap individual items in bubble wrap and secure this with tape if needed. Put screws in a plastic bag or wrap them in bubble wrap and tape them to the items they belong to. When packing, lay everything flat in the box and use extra cushioning materials like Styrofoam or polystyrene chips to prevent things from moving around. Remove any padding from patio chairs, tables or benches and store the cushions in plastic bags. You can even utilize them as protective materials.
  4. Make sure everything is secure, then seal. When every part is packed and there are no empty spaces left in the package (fill these with foam, polystyrene chips, Styrofoam or extra bubble wrap; even crumpled paper will do if you use it generously), gently shake the package to see if anything is moving inside. If everything is still in place, seal the box with tape on all sides. Apply several layers of tape on each individual side.

For pallet shipments:

  1. Take care of the padding and place the item on a pallet. Take some corrugated cardboard and put it on the pallet surface before you transfer your outdoor furniture on it. Pro tip: if you ship outdoor chairs that cannot be folded, stack them. Be extra careful when lifting heavier items like an outdoor bench. Use the right techniques (bend the knees etc.). If you cannot do it alone, ask a friend or neighbor to help you.
  2. Remove all the moving parts. The same as in the case of pallets, remove the parts that can move or at least secure them in a way that will prevent them from moving. Place any items you disassembled in a well-cushioned cardboard box, but only after wrapping each of them in bubble wrap.
  3. Use several layers of protection or simply build a crate around the item. Once your items are safely loaded on a pallet, it is time to add a few layers of protection. You can wrap outdoor furniture like outdoor sofas or cabinets and picnic tables with bubble wrap, moving blankets and some corrugated cardboard. We always recommend using several different protective materials at once to create more layers and finishing with something like thick foam wrap. Secure this structure with stretch foil and tape so it will stay in place.
  4. Strap well. Use bands to strap all the items and boxes to the pallet. Wrap the bands around the items several times and in several different ways to make sure they are safely loaded. If you want to ship patio furniture in several boxes that you have stacked on a pallet, secure everything with a layer of stretch foil.

Building a crate around the items
Using some wood boards or plywood sheets to build a crate around the shipping items is by far the safest shipping option out there as it offers bullet-proof protection for your outdoor furniture during transport. If you do not know how to build a crate, ask a friend for help or contact our logistics specialists to gather some first-hand tips.

Why customers decide to pack and move outdoor furniture with us

When faced with a question of how to move outdoor furniture, the answer of a growing number of customers is very simple: use courier services! Packing the items and ordering the transport online is indeed the cheapest way to move outdoor furniture in many a case. We have asked out customers why they prefer to ship patio furniture with us and these are the answers we got:

  • Moving to a new home. Come the moving day, people normally have everything packed and are ready to leave. But then it dawns on them. Who is going to ship a garden table, a bench, the chaise longue, hammocks and other pieces of outdoor furniture? Many of our customers found us when looking for the best last-minute solution. They were happy to realize that Eurosender provides access to a reliable garden furniture delivery service even when one thinks it is already too late.
  • Selling outdoor furniture online. Whether you have a small business or just aren’t bothered with taking the picnic tables and chairs when moving to a new place, selling garden furniture online is much easier if backed by a reliable courier service. Eurosender has arranged transport for many customers who could not meet their buyers in person and took care of the door-to-door delivery. Offering the cheapest way to move outdoor furniture from the seller to the buyer is a huge advantage on the online market as it brings the total prices of your products down.
  • Buying furniture from Voga, Ikea and other stores and shipping it to the chosen address. When shipping it not part of the service, many customers decide to turn to Eurosender to arrange affordable outdoor furniture shipping. Check our dedicated page for more info on this topic.
  • Winter is coming. People who live in regions with harsh winters often want to protect items like patio sets, outdoor tables, and chairs etc. from the effects of cold and damp weather. If they cannot store it in their own homes, a garden furniture delivery service is needed to transport these items to a storage facility. Eurosender makes organizing such transports quick, easy and affordable.

If you still have questions that need an answer, don’t hesitate to reach out and we will give you the best possible advice on how to ship outdoor furniture cheaply and without hassle.

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Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping outdoor furniture items. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship outdoor furniture, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.