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To calculate the cost of sending a 6kg parcel, you need to consider different shipment details: box dimensions, route and service selected.

Eurosender has negotiated the best prices with top global couriers to provide the most convenient and tailored solution for your specific needs when sending 6kg parcel. To get the cost for your specific route, insert all the details in our booking tool.

Send a 6kg parcel starting from €9.39!

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Send a 6kg parcel with Eurosender

On our platform, you can find different services to best fit your needs when sending a 6kg parcel.
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The ideal solution to send a 6kg parcel

We offer a range of services and the most convenient to send a 6kg parcel is our Standard Service.
Our 6kg parcel delivery service is provided by top-class couriers at the lowest price.

Maximum length:
175 cm

Length + 2x height + 2x width:
less than 300 cm

Available everywhere
in Europe

Domestic delivery times:
1-2 business days

Delivery times in Europe:
from 2 to 7 business days

Prices from

6kg parcel delivery with Eurosender – Service features

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Send a 6kg parcel with the best couriers

If you send a 6kg parcel through Eurosender, you can be sure it will be delivered safely and quickly by one of the best courier companies. We find the best option for you, provided by one of our logistics partners, to send a 6kg package anywhere in the world.

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Frequently asked questions about 6kg parcel delivery services

How do I compare different courier services to find the best option for sending a 6kg parcel?
Eurosender offers an easy-to-use booking tool that allows you to compare prices from different courier services to find the most affordable solution for your needs. Enter your shipment details and receive an instant quote to send a 6kg parcel without spending hours comparing dozens of different options.
What are the international delivery times for a 6kg parcel?
When sending a 6kg parcel internationally via courier, the delivery times depend on the distance and the specific service booked.
  • Standard Service within Europe: 2-7 business days;
  • Express Service within the EU: 24 hours;
  • Express Service global: 48-72 hours.
When booking a shipment on our platform, we display the estimated delivery time before you complete the order, with no obligation.
Do I need to print a label when sending a 6kg parcel with Eurosender?
In most cases, the courier will print and attach the label to the box upon collection. You can see directly in the booking process which shipping options will require a printer and select the best-fitting delivery service to send your 6kg parcel.
How does door-to-door parcel delivery service work when sending a 6kg parcel?
Our delivery services are always door-to-door, meaning you can send a 6kg parcel directly from your address. The courier will collect your shipment at the address you provided in the booking process and will deliver it to the recipient’s address. When booking our door-to-door services, always make sure that the courier can park at least 15 metres away from the address and that someone is available at the address for the collection and delivery of the parcel.
Is it better to send a 6kg parcel by post or courier?
Both courier companies and posts offer shipping services to send a 6kg parcel. Postal services are usually cheaper but offer longer delivery times or require the sender to drop off the parcel at the post office. Courier services offer a safer solution, with higher dimensions limit and allow you to book a door-to-door service.
Send a parcel from your couch and enjoy a flawless delivery. Try our booking tool and we will take care of every shipping detail for you.