Moving to Copenhagen. Things to consider before you immigrate to Copenhagen

If you ever heard that the happiest people in the world are living in Denmark, well, that is true. It means that the happiest people of Denmark are residing in Copenhagen. That is why many people from other Scandinavian countries and the rest of the European Union decide to immigrate to Copenhagen in search of hygge and the work-life balance. For those moving to Copenhagen from the USA and other states outside of the EU or EEA, it would be more difficult, but still, there is a couple of ways to make the relocation process easier. This article will be helpful for everyone planning a move to Copenhagen because it provides essential information about this city, its people, educational and job opportunities, visa requirements, and useful pieces of advice related to moving house with international removals to Copenhagen.

International removals to Copenhagen with Eurosender

Relocation to Copenhagen requires in-depth research and learning interesting facts about this city. Check the essential information about Copenhagen in the table below and get to know more about life in this Scandinavian city in other sections of this article.

LocationCopenhagen is located in the very east of Denmark on the islands of Amager and Zealand.
ClimateCopenhagen is characterized by temperate climate, but the city is influenced by Nordic air masses, so summers are usually cool and winters are usually windy.
CurrencyDanish krone (DKK)
PopulationThere are about 2 million people living in the Copenhagen metropolitan area, which makes it the most populous city in Denmark.
LanguageDanish is the official language in Copenhagen. Given that this city is home to many expats, English, Turkish, and Italian can be frequently heard in the streets.
TimezoneUTC +1
Surprising factsHans Christian Andersen wrote many fairy tales in Nyhavn, the very centre of Copenhagen.

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Living in Copenhagen

What is common between a day and a night, black and white, good and evil? The existence of opposites is inevitable to create harmony while balancing. This could be the main principle of the hygge philosophy worshipped by Danish people. Obviously, living in Copenhagen has its positive and negative aspects.


  • High standards of living. While Denmark is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, it offers high standards of living in terms of social security, healthcare, education, and other sectors.
  • Work-life balance. Danish people prefer spending time with their family members of different age. It is not likely to find a local Danish person who constantly takes overtime and stay at the office until 10 pm.
  • Healthy lifestyle. People in Copenhagen are obsessed with healthy food and an active lifestyle. That is why you will notice that most city residents prefer riding a bicycle instead of driving a car or using public transport means.


  • Difficult-to-understand transportation system. It will take you some time to comprehend the public transportation system scheme of Copenhagen and the connection between different metro, bus, and tram lines.
  • Very high apartment rental cost. You will hardly ever find a decent accommodation option for less than 1,000 EUR.
  • Weather conditions. The location of Copenhagen is favourable, but the city appears at the crossroads of northern and marine air masses which cause strong winds and unpleasant drizzle.

Cost of living in Copenhagen

As a rule, a capital city of any country is the biggest, the busiest, and the most expensive. Copenhagen is obviously one of those. The average cost of living in Copenhagen is about 20-25 % higher than that of Denmark in general. In the table below, check the major monthly expenses of immigrants living in Copenhagen.

Apartment rental$1000-$1200 (1-bedroom apartment)
Utility bills$200
A meal of the day$17
A cup of cappuccino$4


Visa regulations for Copenhagen

While citizens of certain countries can easily relocate to Copenhagen for any reason, others need to apply for a visa before moving to Copenhagen. If you come from Norway, Sweden, Finland, or Iceland, you can easily live and work in Copenhagen or any other Danish city. The citizens from the rest of the European Union have the same privileges, but they need to register with the relevant local authorities (police office or town hall) if they plan to stay in the country for longer than 3 months. You will have to apply for a visa if you are relocating from the USA to Copenhagen or moving from Australia, Canada, and other non-EU or non-EEA countries.

The employment, job contract, or family reunification purposes are the most common among foreigners who are planning to immigrate to Copenhagen. Depending on your particular case, you need to choose the corresponding type of visa to apply for. Denmark has recently launched various programs allowing expats to relocate to Copenhagen or any other city if their annual salary is expected to be at least 400,000 DKK ($64,000).

Healthcare in Copenhagen

Both nationals and legal residents living in Copenhagen enjoy equal access to healthcare services. Once you move to Copenhagen and get all the necessary documents that guarantee your legal stay there, you can use your insurance card to qualify for public healthcare services. In general, public healthcare insurance covers primary care services and some medication, while you will have to pay extra for additional procedures and prescription drugs.

As Copenhagen is the largest and the most populous city in Denmark, it has a variety of public and private healthcare institutions. Rigshospitalet is the biggest hospital in Copenhagen which is also popular among expats and foreigners. There are many English-speaking professionals and information services in English. However, Amager Hospital, Glostrup Hospital, Hvidovre Hospital, and some others are also widely popular among immigrants. The name of each hospital usually reflects the corresponding region or district in Copenhagen.

School and education

Expats moving to Copenhagen with their children have a variety of options to choose from ranging from public schools to the international educational institutions with British or French curricula. If your child is 6 or 7 old, there are high chances for grasping the local language by educating in public school as younger children have perfect skills for learning foreign languages. In other cases, those who immigrate to Copenhagen opt to choose one of the international schools with a certain language of study: Copenhagen International School, NGG International School, Sankt Petri Schule, or Lycée Français Prins Henrik.

The job market in Copenhagen

Typically, a minor half of jobs in Copenhagen is granted by the state-owned companies. As a rule, such organizations are reluctant to hire immigrants from other countries, especially those outside the EU, the EEA, and Switzerland. However, the IT and data science sectors are welcoming expats from all over the world to participate in the development of innovative technologies. This tradition is not new in Denmark as many advanced solutions, such as C++ language, PHP, and other important inventions, have their roots in Copenhagen. Professionals in this sphere from outside of the EU can take advantages of the Blue Card program for experienced workers to make the relocation process faster and easier.

Property information

Most expats who immigrate to Copenhagen prefer renting an apartment instead of buying one. The average apartment rental cost constitutes 1,000 EUR, but it may vary depending on the number of bedrooms, a particular region of the city, and furnishing.

Those who plan a long-term stay and want to obtain a permanent residence permit in Denmark are sometimes thinking of acquiring a real estate property in Copenhagen. It will cost you about 370,000 EUR to buy a 2-bedroom apartment of 65-70 square meters in a comfortable region of Copenhagen with fair access to the city transportation system.

Driving in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is not the type of city where a car is the main transportation means. Local people prefer riding a bicycle whenever they have a chance, but it is also necessary to consider the local climate and numerous dark days might make your journey inconvenient though. Thus, depending on the weather conditions and your personal preferences, you can choose the transportation means you like.

The public transportation system in Copenhagen is very convenient and well-developed as people can get from one point of the city to another very quickly. However, it will take you some time to understand how the system functions and where you should make a transfer. Metro lines and S-trains are the very popular means of public transport in Copenhagen.

Even though driving a car in Copenhagen is not common, foreigners may notice plenty of cars in the city streets. Nevertheless, Danish people make everything possible to minimize the emission levels and reduce air pollution by cancelling taxes on importing electric cars such as Tesla or Nissan Leaf. Thus, do not be surprised if Tesla arrives once you order a cab.

Cost of moving to Copenhagen

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