Moving to Mauritius: Things to Know Before You Immigrate to Mauritius

Immigrating to Mauritius: How to move to Mauritius

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Things to know about living in Mauritius

Mauritius has long been famous for its unique beauty. Covered all around in white sandy beaches, Mauritius feels like paradise on earth. This small island in the Indian Ocean is famous for beaches, lagoons and reefs. However, if you are thinking of moving to Mauritius, you need to know more about it.
Port Louis
UTC +4
Mauritian Rupee (MUR)
1.3 million
National languages
French and English
Dialling code
Emergency number
Ambulance – 114
Police – 999
On the left side


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Visa regulations for Mauritius

Citizens from most countries don’t need to have an entry visa for Mauritius. When you are planning to relocate to Mauritius and stay there for more than 90 days, you will have to apply for a temporary residence permit. If you plan to live and work in Mauritius, you must obtain a work permit. After three years, you can apply for a permanent residence permit that will allow you to stay for ten years on the island.

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Property prices in Mauritius

Most houses in Mauritius fall in three categories:

  • Villa
  • House
  • Apartment (mainly available in city-centres)

Property prices in Mauritius depend on the location and facilities, but you can expect to rent a one-room apartment for a price somewhere between €270-€600 per month. You can save costs on moving to Mauritius if you rent an empty living space. With Eurosender, you can ship your furniture and personal belongings to Mauritius easily.

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The cost of living in Mauritius

On average, the cost of living in Mauritius is about 28% cheaper than in the United Kingdom. At the same time Mauritius is more expensive than Thailand or Bali. Many products are imported and this makes the cost of living in Mauritius higher if compared to South Africa or other countries in the Indian Ocean.

Tourists and non-residents don’t have to pay VAT and when you spend less than 183 days in the country you are also exempt from paying income taxes.

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The job market in Mauritius

There is a thriving job market for expats in Mauritius. The best way is to register yourself at multiple online recruitment agencies and brush up on your French and English skills if you haven’t already. There are many job opportunities in Mauritius in areas such as banking, IT and the whole service industry. Another good choice is the tourism industry which contributes highly for the majority of income in Mauritius.
The average salary in Mauritius is 66,900 MUR (€1500) per month.

School and education system of Mauritius

The education system in Mauritius consists of pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. Education in Mauritius is free of charge for the children of citizens and permanent residents. The Mauritians pride themselves in the quality of their education and universities are of a high standard. There are also multiple international schools, which are ideal for expats living in Mauritius with kids.

Age: 3-5
Compulsory: No
Age: 5-11
Compulsory: Yes
Age: 12-16
Compulsory: Yes

Healthcare in Mauritius

Healthcare in Mauritius is free for all its citizens and permanent residents. The healthcare facilities in Mauritius, both public and private are of high quality. When immigrating to Mauritius or any other country, always make sure that your healthcare is properly covered to avoid high costs when getting sick or injured abroad.

Driving in Mauritius

If you have the UK driving licence or any other international driving permit, you can drive up to four weeks in Mauritius with it. It is always a good idea to get an International Driving Permit (IDP) at your local driving authority before you start driving abroad.

When renting a car, the licence has to be attained at least one year before. Some other things to keep in mind when driving in Mauritius:

  • There is only one motorway on the territory of Mauritius.
  • Always have your rental contract and your driving license with you when driving.
  • The Mauritians are keen on stacking their vehicles as full as possible. So, always keep your distance as something might fall off the wagon.
  • Many people drive without lights at night so try to avoid driving when it’s dark.
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What else to know when moving to Mauritius

Although many people immigrate to Mauritius from different places, there is a vibrant local culture and many traditions. Let’s have a look at some of the things other expats noticed about living in Mauritius.

  • There is a wide diversity of religion with Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism being the largest religions. The majority of the citizens are Hindu which makes it the only country in Africa with a Hindu majority.
  • The Dodo, which became extinct long ago, has only been found in Mauritius.
  • There are many stray dogs and cats in the streets.
  • Buying a car is rather expensive as there are hefty import fees.
  • For digital nomads, it is important to know that many consider the internet connection in Mauritius as slow and expensive.

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The most popular destinations from where people move to Mauritius

Moving to Mauritius from the USA

Moving to Mauritius from the USA is easy as never before with Eurosender. If you decided to move to Mauritius with your family or on your own, Eurosender is your reliable logistics partner.

Moving to Mauritius from the USA

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Moving to Mauritius from India

Many people move to Mauritius from India each year, so this beautiful country easily becomes you’re their second home. Eurosender offers the highest level of international removals to Mauritius.

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