Immigrate to Finland: International Removals to Finland

Moving to Finland: Things you should know before you immigrate to Finland

The wonder of the Northern Lights, an abundance of winter sports and a high quality of life is just some of the reasons you might be thinking of moving to Finland from the UK, USA or anywhere else. But perhaps the logistical side of things seems like a headache – don’t worry! Eurosender makes it easy to transport your belongings to your new home. Let us walk you through everything you need to know about international removals to Finland with our cost-effective solutions to ship personal belongings to Finland, so you can spend more time enjoying your beautiful surrounds.

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Immigrate to Finland – Things to know about this Scandinavian paradise

Best known for its natural beauty and clean, fresh air, the Finnish enjoy one of the highest standards of living on the planet. It is no wonder Finland is also home to some of the healthiest people on the planet. Although the cost of living in Finland will no doubt be much higher depending on where you hail from, with Eurosender, the cost to relocate to Finland from the USA or anywhere else is the best available, with our range of removals and relocation services to suit any sized shipment and any sized budget. Here are some other facts you might like to know about moving to Finland.
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The cost of moving to Finland – International removals to Finland

Our easy to use booking platform, expert advice and reliable shipping services, allow you to organise any sized shipment at the click of a button. We have solutions for any sized shipment – so moving to Finland is as stress-free as possible.

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Visa Regulations for Finland

For citizens of EU countries, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein:

  • There are no visa requirements for Finland. However, you will need to register yourself with the local authorities and declare your intentions and source of income if you intend on living, studying or working in Finland for longer than 3 months. You will also need to obtain a Personal I.D code.

For non-EU citizens:

  • Tourist Visa: Many countries are exempt from the tourist visa, allowing them to stay without working for up to 3 months. For a full list of exemptions and visa regulations for Finland, please check the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.
  • Residence permits: For those who are moving to Finland to work or study, you will need to apply for a residence permit with the Finnish authorities. Many business owners and foreign workers immigrate to Finland in all types of industries so there are many types of residency, depending on the type of work you are undertaking, or the type of business you own.
  • For family members of Finnish citizens wishing to join them in Finland, they can also apply for this type of residency permit.

In all cases, if you wish to move to Finland permanently for more than 90 days, you need to prove your income is sufficient to support you during your length of stay. For more information on visa regulations for Finland, permits and applying, you can visit the Finnish immigration website.

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Rental and property prices in Finland

Finding an apartment when moving to Finland is more expensive than in most parts of Europe. You can choose to rent privately, or through the city administration – but either way, it is important to remember that utilities are not included and you will need to factor this into your cost of living in Finland.

For a single person moving to Finland and settling in Helsinki’s city centre, rent for a one-bedroom apartment will cost between €800 – €1300 per month. If you are immigrating to Finland with your family, a 3-bedroom apartment will cost from €1500 – €2700 in Helsinki.

Eurosender will help you keep these costs to the bare minimum, promising to find the best priced moving service to best match your relocation needs. You can save on the cost of moving to Finland, by calculating the price of shipping right now with our easy to use booking engine.

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Cost of living in Finland

As you can see, rental prices will take a major slice of your cost of moving to Finland, and once you arrive, you will also notice the prices of food, entertainment and everyday costs are higher also. Beer is around 30% higher than neighbouring countries, so if you like a drink, it’s a good idea to bring as much as is allowed with you. Camping is a popular holiday idea, especially for those with families relocating from the USA to Russia and saves you money as you don’t need to go far. We recommend bringing your camping and outdoor equipment with you.

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Job market in Finland

Higher wages and great workplace conditions make moving to Finland attractive for many foreign jobseekers, and with the ageing population, demand is growing making it easy for expats to find opportunities in all sectors.

When preparing to enter the job market in Finland, it is a good idea to learn Finnish beforehand, to increase your chances of finding work. Integration and language courses are available, to help expats immigrate to Finland easier.

Also, make sure your diplomas, degrees and certificates are translated from your local language to make it easier to enter the job market in Finland. Eurosender can help you send your documents faster, with our Express Document delivery!

Education in Finland

Finland is known for having one of the highest standards of education in the world, and their education system is government-funded and free for all citizens and international students who move to Finland to study.

The Finnish school system includes:

  • Kindergarten: 8 months – 5 years old (Not compulsory)
  • Preschool: 6 -7 years old (Compulsory)
  • Comprehensive School: 8 -16 years old (Compulsory)
  • Upper Secondary School: 16 – 19 years old (Not compulsory)
  • Vocational School: 16 – 19 years old (Not compulsory)
  • Bachelor’s degree: 3 – 4 years of study
  • Master’s degree: 2 – 3 years of study

Healthcare in Finland

A major reason for a higher standard of living in Finland can be attributed to their universal health system. Quality state-funded healthcare in Finland is available to all permanent residents. When you first immigrate to Finland from a non-EU country, you will need to ensure you have adequate travel and health insurance to cover you for emergencies during the length of your stay.

Driving in Finland

If you are moving from a non-EU country and are planning on driving in Finland, it is strongly advised to have an international driving permit. If you are moving to Finland from an EU country, you can use our local license for as long as it is valid, before exchanging to a Finnish one.

It is important to remember when driving in Finland, winter tires are compulsory from the 1st of December until 31st of February, and is subject to extension, depending on the weather conditions. Using your headlights when driving in Finland is mandatory for all conditions, not just at night.

Parking fines are extremely expensive in Finland, so you don’t want to lose track of time or forget to pay.

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Living in Finland – other things to consider

Whether you have visited before, or you are relocating to Finland from the USA or anywhere else at a minute notice, you will no doubt notice a few customs which are different from home. Here are some last things to keep in mind when moving to Finland:

  • For parts of the year, northern parts of the country experience long nights and days which can last months at a time.
  • Moving to Finland is a dream for fans of metal music – with many famous metal bands originating in Finland.
  • The Finnish do not have an equivalent word for ‘please’ – but don’t let this put you off moving to Finland, as you will find most people are extremely polite and welcoming of foreigners.


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Moving to Finland from the USA

Universal healthcare, education and the high standard of living attract many expats from the USA to move to Finland each year, but crossing oceans to move your belongings is one huge factor you will need to consider. Eurosender’s solutions for international removals to Finland, low-cost standard shipping or freight options are just a few ways we can take some of the stress out of moving to Finland. You can get an instant price estimate right now, or contact our team of experts who can tailor a solution to suit any shipping need.

Moving to Finland from Canada

Immigrating to Finland might not seem like a huge change in lifestyle at least, as Canadians and Finnish are big fans of winter sports and outdoor activities, so why not bring all your gear with you? Eurosender has a solution for Canadians wishing to bring ski equipment and larger items, and as well as international removals to Finland, for the lowest price possible. Why not check the price for yourself, right now on our booking engine so you can start planning your move to Finland.

Moving to Finland from the UK

More and more British expats are choosing to move to Finland from the UK, particularly for business. Eurosender’s express shipping is perfect for if you are moving soon, with delivery to Finland within 24-72 hours of booking. You can send up to 70kg of belongings to Finland at the lowest possible price, right now with Eurosender.

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