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Relocating to the UK. How to move to the United Kingdom

When you plan to move to the United Kingdom for work or study, trust Eurosender to offer you the best relocation solution. We provide a wide range of international removal services to the United Kingdom at the lowest price. Check this complete guide about visa regulations, the healthcare and educational systems, the cost of moving and living in the UK and get ready to immigrate.

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What to know when relocating to the UK

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Islands have a significant history and culture which attracts many tourists and expats from all over the world. You might already have heard about the Royal Family, Brexit and Harry Potter. Still, there are so many things you should explore before immigrating to the UK for work or living with family. Check some of the basic facts about living in the United Kingdom and prepare your relocation with Eurosender.
Pound Sterling (£/GBP)
66 million
Official Language
Dialling code
Emergency number
On the left side


The cost of moving to Great Britain. International removals to the UK with Eurosender

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Visa regulations for the United Kingdom

Despite Brexit, visa regulations for whoever decides to move to the UK will not change until at least 2021.

EU, EEA and Swiss citizens can continue to travel to the UK for holidays or short-term trips, without a visa.

The US, Australia, Canada and citizens from some other countries do not need a visa for tourist or business travel to the United Kingdom for a stay up to 6 months.

The United Kingdom visas can be divided into three general categories:

  • Temporary UK visas – such as tourist visas, visitor visas, transit visas, which can be valid from 24 hours and up to 6 months.
  • Non-immigrant visas – such as study visa, work visas, family visas for staying in the UK for longer than 6 months.
  • Immigrant UK visas – if you plan to relocate to the UK permanently or for a period longer than 5 years for work or businesses purposes, family reunion, or sometimes for retiring.
Visa regulations for the United Kingdom can be frustrating and complicated, and the process can be very lengthy. To ensure your documents arrive within the shortest time possible, choose Eurosender’s express document delivery. Your documents will be delivered within 24-72 hours worldwide.
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Long-term rentals and property in the UK

While some expats decide to buy a house in the UK, the majority still prefers to rent an apartment. The average renting cost in the UK varies according to the city, location and some other factors.

For example, a one-bedroom apartment in London will cost €1300-1900 per month, while in Edinburgh the same accommodation will cost you €700-900 per month.

If you are immigrating to the UK with family, the monthly rent will be around €1200-3500 for a three-bedroom apartment.

What is the cost of moving to the UK?

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The cost of living in the United Kingdom

The cost of living in the United Kingdom depends on the city where you live. Thus, London is the most expensive city for living. On average, expats living in the United Kingdom spend €200 per month on utilities, €3 for a cup of cappuccino, €5.42 for a one-way ticket in London’s underground.

If you want to save on the cost of living in the UK, it is better to relocate to smaller towns such as Burnley, Wigan or Bradford.

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Job opportunities in the UK

To get a well-paid job in the UK, you need to speak English fluently. There are many job opportunities in such fields as IT and engineering, science, medicine, dancing and music (dance teacher or orchestral musician). Hospitality and retail have high staff turnover, so these areas usually offer jobs for foreigners. The average monthly salary in the UK is €4000.

Educational system and schools in the UK

The educational system in the UK consists of primary, secondary and higher educational levels. Children living in the UK have to legally attend primary and secondary school from the age of 5 until 16.

There are many private schools in the UK, which are also called independent schools. These schools generally follow the British curriculum and can offer a wider range of subjects. Private schools have higher teaching standards and smaller class sizes.

Many expats moving to the United Kingdom with children opt for international schools which follow different curricula so students may continue studying the same syllabus as they were studying at home.

Pre-school education
Age: 4-5
Compulsory: No
Elementary school
Age: 5-11
Compulsory: Yes
Secondary school
Age: 12-16
Compulsory: Yes

Healthcare system in the UK

Once you immigrate to the UK, discover how the National Health Service (NHS) works. The NHS is a residence-based system, meaning that anyone living in the UK legally and permanently has access to the British healthcare system. Usually, public hospitals offer high standards of treatment, though expats should be prepared for long waits.

Some foreigners and locals prefer to get private health insurance in the UK as it allows access to shorter waiting times in the private healthcare sector. However, employers are not obligated by law to provide medical insurance to their employees. So, obtaining private health insurance can be expensive for expats relocating to Britain.

Driving in the UK. Should I get a British driving licence?

Residents from the EU or EEA countries can drive in Great Britain for as long as their licence is valid, or until they’re 70.

Non-EU citizens immigrating to the UK can drive up to 12 months with their local driving licence or international driving permit.

The first thing you notice when relocating to the UK is that people drive on the left side of the road. Nevertheless, driving in the United Kingdom is not that difficult as it seems to be. Consider the following tips before you get a car and start driving in the UK:

  • You have to carry all the vehicle registration documents and insurance while driving in the United Kingdom.
  • Do not violate the rules or exceed the speed limits as fines can be heavy.
  • You have to be at least 18 years old to drive.


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What else you should know about living in the UK as an expat

  • You need to pay a tax to own a television. This is referred to as the television licence fee.
  • Sport is very popular in England. Football (soccer) is the national sport, so many people living in the UK devote their Saturday afternoons to following their team.
  • There are many local accents. So, if you are moving to Liverpool or Newcastle, or other areas such as Yorkshire, Bristol, and Norfolk, you can expect to hear very distinct accents – far different from those used in Hollywood blockbusters.

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