Uniplaces and Eurosender Team Up

Uniplaces & Eurosender team up to make moving abroad easy and affordable!

Are you a student, a young worker or simply a traveller on the adventure of a lifetime?
We know how hard it is to pack all your belongings and send everything to your new place or bring them back home. That’s why Eurosender partnered with Uniplaces to offer a full-package moving experience.

Easy, simple and affordable!

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Pack and ship guides for students

We’ve prepared special guides on how to pack and ship all the items you will need for your life or semester abroad. Check them out:



Our partner Uniplaces is the marketplace of unique places for students, young workers, digital nomads, travellers or families. They are the fastest-growing international website for booking mid and long-term rentals. They have the largest choice of verified accommodations in the world that can satisfy all budgets, and we continue to expand our presence in cities around the world in order to make you happy.

They offer people a solution to get rid of guarantors, hassle and bureaucracies, with a platform that is easy, fast and safe, for total peace of mind, offering unique places for every budget, just for a month or forever, just a click away.

Eurosender partnership opportunities

Eurosender is always on the lookout for new partnership opportunities. Being a partner with us means that your clients will get the following:

  • A unique discount code for our services.
  • Sponsorship opportunities for various events.
  • Constant visibility on our webpage, blog and Social Media accounts.

If you are interested in working together, contact our partnership manager at florent.touzet@eurosender.com.

We are eager to get to know you and your organization!

What can you expect from Eurosender

Budget-friendly prices

You might be wondering how Eurosender offers prices that are up to 70% cheaper in comparison to standard shipping rates. Long story short: the company’s high volume of orders increases its bargaining power with the logistics companies and allows them to save costs. In this way, Eurosender manages to pass the savings on to the customers.


For any selected route, the prices are instantly shown on our website. The quotations are accurate and final- no hidden costs. We care about your belongings, so at the price of every shipment, we include insurance of up to 200 EUR, and we offer affordable rates for additional insurance.


We offer guidance on how to prepare a shipment, we give advice and information throughout the entire shipping process. Whether you need to organize freight transport or ship a couple of parcels, we have hands-on experience in how to prepare for shipping.


Our highly responsive customer support team is available to help resolve any problems should they arise. We will represent you in communication with the courier service providers.


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