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Shipping a guitar internationally | Guitar packing guide

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Discover the best way to ship a guitar abroad safely. With Eurosender, you will have access to the most affordable prices for shipping a guitar internationally with the most trusted courier companies. Choose the service that best serves your requirements and instantly arrange your guitar delivery with the tool below. Check our guidelines on how to pack your guitar for shipping or moving and avoid any damages along the way.


What to have in mind when sending a guitar by courier or post

  • First, pack your guitar and measure the final dimensions of the final packaging to determine which service is best for your shipment.
  • Plan the guitar collection in advance to avoid any inconvenience and make sure someone is present at the pick-up and delivery addresses.
  • In some cases, you may need to print the shipping label on your own. This information will be provided during the booking process, and the label will be sent to you by e-mail.


Services available for sending guitars internationally

Choose between the following services when shipping a guitar abroad packed in a parcel:
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How to pack a guitar in a package for shipping by courier?

Follow these packaging steps to ensure maximum safety when shipping a guitar internationally by courier or post:

  • Remove detachable parts and guitar straps and wrap them separately in bubble wrap. Place the guitar in the case.
  • Use newspaper or bubble wrap to fill any gaps between the inside of the case and the guitar so it does not move inside the case during transit. We recommend using a hard case for better protection.
  • Close the case and wrap it with adhesive tape.
  • Put the case on a cardboard box. If you have kept the original guitar packaging, we strongly recommend using it. Fill all the empty spaces with packing peanuts or other cushioning materials and seal the box.
  • Protect the box. Secure everything with adhesive tape.

How to pack a guitar for shipping without a case

This is the best way to ship an acoustic, bass or electric guitar without a case:

  • Loosen the strings to prevent them from breaking and decrease the stress on the guitar neck.
  • Bubble wrap the guitar carefully.
  • Place your acoustic or electric guitar in a padded gig bag or any other soft bag.
  • Fill the space with cushioning materials and seal the box. Use more packing material when shipping an electric guitar as it is heavier than an acoustic guitar.
  • Place the guitar in the cardboard shipping box with plenty of bubble wrap. It is better to use a guitar box or a musical instrument cardboard box.
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Ship your guitar internationally with insurance!

When shipping with Eurosender, basic insurance is automatically included in the price. For extra protection, we also offer additional insurance with higher coverage at very low rates.

Always make sure you protect your guitar properly in its original case or box when shipping it internationally and keep the original invoice to service as proof of value. When shipping an electronic instrument, please consider that the insurance may not apply for used or second-hand devices.


FAQ on how to ship a guitar overseas by courier

How much does it cost to ship a guitar internationally?
The cost for shipping a guitar internationally depends on your pick-up and delivery destination as well as the service selected.
For an instant price comparison, head to our booking engine above and select the countries you want to schedule the collection and delivery and proceed to the following page, where you will be able to input the exact weight and dimensions of your packaging.
Our tool will instantly calculate the cost of shipping your guitar overseas with the best courier companies on the market.
What is the cheapest way to ship a guitar abroad?
Using the Standard Service is the cheapest solution for shipping a guitar abroad, as long as your item fits into the dimensions limit of this service.
Most acoustic and electric guitars have no problem fitting into the limits of the Standard Service, but we recommend keeping your packaging as compact as possible.
If you need any assistance in identifying the best shipping service for your guitar or other musical instrument, do not hesitate to contact us through the chat by clicking on the bottom right corner button.
Can I send a guitar by courier to the repair shop?
Yes, absolutely. Many of our clients use our shipping solutions to send their guitars to an authorised repair shop overseas.
Since our delivery services are always door-to-door, you can enjoy the comfort of knowing your package will be picked up at your address and delivered directly to the chosen shop.
Make sure to communicate with the shop beforehand so they are aware of the delivery and will be able to sign for it.
How to pack a guitar for moving?
If you will be using a parcel shipping service to transport your items on the relocation, we recommend following our instructions described above and pack your guitar the same way as you would for shipping.
However, for greater comfort when relocating, we recommend using our Van Service, where you will have an entire vehicle reserved for you and will be able to move all your belongings at once.
Another advantage of the Van Delivery is that it does not have strict packing conditions, but we still recommend packing your guitar for the move with a hard case and proper cushioning.
What is the best courier company to ship a guitar internationally?
There are several courier companies that offer shipping services for guitars, including DHL, DPD, GLS, UPS, and many more. Instead of wasting time getting quotes with each courier individually, you can simply use Eurosender, and our system will make this comparison for you!
We work with all the mentioned couriers and several other shipping providers to make sure we will always find the best company for shipping your guitar.
All you have to do is get a quote through our booking engine and schedule your international guitar shipping with us.
How much does it cost to insure a guitar when shipping?
When booking a guitar shipping with Eurosender, basic insurance is already included in the price, so you do not have to worry about paying extra for that.
We also offer extra insurance options for additional protection, which you can acquire during the booking process.
Since musical instruments are delicate items, we strongly recommend choosing one of the additional insurance options.
Where can I get a box to ship a guitar by post or courier?
The best shipping box to use when sending a guitar by post or courier is the original case that came with the item. The original box has a tailor-made size and will offer better protection to your item.
However, if you do not have it anymore, you can use any other cardboard box that fits your guitar comfortably with space for cushioning.
You can buy specific guitar shipping boxes on specialised shops online or use a large regular cardboard box purchased in any hardware store.
Make sure to check if the box is sturdy enough for your item, especially when shipping a guitar without a case.
Are there any issues when shipping a guitar in cold weather?
Clients shipping to countries that experience below freezing temperatures during winter should be extra careful when packing their guitars for shipping because this instrument is delicate and can be sensitive to extremely low temperatures.
However, shipping an electric or acoustic guitar in cold weather is perfectly doable with the proper cushioning and protection.
We also recommend leaving the package untouched for a couple of hours after the delivery because the extreme variation in temperature may cause damage to the wooden case of the acoustic guitar.

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