How to ship a guitar internationally

What is the best way to safely ship a guitar abroad? Eurosender offers the most affordable prices for shipping a guitar internationally with the most trusted courier companies. Check the guidelines on how to pack a guitar for shipping globally and avoid any damages along the way.

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The right service for shipping guitars and accessories for businesses

For companies selling and shipping guitars and guitar accessories internationally, Eurosender offers convenient and reliable shipping solutions. Create a complimentary dashboard on our platform and increase your business performance.


Get the right shipping method to send guitars internationally

Standard shipping

The most cost-effective services for shipping a guitar and accessories overseas
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Express shipping

The optimal solution for organising urgent deliveries to your customers
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Pallet delivery

Practical service for producers or distributors that ship goods to retailers
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Individual offer

For heavier or bigger shipments, we will prepare a tailored offer at the best rates
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What to have in mind when sending a guitar by courier

  • Find out what service is best for your shipment: after packing your guitar, you can insert the final dimensions of the package in our size calculator and find out immediately if it is suited for the standard service.
  • Make sure your guitar is delivered on time. Check our Estimated delivery tool and plan the guitar collection in advance to make sure the procedure will run smooth.
  • For some countries, couriers and services you may need to print the shipping label on your own. This information will be provided to you by email.
Shipping insurance when sending a guitar internationally

When booking a standard shipment through Eurosender, basic insurance is automatically included in the price. For extra protection, we also offer additional insurance with higher coverage at very low rates.

Always make sure you protect your guitar properly in its original case or box when shipping it internationally. Additionally, keep your invoices since they serve as proof of value in case of a claim procedure. When shipping an electronic instrument, please consider that the insurance may not apply for used or second-hand devices.

How to pack a guitar for shipping by courier?

Follow these packaging steps to ensure maximum safety when shipping a guitar internationally:

  • Remove detachable parts and guitar straps and wrap them separately in bubble wrap. Place the guitar in the case.
  • Use newspaper or bubble wrap to fill any gaps between the inside of the case and the guitar so it does not move inside the case during transit.
  • Wrap the case. Сlose and wrap the case with adhesive tape.
  • Put the case on the box. If you have kept the original guitar packaging, you can put the case inside that box. Then fill all the empty spaces with packing peanuts or other cushioning materials and seal the box.
  • Protect the box. Secure everything with an adhesive tape.

How to pack a guitar for shipping without a case

To ship an acoustic, bass or electric guitar without a case, follow these steps:

  • Loosen the strings to prevent them from breaking and decrease the stress on the guitar neck.
  • Bubble wrap the guitar carefully.
  • Place your acoustic or electric guitar in a padded gig bag or in a smaller box.
  • Fill the space with cushioning materials and seal the box. Use more packing material to ship an electric guitar as it is heavier than an acoustic guitar.
  • Place the guitar in the shipping box with plenty of bubble wrap. It is better to use a guitar box or a musical instrument cardboard box.


Get immediate shipping costs for sending a musical instrument abroad

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Stores and individuals trust Eurosender to ship guitars and music accessories

  • Selling guitars. For businesses selling guitars online and looking for a reliable shipping solution, Eurosender offers the best deliveries and already negotiated prices.
  • Sending a guitar to the repair shop. Ship your guitar to an authorised repairer anywhere in the world.
  • Preparing for musical performance. Avoid problems with luggage and ship your guitar straight to the concert hall. Transport all your musical instruments and band equipment at once.
  • Moving abroad. Get the best relocation services to send your furniture, clothes and musical equipment to your new home.