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Relocation solutions designed to your needs. Hire a van with a driver to move your kitchen appliances to your new address. At Eurosender, we organise fully dedicated, direct, and safe moving services for all types of kitchen equipment and other household goods.


Van Delivery – the best way to move kitchen appliances!

You will have a dedicated van to move your goods. Once the driver comes to collect your equipment, he will stay with the shipment all the way until the delivery. Plus, you will have the entire vehicle space reserved for you. Combine these two factors, and you will quickly understand why Van Delivery is one of the safest and easiest ways of moving kitchen appliances anywhere in Europe!
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How to pack heavy kitchen items for moving?

Even though you do not have to follow strict packaging rules when choosing our Van Service, we still recommend protecting and packing kitchen appliances before moving to avoid any damage during transit. Here are the basic guidelines on how to do it:

Packing small appliances

  1. Protect each item individually, adding enough padding to avoid any damage or scratches.
  2. Remove batteries of any electronic equipment and empty any water or liquid container they may have. Secure the cords with tape.
  3. Surround sturdy items with soft coverings such as towels and linens, so they act as cushioning for heavier equipment.
  4. Organise small kitchen items in boxes to make moving easier and label each box.

Packing large appliances

  1. Disconnect the appliance from the power source and any gas or water connector.
  2. Clean the equipment and empty any water or liquid compartment. Secure the cords with tape.
  3. Take out any removable part, packing and labelling it separately to make it easier to reassemble everything later.
  4. Use tape or rope to keep the doors of larger kitchen appliance items closed, such as a fridge, dishwasher, or oven.
  5. If possible, move the items in an upright position to avoid any damage to the machines.

Packing different kitchen appliances for moving

To help you arrange your move, we have put together guides about how to pack and transport specific kitchen appliance items.


How to move large & heavy kitchen appliances with Eurosender

Our online platform makes booking a van for moving kitchen appliance items very quick and simple. Follow these simple steps below to place your order:


Select the pick-up and delivery countries in our booking tool


Provide the pick-up and delivery address details


Choose a van type and any additional services you may need


Provide the details of your cargo, such as measurements and value


Select your preferred pick-up date and add contact information


Proceed to payment and prepare for pick-up!


Kitchen appliance movers that come to your address

Whenever you arrange a moving van service for your kitchen equipment with Eurosender, you can rest assured you will get a fully door-to-door solution. This means that the van driver will collect and deliver the items at the addresses you choose. Place your order now to schedule a home collection.
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Kitchen moving services for relocations

Whether you will be moving to another city or another country, you can always count on Eurosender to arrange the best moving services for your kitchen equipment and other personal belongings.
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Equipment movers for commercial kitchens

Moving equipment from a commercial kitchen requires vehicles with larger capacity and quick availability. We are specialists in both, providing kitchen moving services via dedicated vans and trucks anywhere in Europe.

Business solutions for moving a kitchen

We have a team of dedicated logistics specialists who take care of the details of each van shipment. When you book a commercial kitchen moving service with us, we will handle all the communication with the carriers on your behalf, saving you time and effort.

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Move heavy and large kitchen appliances with a dedicated van

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FAQ – Best way to pack and move kitchen appliances

How much does it cost to move kitchen appliances in Europe?
The cost of moving kitchen appliances with the Van Service will depend mainly on the size & total distance of the delivery and if you require any additional service. Our goal is to help as many people as possible, so we strive to keep our prices competitive by collaborating with a large network of local and international providers.
Van rates start at only 0.48 €/km, but you can get an instant quote through our booking engine.
How to move kitchen appliances without a dolly?
Having a dolly is very helpful but not essential for moving kitchen appliances. If you have access to equipment such as a forklift, you can use that to move heavier items. If you need to move kitchen appliances using only household items, you can place moving mats or strong cardboard sheets under the equipment. This way, you will be able to push or slide it without leaving any scratches on the floor.
How to load heavy kitchen appliances into the truck or van?
It is not recommended to carry heavy kitchen appliances such as a fridge or stove to the truck by yourself. There are three alternatives for loading such kitchen appliances into the moving van:
  • Use a ramp: Place a ramp in the back of the truck and push the appliance up with a dolly.
  • Use a forklift: This is the safest alternative if you have access to such an item at the loading site.
  • Request a tail-lift: We can arrange for the van responsible for moving your kitchen equipment to have a tail-lift to make loading the items into the vehicle easier. Please request the tail-lift when placing your order. Read more about deliveries with a tail-lift.
Will the kitchen movers load my equipment into the vehicle?
By default, it is the client’s responsibility to load the kitchen appliances into the moving van. However, if you require any additional equipment or assistance during loading/unloading, we are happy to organise it for you. Please make this request when placing your order, so we can organise everything with the carrier in advance.
What size van will I need to move a kitchen?
It depends on the number of items you have, but generally, a kitchen moving service can be effectively served by one curtain-side van. If you have too much equipment or will be moving a large commercial kitchen, we can arrange a truck transport or hire multiple vans to perform the delivery.
If you are unsure about what is the best way to move your kitchen appliances, please send us a message through the chatbox, and our specialists will give you personalised recommendations based on your needs.
How to pack breakable kitchen items for moving?
Packing breakable items before moving is of utmost importance to guarantee you will have them delivered in perfect condition. The best way to pack breakable kitchen items before you move is the following:
  1. If shipping flat items, use tape to make an X with tape across its surface.
  2. If shipping hollow items such as glasses, fill up the interior with cushioning such as crumpled paper or small clothes.
  3. Wrap each piece individually with paper, followed by layers of bubble wrap, securing everything with tape.
  4. Place the items in a box, adding more cushioning, if possible, to keep them from shifting around during transit.
Read more about shipping breakable items.