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Get a lawn mower moving service so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of moving it by yourself. Our Van Delivery Service is the ideal solution for transporting a riding lawn mower throughout Europe. You will have an entire vehicle reserved for you, which means your equipment will be delivered quickly and without a scratch.


Van Delivery – the best way of moving a lawn mower!

Lawn mowers are sturdy items that are very tricky to move, but we have a solution that will make this process simple. Our Van Delivery Service makes transporting a lawn mower to another city or country very practical because you will have a dedicated vehicle and no packaging restrictions to follow. You can accommodate the item in the van as you see fit, and it will be delivered directly to wherever you need it to be.
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How to move or transport a riding lawn mower by van

Booking a lawn mower moving service is very easy – follow these six steps to place your order:


Select the pick-up and delivery countries in our booking tool


Provide the pick-up and delivery address details


Choose a van type and any additional services you may need


Provide the details of your cargo, such as measurements and value


Select your preferred pick-up date and add contact information


Proceed to payment and prepare for pick-up!


Transporting a lawn mower directly to your door

We collaborate with a vast network of van companies and drivers scattered all around Europe to make sure we can always reach you, wherever you are located. Our Van Delivery Service is fully door-to-door, which means that once you book the lawn mower moving service with us, the carrier will pick up and deliver the shipment at the addresses of your choice.
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How to prepare your riding lawn mower for transport

When you order the Van Delivery Service, you do not have any specific packaging rules to follow. You will be able to place the lawn mower in the moving van however you prefer, but we recommend at least protecting it to make sure it is safe for transport. Here is how to do it:

  • Drain all liquids in the gas and oil tanks, transferring those to separate containers.
  • Clean the lawn mower, especially if you will be moving other items in the same shipment, to prevent everything from getting dirty.
  • Remove any detachable or flexible parts that may fall off the equipment or cause damage, including the blades. They should be packed in separate boxes, and we recommend labelling each one so you can easily reassemble everything at the end.
  • Secure any loose objects using tape or rope.
  • Disconnect the spark plug to ensure it won’t get started during transit.

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Moving a lawn mower during a relocation

Transport your riding lawn mower with our international relocation services during a house move. We provide easy-to-book shipping solutions that can fit not only your lawn mower but also other household appliances and personal belongings.
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Lawn mower moving services for individuals and businesses

At Eurosender, we organise individual and commercial relocations through our trusted partners, who specialise in moving bulky items such as lawn mowers. Book a Van Delivery Service directly through our order engine or contact our specialists if you need a tailored solution.

Order moving vans for your lawn mower

Our logistics team overlooks all the details of every Van Delivery shipment, so you can rest assured you will get the best possible lawn mower moving service available.

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FAQ – Best way of moving a lawn mower

How to move a riding lawn mower without starting it?
It depends on the type of equipment you have, as pushing certain types of lawn mowers may be dangerous. This is the case for hydrostatic lawn mowers because the fluids will come back into the pump and damage it once you push them. For safety reasons, follow these steps before moving your hydrostatic lawn mower without starting it:
  1. Turn off the engine and remove the key.
  2. Disconnect the hydro transmission lever. This may come in different forms depending on your specific equipment.
  3. Release the brake, taking a moment to certify that you are not on a steep hill
  4. Push the mower to where it needs to be, set the parking brake, and reconnect the lever.
How to transport a riding lawn mower without a trailer?
If you do not own a trailer, the best way of transporting a riding lawn mower is through our Van Service, where you will have a van with a driver to transport your equipment. You can determine where you want the driver to pick up and deliver the item, so all you have to worry about is protecting it for transport.
Can you transport a lawn mower on its side?
Even though it is possible to tip a lawn mower on its side safely, it is recommended that you always transport it upright. This way, you avoid any risk of gasoline or oil leaking into the air filter or the carburettor.
Additionally, it would be best to drain all liquids from the machine before transporting your lawn mower.
How to load a lawn mower into a truck?
Lawn mowers are very heavy machines; you should not try carrying them up to the truck yourself. The best way to load your lawn mower into the truck if you do not have forklift equipment is by requesting a van with a tail-lift. This is an additional service that you can request when placing your order.
When a tail-lift is requested, we get in touch with the moving company in advance to ensure the vehicle assigned for your delivery has all the necessary equipment. Read more about tail-lift deliveries.
What is the capacity of the vans available for moving a lawn mower?
We offer two types of vans for moving equipment such as lawn mowers:
  • Box van: 465 x 165 x 180 cm or 13 cubic metres and 1000 kg capacity
  • Curtain-side van: 410 x 210 x 230 cm or 19 cubic metres and 1000 kg capacity (with tail-lift only 700 kg)
As you see, the van fits much more than a lawn mower inside it, so they are perfect for relocations. You can move your lawn mower and other household equipment to your new home at once.
Can I ride along in the van that is moving my lawn mower?
No, it is not possible for the client to take a ride in the moving van that is transporting your lawn mower or any other relocation item. This is due to insurance and legal reasons.
However, you can rest assured your shipment will be in safe hands as it is a dedicated lawn mower moving service. The courier will pick up your items and stay with them all the way until the delivery.