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How to ship a lawn mower or a tractor internationally – with Eurosender

Whether you’re a business who needs to ship lawn mowers frequently, or an individual looking for a low-cost solution to ship a lawn mower for the first time, Eurosender has the answers. We partner with only the most renowned logistics carriers to provide you with the ideal service for any gardening equipment or lawn mower shipment. Before you decide to transport a lawn mower, a tractor, a leaf blower or any other gardening machine, you should first follow our step-by-step guide to ensure you know how to prepare a lawn mower for transportation.

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Lawn mower shipping services for businesses

Whether you’re shipping B2B or B2C, discover why thousands have trusted Eurosender to up-scale their logistics department:

  • Personalised digital platform – giving you a full overview of all of your logistics processes, including upcoming shipments and expenses
  • New businesses can expand their logistics network – with access to world-renowned courier services, and pre-negotiated rates for lawn mower shipping
  • Smart solutions for any shipping requirement – expert advice when you need it and fast, tailor-made offers for unusual requests


How to ship a lawn mower outside Europe and worldwide

Regardless of how frequently you ship, Eurosender has a range of services to suit any type of lawn mower shipment:

Standard shipping

The most cost-effective solution for shipping a lawn mower worldwide
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Pallet shipping

Perfect for larger shipments of lawn mowers and other gardening equipment
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Individual offer

The best option for businesses with special needs shipping lawn mowers
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Van delivery

Book a van dedicated solely to your direct shipment of gardening equipment in Europe
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How to prepare a lawn mower for transportation

Follow these easy steps to pack and ship a lawn mower safely:

  1. Drain the tank and clean the lawn mower: Remove all liquids including petrol, and store them in appropriate containers. Make sure the lawn mower is clean, removing all dirt and grass.
  2. Consult the user guide: As every lawn mower brand is different, some mowers may have different parts which should be removed before transport. Please check this carefully. If this is not possible, simply ensure all detachable parts are removed and pack these with bubble-wrap separately.
  3. Deactivate spark plug: For safety reasons, you should deactivate the spark plug to disable the engine and ensure the mower is switched off.
  4. Fold down the handle: Most lawn mowers have a foldable handle. The best way to ship a lawn mower is to ensure this is completely secured when folding.
  5. Place into a box: If you have the original box or one of similar size, place it into the box and use cushioning to such as paper or foam to fill any extra space. Secure separate parts by taping to the inside of the box.


How to ship a lawn mower on a pallet

  • In boxes: If you are shipping lawn mower in boxes, place pallet paper on the base of the pallet and stack boxes evenly.
  • Without boxes: If you are shipping a lawn mower without a box, wrap the outside of the lawn mower with plastic or foam wrap several times. Place the lawn mower towards the centre of the pallet.
  • Secure with plastic: Use stretch-wrap to cover the entire pallet and secure the lawn mower to the base. Use extra straps to ensure the lawn mower does not move during transport. For more information on pallet shipping, please see our dedicated page.


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Why do people choose to send a lawn mower outside Europe with Eurosender?

  • Buying or selling a used lawn mower: Eurosender can help you find best courier services for shipping a used lawn mower, giving you a free instant quote.
  • Returning a lawn mower for repair: Ensure your lawn mower is delivered in one piece. We find you the best courier suited to your shipping requirement.
  • Sending in bulk: Manufacturers and suppliers can send their bulk lawn mower shipment with Eurosender to save time and money with our smart logistics platform
  • Moving house: Reliable and low-cost removals and relocation services for your gardening equipment, including lawn mowers and other personal belongings


Frequently asked questions about lawn mower delivery

How to transport a riding lawn mower or lawn tractor?
Eurosender can help you to transport all types of outdoor equipment including riding lawn mowers and tractors. Simply tell us the dimensions and the pick-up and delivery details, to request an individual offer. Our team of experts will tailor a solution in the shortest time possible, bringing you the best service available to safely transport a riding lawn mower, at the best price.
How can I find out the cost to ship a lawn mower abroad and book the best courier services for shipping a lawnmower?
Find out the cost to send a lawn mower outside Europe or to anywhere else and book the service in just a few clicks. Once you have packed your lawn mower into a box or onto a pallet, simply enter the pick-up and delivery locations, a number of packages and their dimensions in our booking engine. Our platform will provide you with the method which best suits your shipping need, and if standard or express shipment, provide you with the best offer available. If you are happy with the offer, simply enter your details and pay for the service. You will then receive a confirmation by email, details about the collection and estimated delivery time and any additional instructions.
How do I request an individual offer for shipping a lawn mower?
If you have a larger shipment which requires a freight service, simply enter the pick-up and delivery locations, a number of packages and their dimensions. You will then be informed that your shipment requires an individual offer. Simply enter your contact details, and our team of logistics experts will prepare a tailored offer specific to your needs in the shortest time possible.
Is insurance included in the cost to send a leaf blower or any other gardening machines?

The insurance included depends on the method used to transport your machine.

  • For standard shipping: Basic insurance of up to €200 is included in the price of shipping.
  • For freight shipping: All shipments are covered by CMR conventions, with insurance included in the price of shipping.

Additional insurance is also available to purchase during the booking process. If you are still unsure about which type of insurance is right for you when you need to ship a lawn mower or leaf blower abroad or to any other destination, our team of experts are always on hand to provide advice and support whenever you need it.