How to send a lawn mower outside Europe and across it?

How to send a lawn mower outside Europe?

Those who live in the countryside or prefer to spend time in a summer cottage during a warm season usually need to accomplish many gardening tasks and mow the lawn regularly. If you also encounter such situations and plan to send a lawn mower outside Europe or across it, Eurosender is here to help you. We partner with a number of renown courier services for shipping a lawn mower safely. Thus, the cost to ship a lawn mower abroad is reasonable. Furthermore, we will provide a set of guidelines on how to prepare a lawn mower for transportation.

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Ship a lawn mower abroad with Eurosender

There are many different types of lawn mowers, but petrol, cordless (battery-powered), and electric models are the most popular among individuals and businesses. Despite their different characteristics and specifications, their forms are pretty similar.

  • We ask you to take the dimensions of your lawn mower and insert them in the Shipment Size Checker. It will help you to define which type of shipping service is the most applicable when you plan to send a lawn mower outside Europe or domestically.
  • Depending on the model of your lawn mower, you might need standard shipping services, freight shipping, or request an individual offer. As a rule, electric, cordless, or petrol lawn mowers fall into a category of heavy items that could be sent as freight. When you choose Eurosender platform for booking shipping services, you will enjoy a reasonable cost to ship a lawn mover abroad.
  • After the order is confirmed, our logistics experts will choose the best courier services for shipping a lawnmower. The only thing you need to do before the courier comes to take your shipment is to prepare a lawn mower for transportation.
  • When you decide to send a lawn mower outside Europe or across the country, check the details of the insurance which should cover losses and damages during transportation. Nevertheless, Eurosender provides standard insurance of EUR 200 for shipping any items. Additional insurance packages of up to EUR 5,000 are also available for purchase with almost no significant impact on the total cost to ship a lawn mower abroad.

In case you need to get to know more about lawn mower shipping, feel free to contact our experienced customer support agents via phone or e-mail.

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How to prepare a lawn mower for transportation?

Lawn mower preparation for shipping can be done in several ways depending on its type and model. In case you want to send a lawn mower outside Europe or within the borders of your country, you should pack it accordingly to ensure its safe transportation. Small gardening equipment, including hand-pushed and hover mowers, could be packed in the box. Larger items should be secured to the pallet if possible. Meanwhile, ride-on or tractor mowers are rather large and usually need a tailored offer for shipping.

We provide a list of general guidelines on how to prepare a lawn mower for transportation:

  • Drain the tank. Take all the liquids away from their tanks and pour them into the appropriate containers.
  • Clean your lawn mower. Take some water and sponge to remove dirt from the wheels and the equipment itself.
  • Remove all the attachments. We advise taking a user manual guide that will instruct you on how to detach the accessories safely. After you do that, cover each blade with bubble wrap separately and do the same procedure with other attachments. Then, place all of them in a separate box and seal it.
  • Deactivate the spark plug. It is necessary to deactivate the spark plug to disable the engine and turn off the machine.
  • Secure a lawn mower to the pallet. In case you decide to ship your equipment as a freight, we ask you to prepare a pallet beforehand. Afterwards, attach your lawn mower to a pallet with belts or bands, cover it with protective sheets, and make sure it is immobile.

Where to find a pallet?

Regardless of a chosen logistics provider, you should prepare the pallet by yourself. We suggest that your local food and pet supply stores usually have plenty of pallets considered as a waste. Furthermore, you can check some advertisements on the web and find the pallet you like.

The reasons to send a lawn mower outside Europe or domestically

A lawn mower is an inevitable part of the gardening equipment kit for maintenance of a small country cottage or the entire villa. You can easily send a lawn mower outside Europe and across it with Eurosender. We have already helped many individuals and businesses to transport their items. Here are some reasons indicating the benefits of lawn mower shipping with Eurosender:

  • We partner with the best courier services for shipping a lawn mower
  • Active tracking of your shipment
  • You get the best offer and reasonable cost to ship a lawn mower abroad and domestically
  • Holistic customer support at all stages of booking and shipping processes

Do you have any questions or suggestions related to the lawn mower shipping? Give us a call or write us a message and our logistics experts will assist you.

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