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Imagine if you had the possibility of receiving the goods you bought online just 7-10 business days, and with the lowest shipping cost? Sounds like a “mission impossible”, right? Well, let us introduce you with ePacket shipping service, the benefits of using ePacket shipping service and its average delivery time.

Most of us like online shopping and that is why e-commerce businesses are booming. However, these stores tend to find themselves in trouble when the customer wants a certain product to be delivered within days and at the lowest shipping cost possible, especially those shipping from China – to anywhere.

What is an ePacket shipping service?

We all must have been witnessing the situation when a package shipped from China to Europe takes months to be delivered at the destination, and no one wants to wait for their phone case, bracelet, or small fidget toy “forever”. Because of cases like this and stimulating online shopping, China introduced the ePacket shipping, a service that offers fast shipping with a relatively lower cost than other courier companies!

Dropshipping products can now bring a bigger profit margin to e-commerce and online stores because of their low-cost shipping. Alternatively, customers benefit from using ePacket shipping services by getting low shipping costs. To compare, let’s assume you order a product from AliExpress and you are doubting which shipping option should you choose:

Estimated delivery time Price
AliExpress Standard Shipping 19-39 days ~ 1 EUR
AliExpress Premium Shipping 10-15 days ~ 10 EUR
ePacket Shipping 12-20 days ~ 1 EUR
Other courier companies 2-10 days ~ 20 EUR

What is the ePacket average delivery time?

Let us first introduce how can you use this service which is the easiest part of this transaction. When you are choosing the delivery options just select the ePacket shipping service. The ePacket average delivery time is around 20 days and it depends on the destination countries, and to be more specific:

Country Estimated delivery time
Russia, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia 7-15 business days
Mexico 20 business days
Brazil 20-30 business days
Other supported countries 7-10 business days

Here is the whole list of countries that can receive ePacket from China:

What are the allowed dimensions when using ePacket service?

The real downside when using this service is the package dimensions limitation. You are only allowed to ship a package with a maximum length of 60cm and the total length, height and thickness of the package cannot be more than 90cm. The maximum weight of the package must be 2 kg and the merchandise shipped should not exceed more than 360 EUR.

What are the benefits of using ePacket shipping service?

  • Cheap – as previously mentioned, this is a cheaper option to have your items delivered to you.
  • Fast – your purchased product will arrive in a shorter period than the standard shipping time.
  • Tracking – this service offers to track for your purchased products. Ask the merchant for your tracking number and track your shipment on sites like China Post or USPS website.
  • Free returns – it is nice to know that items can be returned to the merchant.
  • Door to door – it delivers the goods to directly to your doorstep.

We understand that these benefits of using the ePacket shipping service must be attractive but do you know who else offers cheap Door-to-door shipping services? Eurosender! If you want to ship a gift, package, or a big pallet to someone else’s doorstep we are here to help. Eurosender offers cheap and fast (even faster than the ePacket service) shipping services domestically or internationally.

Am I subject to customs when using ePacket international delivery?

Like any other international delivery, you may be a subject to customs when using ePacket international delivery. We recommend asking the merchant if he has experience shipping to your country and if you will have additional taxes upon the arrival of the goods.

You may wonder how is this ePacket service different from the one offered by USPS, and it is really simple. China Post’s ePacket service is for packages originating from China, and the ePacket service from USPS is for packages originating from the US.

Disclaimer: This information was gathered on 8.11.2019 and is accurate as of June 2018. China Post reserves the right to update and change this information on their website.

Last modified: December 10, 2019

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